Are Grapes Good For Hamsters?


Animals today have evolved alongside their adaptability and living conditions. Gone are the days when they were only found in nature and their natural habitat. These days they can be spotted living with people in their homes as a part of it. Creatures that live with humans in a home are regarded as pets. Several animals have been kept as pets, but the most common ones are dogs, cats, and hamsters. Seeing dogs or cats play around in people’s homes is a usual sight almost everywhere in the world. However, hamsters are gradually and steadily gaining global acceptance as pets in various regions of the world. They are rodents with furry little bodies, short, more minor, and tiny tails, and their physical appearance makes them very easy to love. They are also the favorite pets of most children as they are small and easy to handle.

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These rodents are naturally designed to burrow or dig holes in the ground, which they do in search of food and shelter. They are also most active in dark hours, whether they are in the open or within a home. Naturally, they consume seeds and small nuts, which are rich in carbohydrates. They can also eat meat, fruits, vegetables, and plants as they are omnivores. To an extent, the diet of a hamster can be a choosy one because even though they can survive on nuts and seeds, there is a need for a balanced diet which would include foods rich in protein and vitamins for proper development and maintenance of good health. To this end, several fruits are recommended to be a part of their diet which includes grapes.

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Grapes- How safe are they?

Going by the size of hamsters, it is clear that they cannot consume much food. Their small weight makes it so easy to overfeed them, which can be harmful. It is also important to state that not all fruits are good for consumption by these rodents because of their extra sensitive digestive system. Some species, in general, are adverse to the consumption of certain classes of fruits.

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Grapes fall under the fruit type known as berry, closely linked with raisins and jelly. Like most fruits, it is a healthy and good source of water which is needed by most animals. While grapes are not advisable for dogs and cats, they would be highly beneficial to your pet hamster if added to its diet. However, they should be consumed in small amounts and proportions to avoid overfeeding and other complications. Grapes, in particular, although essential, should not a daily meal. Once in a week at most would be just right for your pet. Although consuming grapes is safe and healthy, the sugar content in them can be disturbing for your animal. There is also no case of kidney failure or damage that might arise from feeding grapes to your hamster.

Dehydration can be discomforting for rodents, but with grapes, there is an assurance of constant hydration and water level balance. A high sugar level can be detrimental to hamsters; therefore, it is necessary to always try to maintain it and keep it balanced. Having this in mind and knowing that grapes have high sugar content, one can now strike a balance in the feeding of these fruits. These fruits nevertheless come with several benefits for our pets when consumed in the right quantity.

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Nutrient value and benefits of grapes

A good number of fruits are rich in several vitamins and mineral nutrients, and grapes are not excluded. These nutrients are vital and essentially needed by hamsters for healthy living and growth. Vitamins like vitamin K and C are hugely present in these fruits. Vitamin K is mainly responsible for blood formation and clotting in hamsters. It also helps strengthen blood-producing cells in the body of animals. Maintenance of the immune system and your hamster’s ability to fight diseases is the sole responsibility of vitamin C, which grapes also supplies in large quantities. Of course, the presence of phosphorus and calcium facilitates the development and growth of bones and teeth.

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The benefits of these fruits can not be undermined as they are numerous and includes the following:

Excellent source of hydration

Water is an essential substance that animals should not lack is contained abundantly in grapes and can keep your pet active and hydrated all through the day.

Maintains body weight

These fruits are low in fat content and can help regulate your animal’s body weight when consumed appropriately. They are also a good supply of sugar and calories that are essential to the activity of hamsters.

Proper functioning of liver and kidney

Consuming grapes play a crucial role in maintaining and keeping your pet’s liver and kidney in a good and healthy condition as it contains low sodium content. Essential nutrients that elevate the inner body’s working systems are also present in these fruits.

Healthy bones

Although minerals responsible for this are contained in minor quantities, they also contribute maximally to keeping the hamster’s bones healthy and strong.

Of course, one can not just rely on only feeding your pet grapes and expect them to stay completely healthy and grow well. There is a need for a balanced diet; however, grapes are good supplies of hamsters’ essential nutrients.

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In feeding rodents this fruit, several noteworthy points should be taken. Ensure that the fruit is not served wholly or in large pieces, as this might likely choke your pet. Instead, tear it into little or tiny pieces to ensure quick digestion. It is also necessary to wash fruits before feeding your pets to prevent bacteria or other harmful chemicals from being ingested alongside the food. More importantly, grapes should not be consumed regularly as this can be disastrous. In creating a meal schedule or diet pattern for your pet, always ensure to put into consideration its need for a balanced diet and provide foods that would supply the right nutrients in the right proportion.