Intelligence of All Dog Breeds


Although all breeds make for closest buddies, a few are, very adorably incompetent than the others.However, when it comes to communication intelligence (i.e., following orders), some breeds of dogs step up above the rest.

What makes an “Intelligent” dog?

The rates of intelligence of breeds are centered on impulses, devotion, and adaptation ability. Dogs breed that can learn a command in less than five times it has been given that particular command are considered very intelligent.

Breeds of intelligent dogs

  • German shepherd

This breed of dog has a weight of about 95 pounds and achieve maximum height of around 25 inches during its lifespan. This breed is responsive and always really want be busy with something, they are referred to has trustworthy friends who are able to succeed at almost everything they do. A happy and reliable asset to any home with social interaction and effective team spirit. They can easily understand specific orders and continue to carry them out for years.

  • Papillon

Also known as butterfly dog. This breed of dog is relatively small with a total height of 11 inches at the most and a total weight of 11kg at the most. This breed dubbed the smartest of all the breeds of toy dogs, is no puppet. They are deeply engaged considering their tiny size and make amazing watchdogs. They also compete in nearly any dog competition; this makes them suitable for outdoor dog breeding.

  • Rottweiler

This breed has an average height of 56-69 cm and an average weight of 35–60 kg. They are full of characters, and people appreciate them for that! Happy workers and loyal friends are the Rottweilers. Whenever they have a work to do, they are genuinely happy as they get enough exercises. They are very protective of their owner. They are very sensitive although they mature slowly.

  • Shetland sheepdog

The Sherman sheep breed have an average height of 33-41 cm and an average weight of 6.4–12 kg this breed originated from Scotland. This breed has a very good sense of leadership as it was originally used to herd sheep. Some say it goes as far as herding squirrels and some other animals because of how smart It is. It is fun, loving, and dedicated to his family.

  • Border collie

This breed has an average height of 46-56cm and an average weight of 12-20kg. This particular breed is believed to be the most intelligent of all dog breed because of its relatively high coordinating, high acrobatic, extremely energetic and Athletic skill. This breed is also used to herd live stock. This dog breed is able to understand a significant number of words and instructions.

  • Australian cattle

This dog Breed has a moderate size of average weight 30-50 pounds and an average height of 17-20 inches to incorporate excellent stamina with pace bursts. This dog is classified as one of the most intelligent dogs because of its high level of watchfulness, courage, and attentiveness to little details, it is also very trustworthy.

  • Golden Retriever

This breed has an average height of 51-61 cm and an average weight of 25-34kg This breed is very popular for its tolerance and hardworking attributes.This breed are known for their good hunting skills, they are also known for their tricks.They are also pretty good at learning commands.

  • Poodle

This is an adorable small dog breed with an average height of 25-35cm. This breed is generally known for their high level of faithfulness to their owners, super active spirit and being totally at alert always. Not only are poodles very clever, they are also happy, active dogs, also with added advantage of even being cruelty free. Poodles can be highly trainable to evaluate, chase, reclaim, and comply because of their high intellect.

  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Although the Pembroke welsh corgi are known to be relatively small in size with an average height of 25-30 cm and an average weight of 10-14kg they are also known to be fast, bold, friendly highly intelligent. This particular breed is known for it eagerness to learn, it has been observe that the Pembroke welsh corgi shows a lot interest in learning.

  • Alaskan Husky

This breeds weight 38-50 pounds relatively. More frequently than simply as a family friend, the Alaskan Husky is used as an active or profitable dog. He is an energetic dog and has been ideally suited to a family since he has a regular chance to run. An energetic trainer who can satisfy his intense urge to run and pull will cause this dog to be happy, but one who tends to leave nothing whatsoever to do with the dog in the house or yard will come home to an epic damage scene.

  • Doberman Pinscher

Dobermans are efficient dogs that are 24 to 28 inches at the shoulder, robust, quick, and strong. This breed is known for being relatively smarter than their trainers. They get bored really quick. The breed is quite well recognized as knowledgeable, vigilant, Focused, powerful, guard dogs and diligently faithful partners and often stubborn, They can be easy to train and will learn fast with a systematic approach. Like all dogs, they can be great with kids if well educated.

  • Bernese Mountain Dog

This dog is known to have an average height of 58-70cm and an average weight of 36-50kg. This breed, large and heavy, is one which is equal to no other. This lovely creature has a fantastic character, an amazing disposition and a power to make his owners feel special, relaxed and protected. With all its large, wide characteristics and incredibly large size, this is an imposing dog. Those without this breed experience are normally instantly anxious and terrified whenever this dog comes close. Some who are acquainted with the dog understand that it is not a violent, offensive dog, but they often know that it is a very defensive breed that does not allow someone he does not trust close to his family.


Without a person willing to invest in the time and energy to educate and harness the dog’s intellect, an intelligent dog is just potential. Although all dogs are capable of learning, in order to fully understand what to do to inspire them and get out their innate intelligence, it is essential to understand the inherited unique characteristics of your dog.