Are Oranges Good For Hamsters?


Several different classes of animals have, over time, become a part of most human families, and they are commonly recognized as pets. Animal classes like reptiles, amphibians, mammals, aves, and even rodents have all become welcomed members of many families. However, mammals like cats and dogs remain the most commonly kept pets in homes all over the world. Following closely is the animal family known as rodents, of which the hamster is a member. Hamsters are easily lovable creatures that are fun to be with and excellent company. They are very active animals but are more up and going during the early hours of the morning or late in the night. As they are small in size, they do not consume much food and can be quite easy to keep and manage. The major challenge, however, is in the fact that they can be selective eaters due to the sensitive nature of their stomachs. It is also necessary to not fake for granted the fact that these rodents can consume both flesh and plants and become careless in feeding them as it can turn out to be a disaster.

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It is therefore wise that you place the health of your animal at the forefront in choosing their diet and planning their meal schedule. Also worthy to note is the fact that not all foods are suitable for hamsters. There is no guarantee that because a certain food is good for human consumption, your animal too should be able to eat it as this theory has failed to be true and cause harm to even other pets. So to enable proper growth, development, and maintenance of the good health of your pet, careful attention should be paid to dieting. Feeding your haste a balanced diet should be the main goal of your meal schedule and diet patterns.

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Oranges- How good are they?

Hamsters are omnivores which means they can survive on both meat and plants. Plants mentioned here include seeds, nuts, vegetables, tuber, and fruits. However, not all fruits are beneficial to the health of hamsters. Naturally, most nutrients and minerals needed by these rodents exist in various proportions in fruits, but not all can help these animals stay healthy.

Oranges are very popular fruits known scientifically as Citrus sinensis. They are the most common member of the citrus family, which also includes lemons and tangerines. Like most fruits, they have a very high water content. In humans, oranges are highly recommended to be consumed regularly. They are an excellent source of vitamin C that functions to maintain good health and vitality.

Vitamin C also strengthens the immune system of animals and keeps them healthy. They are also a very rich source of vitamin A which is instrumental in improving and enhancing eyesight and eye health in general. The high presence of vitamin B6 that is responsible for maintaining blood pressure, is also one of the many benefits of these fruits. Most of these benefits apply to human beings and some other animals. In the case of hamsters, consuming oranges is regarded as unsafe and not good for them.

This is because, like all citrus fruits, they have high acidic contents and are very acidic. The acids contained in the fruit can cause a great disturbance in the sensitive digestive system of hamsters and can lead to diarrhea and severe stomach discomfort. If these issues persist in your pet, they can slowly lead to its death.

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Even though oranges offer quite a lot of benefits to animals, it is best that feeding them to hamsters should be avoided at all costs.

Nevertheless, it should not by any means be included in your pet’s diet except if the health of the animal means nothing to you. In situations as such, it is wise to seek the nutrients contained in oranges elsewhere to avoid any complications that can arise from eating them. Hydration of your pet can also be sourced from other fruits which have been proven not harmful to your pet. Although the fruit offers numerous benefits, its risks are just too great for it to be considered as a source of nutrition.

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Orange peels and seeds- are they also good?

Some animal enthusiasts argue that orange peels, when dried and sunned, can be safe to feed these rodents, but few theories support this claim. This is because orange peels have not been ascertained to contain any nutrient or mineral that can benefit your hamster’s health. So while it might not outrightly harm your pet, it possesses no nutritional value and so can be deemed useless and insignificant. The same thing goes for the seeds and other parts of the fruit. Since they give nothing to your pet and their consumption is harmful, it is, therefore, necessary to avoid any and everything about them. So whether the oranges are fresh or their peels are dried, it is best to keep it away from your cute little hamsters to keep them out of harm’s way as a sick pet is not fun to live with.

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Even though your hamster is encouraged to consume fruits, oranges are not a healthy choice for them as they can turn its tiny little stomach inside out and give you a sick and weak pet. To ensure healthy growth and development in this animal, make sure that it consumes a balanced diet. All foods eaten by your pet should contain protein, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins, all in the right proportions and quantities. As you may not be too familiar with the food requisites of hamsters, it is advisable to consult your veterinarian to get the right feeding advice. It is also good to feed your pet with fresh foods, and always remember to wash these foods and vegetables before serving. In as much as you want your animal to grow and stay healthy, try every means possible to avoid overfeeding.