About Us

I am an animal lover and always have been one, and I am also knowledgeable about pets and the things they need. I wanted to create a resource for other pet and animal lovers who want their pets the best, whether they own them now or are looking to adopt later. That is why Get Pet Box is here, as the resourceful website provides all of the information you need on dogs, cats, fish, birds, and small animals.

Since you only want the best for your pet, you will find reviews on veterinarian-recommended pet food, snacks, toys, and pet apparatus in general. In addition to that, if you have concerns about pet behaviors and patterns you notice in your pet, you can find information here about information and training. Other contributors to Get Pet Box include a veterinary assistant, an obedience school trainer, and a pet groomer. They share valuable content to the site to make it informative and engaging and check the contributors’ bios to read about them.

Tyler Blacksmith

Tyler Blacksmith was born in Spokane, Washington, and grew up with various pets that included a bird, a fish, a dog, and a cat. He loved his pets, and he loved animals in general. Tyler also had a strong interest in writing and wanted to write for a living. That is why Tyler attended the Gonzaga University to obtain his Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism.

Tyler also had a pet iguana when he was in university and would write creative articles about his beloved pet. When Tyler submitted articles to various publications, he would write about the pets he had during childhood and about animals in general.

In addition to freelance writing, Tyler wanted to do something extra that aligned with his passion for animals. That is why he created Get Pet Box, an online resource for animal lovers, pet owners, and those looking to adopt pets. Between the time he spends on the site and his contributors’ help, he can see that he created a successful site.

When Tyler is not working on the site or writing, he goes horseback riding, camping, and skiing during the winter season.

Kelly Ross

Kelly Ross was born just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and grew up with dogs and cats. She struggled to maintain friendships during her youth as Kelly had social and academic problems. However, what calmed Kelly down were her pets, and she developed a strong love for them. Kelly would always be sad if she saw a stray animal in the downtown streets.

Kelly’s love for animals is what caused her to want to become a veterinary assistant. She attended Seneca College to become a veterinary assistant and found a job quickly after getting her diploma. Kelly works as a veterinary assistant, loves her job, and is a great contributor to Get Pet Box.

Kelly lives in a pet-friendly apartment in the city and is a proud fur mom to a dog and a cat. She also loves going to wine and cheese shows and cooking.

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and he always had a knack for animals. He knew how to get them to obey his commands, as he found that to be the case with his first childhood pet, a Beagle. He wondered when he was in high school to find other ways to teach dogs tricks and watch the Cesar Millan series. Nick wanted to work with animals, so he went for training to become an obedience school trainer.

Nick works as an obedience school trainer and has trained various dogs of all ages and different breeds. He also works at a factory to supplement his income, and he frequently contributes to Get Pet Box. Nick is also into sports, traveling, and dining out.

Becky Yates

Becky Yates was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, and had two Maltese dogs as pets when she was in her teens. Becky used to style their fur and show them off to her friends, which inspired her to groom animals for a living. That is the path that Becky took. Becky went for post-secondary school training in pet grooming, and she also worked as a junior groomer when she was going for her training. Now, Becky is a full-time pet groomer and works out of her home. She also contributes excellent quality content to Get Pet Box.

Backy now lives in Houston and is married with two boys and three Yorkshire Terriers. She is also interested in scrapbooking, camping, and taking road trips with her family, including her dogs.