Is Bread Good For Hamsters? Is It Recommended?


Just got yourself a Hamster pet? Or you intend to get one and are already deliberating what to or what not to feed it? Well, no one wants to invite harm to their pets, so you’re, in fact having the right thoughts in your head.

It is important that you learn the different foods that your Hamster should be fed, and the ones that should never be taken close to them no matter what. Let’s jump to the different foods that you can feed your Hamster.

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Suitable foods for Hamsters


Hamsters especially love whole grain bread and there’s nothing wrong in feeding them one of their favorite treats. Regress of what you may have heard, if you have, there’s nothing harmful or bad in feeding bread to your hamster. Bread gives hamsters full nutrients including vitamins derived from the grain used in making the bread. However, you should be cautious of white bread. Avoid feeding your hamster white bread because it contains a lot of sugar and it may lead to your pet’s tooth decaying, or worse, obesity. Also, avoid bread that contains salt.

Fruit and Vegetables

While fruits and vegetables are a good idea for your hamster, you should also know that you can’t just feed them any variety. Fruits and vegetables are naturally a healthy treat for your pet, but try to avoid the ones that contain too much fat.


Even your hamster would love to have meat as a treat. Watching your hamster feed on this treat would definitely melt your heart and give you a warm feeling. Also, it depends on what the meat is made up of. If it contains ingredients that your hamster finds unappealing, it would react. When it does, call your vet.


Every hamster owner should know that their pet deserves a cheese treat because it’s one of their most loved foods. However, you should only feed your hamster the cheese that does not contain too much fat, salt, and pepper. These ingredients (in too much quantity) will have diverse results on your pet and provoke unwanted reactions from it. Always make sure you’re feeding your pet the right treat so it does not get affected by malnourishment.

The list provided above contains the best treats you can give your hamster to ensure that it is well-fed and that it also enjoys its treats. Now let us take a look at some tips you can use to test some new treats you want to feed your hamster.

How To Get New Treats For Your Hamster Tested?

  1. Always ensure that before you feed your hamster any treat, that it is thoroughly washed and free of any pesticide or chemical. Do this especially if the treat you purchased is an organic one.
  2. Do not go ahead and feed the hamster the new treat just like that. First, give it a little piece of the entire treat and watch if it reacts in a way you do not like in a few days. If you get the green light to go ahead, then fine. But still, feed it a minimal portion to still be sure. If the coast is clear, then you can start feeding the new treat to your hamster. If your pet however reacts to the treat negatively, call your vet.
  3. Once your hamster likes the treat, you can Gia ahead and start including it in its diet.
  4. If there are any remnants you find in the treat, have them removed immediately on sight so that they do not affect the rest of the diet. Do this for feeds such as vegetables, fresh fruits, and the foods that are powdered to get them rid of bacteria.
  5. Ensure your hamster does not get feed with too many vegetables. This is so that it does not have diarrhea. Also, remember that you should not feed your hamster too much sugar to avoid it having obesity.

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List Of Foods You Can Feed To Your Hamster:

Plain air-popped corn without salt or butter.

Sunflower seeds.


Pumpkin seeds.

Peanuts without salt.

Nuts without salt. Also, no almonds.

Eggs that are hard-boiled.

Small pieces of cooked chicken.



Whole-grain cereal without sugar.

Well-cooked brown rice.

Well-cooked whole wheat pasta.

Whole grain bread.



Sweet Potatoes.



Romaine Lettuce.

Well-cooked potatoes.




Dandelion greens.







Apples without the seeds.

While the above is a list of the foods you can comfortably feed your hamster, there are also some foods you should never consider as feeding options to your hamster. Also, in as much as there are some foods they can eat without any complications, you should also bear in mind that there are some rules guiding what and how you feed hamsters.

For instance, while your hamster would surely love to be fed with peanuts, you should feed it carefully with these because if there’s a mistake, it will get stuck in the pouches of its cheeks and it’s not good for it because you could be having a serious problem on your hands. Now let’s take a look at what you should not feed your hamster.

List Of Foods You Should Not Feed Your Hamster:

  1. Any junk food.
  2. Any food that contains salt or sugar, especially in excess.
  3. Chocolate.
  4. Leaves of rhubarb or rhubarb in the raw form.
  5. Onions.
  6. Garlic.
  7. Citrus foods.
  8. Almonds.
  9. Raw potatoes.
  10. Rae beans.
  11. Apple seeds.

Best Diet For Hamsters

The best diet you can feed your hamster is one that contains a variety of supplements of safe foods. Whether it’s strictly hamster or human food you want to feed to your pet, ensure it’s safe for it to eat by following the test process. A pelleted diet is also a great option for your hamster.

If your hamster does not accept a pelleted diet, it’s not because it’s unsafe for it. It’s probably because it wants more additives or for it to be spiced up more and thus is fine. To Make it more appealing, you can find a seed diet that already has pellets in it or make a seed mixture and sprinkle it all over the pellets. Also read is catnip for dogs safe