Are Peanuts Good For Hamsters?


Historically hamsters are rodents that were originally bred, raised, and found in countries like Syria, Germany, Romania, and Belgium. Right from when they were discovered, they have been keen on survival in the wild and their natural habitat in grasses and woodlands. They are considered nocturnal animals as they are most active during dark hours like dawn and twilight. These rodents feed on nuts and seeds but can as well consume flesh and green plants. It is an instinct for them to dig holes in the ground in search of food and shelter. Some species can practically survive for long underground and stay safe from predators. In recent times, they have become very common pets found in various households in several regions of the world.

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Most people keep hamsters because of their cute appearances and fine bodies, which makes them very attractive. As they are little creatures, they tend to consume small amounts of food, thus making them quite easy to manage. A single challenge arises in their feeding and diet as they are very selective eaters. As picky as they are, they still require eating these foods in small quantities to avoid choking or indigestion. It is also essential to avoid overfeeding these rodents as it can be very easy to do so. Excess foods do not make your pet grow better; a balanced diet does. So to keep your hamster healthy and in fine condition, meal schedules and patterns should be planned in a way that all the right nutrients and minerals needed by the animal are obtained in the right proportion. This article will tell you all you need to know about feeding peanuts to your hamster. Let’s dive in!

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Peanuts- how safe are they?

Nuts and seeds are special favorites of these rodents so much that while in open fields, they feed on them alone as they are easily gotten. Peanut is a very common crop that is grown all over the world and is also known as groundnut. It is usually classified as legumes but can sometimes be regarded as an oil crop. This crop is widely important and essential to both humans and animals as it has many by-products that are used on daily basis. Peanut butter, oil, and flour are all gotten from this crop and they are generally used globally.

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Like most nuts, peanuts are safe and good to be fed to hamsters as they are low in saturated fat content. However, in feeding your pet, caution should be taken as excess peanuts can cause your animal to add unnecessarily, which can affect its health and growth. Most essential nutrients needed by your furry pets are available in peanuts. This legume is also a very rich source of carbohydrates and fiber, which is beneficial to your animal. Although, peanuts should not be served as the main meal but as a supplement and to be included with other foods on your pet’s diet schedule.

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Nutritional value and benefits of peanuts

Most hamster owners would find peanuts a helpful and beneficial addition to their pet’s diet as the benefits derived from consuming them are numerous. Usually, fruits are the easiest source of vitamins, but peanuts also offer a sizeable portion. Vitamins such as vitamin B and vitamin E are present in the legumes. Niacin, an important mineral very key to growth and development, is also contained in peanuts. Vitamin B helps reduce the effects of stress on your animal, thereby ensuring that your pet stays healthy. Vitamin E is the particular vitamin responsible for the formation, growth, and appearance of your pet’s skin and fur.

These vitamins are contained in just the right amount needed by your pet. Therefore it is paramount that groundnuts regularly feature in your pet’s diet. The following are other benefits of peanuts:

Constant supply of energy

These rodents are active little animals that play a lot and so burn a lot of energy. Consuming groundnut would go a long way in ensuring that they stay active and alert as it contains carbohydrates known to give out energy.

Vitality and immune system boost

Nothing brings more joy than a healthy and sound pet. The niacin contained in the legume groundnut supplies vitality and soundness to your animal. It is also responsible for boosting the defense mechanism system of hamsters making healthy animals.

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Lowers risk of diseases

When hamsters consume peanuts, the many nutrients and minerals in this legume help to reduce the chances of your pet falling sick or being unhealthy. This definitely would contribute to the happiness of your animal, which would satisfy you in the end.

Useful as snack

It is general knowledge that candies, sweets, and other sugary foods are detrimental to your hamster’s health, so this nut can serve as a healthy replacement. However, it should be served in small amounts.

Peanut butter, which is obtained from this oil crop, is also safe for consumption by these cute household rodents and in small amounts too.

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While you are concerned with feeding your pet the right food for proper development and growth, you should be mindful and cautious of the measurements or amounts of food offered at a go. Even though essential nutrients are required in large quantities, it is not gotten from excess or overfeeding as that would do more harm than good to your pet.


Every food, fruit, seed, or nut that is safe to consume by these rodents all have their parts to play in the growth and healthy living. When combined accordingly with the aim of a balanced diet in mind, it will turn out in favor of your pet. In the serving of peanuts, avoid salted ones as salt is hazardous to the health of hamsters.