Are Apples Good For Hamsters?


Animals and their diet are very key to their survival, just as food is important to our existence as humans. Many decades ago, most animals were left to fend for themselves in their natural habitat or the wild. These animals, as a result of their intelligence, adapted to this way and kept living like that. However, the word pet came into play when animals were beginning to be domesticated, so animals who once enjoyed roaming the forests and grasslands now became friends with humans and began to live in human homes.

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As of today, there is virtually no continent where people do not keep pets, ranging from rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters to dogs, cats, parrots, and even frogs. These pets serve in homes as pleasant company and perfect companions. Medically, several benefits are received by people and in homes where animals are raised and nurtured. Hamsters can be easily found in many homes and are globally loved for their small bodies and friendly personalities. They can be classified as rodents based on their body structure and morphology.

In having pets, several factors are regarded as necessary. One such factor is the feeding of your animal. The process of raising hamsters can be an easy and manageable one but becomes a bit challenging when their feeding is involved. This is because not all foods are good or safe or even healthy for their consumption. These rodents also have a highly sensitive digestive system that can be easily irritated. So it is in the best interest of our pet if we ascertain foods before feeding it. Hamsters are omnivores, and this opens them to a wide array of prospective meals. A point worthy to note is that not all fruits are beneficial to the growth of your pet.

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Apples- how safe are they?

These fruits are widely consumed by humans and animals in almost all regions of the world. They are healthy, highly nutritious, and globally consumed. They also grow on trees and are recommended to be taken daily by humans.

They come in different varieties, and this adds to the beautiful features of the fruit. To your hamster, the addition of apples to its diet can bring a whole lot of change and improvement to its health as they are safe to be consumed by your pet in minimal amounts. They are sweet and very rich in sugar which is why it is easy for your pet to get addicted to them. In giving out these fruits to your rodent, feed it with the slices and skin of the apple, and this should be split into tiny bits to avoid choking. It should, however, not be served regularly, as this can lead to an increase in the sugar content of your pet’s body.

This fruit contains several nutrients needed by your hamster and, when included in its meal schedule, offers a greater rate of growth and development. It is best consumed once a week by your pets in small slices at a single sitting.

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Benefits of apples in hamsters

Just like other fruits, apples are a good source of water and sugar which is necessary for active animals as it keeps them hydrated all day. Hamsters are active animals foo, and they always need to have their energy levels maintained, and this can be taken care of by feeding them apples. This fruit is also very rich in vitamin C that is responsible for maintaining and boosting the defense system of the animal’s body. The amount of this nutrient contained in it is on the high side and is only rivaled by citrus fruits, which are dangerous to hamsters. The following are a few benefits obtained by hamsters from the consumption of apples:

Lowers the threat of diabetes

This may seem somewhat ironic, but it is true and factual. Despite the maximum sugar contained in this fruit, proven theories have that the consumption of apples can prevent your hamster from becoming diabetic. This is as a result of several substances that help detoxify your pet’s system and reduces the level of stored sugar.

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Reduces cholesterol levels

Certain minerals like soluble fiber, which contributes to reducing the cholesterol level in your pet hamster, can be found in this fruit.

This single act leads to the regulation and maintenance of blood pressure. Well-maintained blood pressure results in an evenly regulated cholesterol level in a properly working and functioning heart.

Good health and vitality

Every animal has a defense system, and this mechanism fights off diseases and infections, thereby keeping the animal healthy. Apples contain vitamin C, a major defense system booster and strengthener, and when your pet ingests them, there is a guarantee of premium health and vitality. It also ensures that the vital organs of your animal are in good working condition, including the intestines and bowel muscles.

Strong and solid bones

Potassium is a mineral found in apples, and it helps strengthen the texture of bones and muscles in hamsters. The consumption of apples also prevents the formation of kidney stones and maintains the fluid content of your pet’s body.

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Hamsters are animals with small stomachs; therefore, they cannot consume much food. So when feeding them is involved, regardless of the meal’s nutritional value, every food should be offered in small quantities. In giving them apples, the seeds should be removed as they can be poisonous to their health. To ensure proper growth and development of your pet, create a meal schedule that encompasses and supplies all the nutrients and minerals needed in their right proportion. It is also necessary to be observant and extra vigilant when dealing with these small animals, as choking can arise as a regular occurrence during mealtimes. Ensure that you serve foods in the smallest chunk possible to avoid any complications that may occur as a result of wrong swallowing.