Everything You Need to Know about the English Lop Rabbit

Introduction English lop rabbits are a breed of rabbits native to the United Kingdom. They are large, interactive, social animals. Compared to other breeds of floppy rabbits, English lop rabbits have longer floppy ears and bolder heads. They are cute animals, pleasant to look at. Also, English lops come in different colors, including agouti, blue … Read more

Are Bananas Good for Hamsters?

Introduction Hamsters, belonging to family Cricetidae, order Rodentia and class Mammalia, are animals native to Israel, Armenia, Syria, southeast Europe, the United States, Greece, and Romania. They are rodents, similar to voles, rats, guinea pigs, and mice, and are commonly used for scientific research. Syrian hamsters are commonly kept as pets in many parts of … Read more

Dog Anxiety: Preemptive Signs to Watch Out For

Introduction Dogs are sociable animals. They have been trained to relate with humans for many years. Dogs are perhaps one of the earliest animals to be domesticated in human history. In general, dogs like to wait on their owners, keeping them company while they feel at home themselves. This kind of familiarity often takes time … Read more

Everything you need to know about Fancy Rats

Introduction How to look after your fancy pet rat Pet rats are neat, thoughtful, enjoy human company and reproduce great pets Although pet rats pertain to the exact variety as the wild rat, they should not be perceived in a precise way Given that pet rats have been dealt with and socialised correctly from the … Read more

Are Carrots Good for Hamsters?

Introduction Hamsters are small or medium-sized rodents that occur in the United States, Israel, Armenia, Greece, and Romania. They also occur in southeast Europe. The Syrian hamsters, which are native to Syria, are the most common species of hamsters. And are more commonly kept as pets. Other species of hamsters are Roborovski species, and Dwarf … Read more

Are Raisins Good for Hamsters?

Introduction Raisins are dried grapes. They first occurred in the Middle East but were later introduced to Europe. Earlier, raisins were used as food poisoning antidote and as a form of money for exchange of goods and services. That is, as a form of money. Raisins were also presented as awards to athletes for sporting … Read more

Everything you need to know about the Flemish Giant Rabbit

Introduction The Flemish Giant rabbit variety is deemed to be the fastest of all rabbit species. They are giant rabbits that were initially bred as a utility breed for their meat and coat. They are strived after as pets because of their peaceful and patient behaviour, mainly when overseen, making them a preferred selection for … Read more

Are Peppers Good for Hamsters?

Introduction Are Peppers Safe for Hamsters? The answer is yes, but simply in tiny amounts. You can offer your hamster bell peppers, but never chilli peppers which are too tasty and can result in serious complications. In the wild, hamsters consume a combination of protein, fibres and fats, plus they obtain vitamins and minerals from … Read more

6 Best Dog Crate Beds and Pads in 2021

Orthopedic Dog Crate Pad by Big Barker Check Latest Price Brindle Shredded Memory Foam Check Latest Price Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed Check Latest Price Dog crate beds are quite useful, especially if you’re trying to housebreak your dog. Dogs spend most of their time in their crates when you’re not home, so ... Read more

Are Oranges Good for Hamsters?

Introduction Can Hamsters Eat Oranges? What You Need to Know. Except for offering your hamster their essential diet of commercially manufactured hamster food, you should put in healthy fruits and vegetables as an occasional treat. That said, not all diets that are healthful for humans are excellent for your hamster, comprising several fruit species. But … Read more

Everything you need to know about the Rat Breeds

Overview Rats are thin-tailed, average size rodents that emanated in Asia and Australia but are now seen all over the planet. True rats are parts of the genus Rattus, but other rodent genera are also inferred to as rats and share several of the exact traits. Rats distinguish from mice by being bigger, with lengthy, paler … Read more

Everything you need to know about the Polish Rabbit.

Introduction The Polish rabbit is an enchanted small creature, and not only be a use of their charming good looks and enchanting personality. They’re also a sorcerer’s favourite species to pull out of a hat because of their receptive temperaments and their small, adorable bodies! Whilst Polish bunnies are incredible stage performers, it’s not just … Read more

4 Best Automatic Dog Feeders in 2021

Westl. 6L Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser Check Latest Price PetSafe Healthy Pre-Portioned Automatic Food Dispenser Check Latest Price Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser for Dogs Check Latest Price A lot of people have dogs as their family pets, and it can be a joy to have them around the house, but we ... Read more

Is Chicken Good For Hamsters? Is It Recommended?

Overview Trying to figure out the best routine diet for your pets can be stressful, especially if you’re acquiring a pet for the first time. Hamsters are one of the most delicate sets of pets when it comes to knowing what to or what not to feed them with. If you have just got yourself … Read more

Is Celery Good For Hamsters? Is It Recommended?

Introduction Being a pet owner comes with a lot of responsibility, especially when it has to do with small furry pets. You need to pay close attention to their diet, environment, and well-being. In the case of hamsters, you need to pay twice that attention since they are so small. To be honest, it is … Read more

Is Catnip for Dogs Safe?

Introduction The Nepeta Cataria, which you may have come across in different variations such as- Catnip, Catwort, field balm, cataire, etc., is the genus Nepeta species in the family Lamiaceae. This plant contains various vitamins and chemicals such as Vitamins C & D, Magnesium, Tannin, a chemical that protects against bacteria and flavonoids(a potent antioxidant). … Read more

Is Broccoli Good for your Hamster?

Overview Did you just get a new addition to the family— a Hamster— and unsure of what you can or cannot feed it? If so, you should find this helpful. Having a Hamster can prove to be an entirely new and fun experience. With this excitement, however, is the worry over what they can eat, … Read more

10 Best Dog Brush For Labradors And Other High Shedding Breeds in 2021

FURminator Slicker Brush for Dogs Check Latest Price Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool for Large Dogs Check Latest Price MIU COLOR Pet Grooming Brush, Deshedding Tool for Dogs Check Latest Price Labradors are one of the most popular pets in the USA. They are loved for their brilliance and their friendly and loyal nature. They are ... Read more

Is Bread Good For Hamsters? Is It Recommended?

Overview Just got yourself a Hamster pet? Or you intend to get one and are already deliberating what to or what not to feed it? Well, no one wants to invite harm to their pets, so you’re, in fact having the right thoughts in your head. It is important that you learn the different foods … Read more

Intelligence of All Dog Breeds

Overview Although all breeds make for closest buddies, a few are, very adorably incompetent than the others.However, when it comes to communication intelligence (i.e., following orders), some breeds of dogs step up above the rest. What makes an “Intelligent” dog? The rates of intelligence of breeds are centered on impulses, devotion, and adaptation ability. Dogs … Read more