Is Broccoli Good for your Hamster?


Did you just get a new addition to the family— a Hamster— and unsure of what you can or cannot feed it? If so, you should find this helpful. Having a Hamster can prove to be an entirely new and fun experience. With this excitement, however, is the worry over what they can eat, because of course, you wouldn’t want your new pet sick—or even dead— before it thoroughly warms up to the family and grows attached.

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In reality, Hamsters can eat just about anything, but it’s not everything they should. It may be so healthy, yet a no-no for your little fuzzy buddy. If you are in that state— caught between wanting to feed the little guy in a healthy way and trying to be cautious enough not to harm him— then this is definitely for you.

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General Guidelines to Feeding your Hamster

A mighty rule book may not exist on how you should or should not feed your Hamster, but there are certain things you can do to prolong the lifespan of your pet. The easiest way to feed the animal a wholesome meal is to visit the pet store for some Hamster food. There are several of them, but a recommended one would be the complete Hamster food packaged in square blocks.

What kinds of food are best for your Hamster?

Generally, know what works and what doesn’t for your Hamster. You can try giving your pet a variety of things, but observe how it will respond to it—positively or negatively. While introducing a new diet to your hamster, feed it a tiny piece first and then wait twenty-four hours while you observe your hamster to see if it develops any adverse symptoms.

You can feed your hamster various foods ranging from fresh foods, which consists of fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also feed it dry goods, and of course, hamster food from a pet store.

Are all Vegetables Good for your Hamster?

The fact is, your hamster can eat all vegetables, but it doesn’t mean they actually should. Yes, your hamster may be able to munch on it, chew it down and swallow, but not every green does its internal system any good. So the real question should be if your hamster should eat all vegetables. And the honest answer is ‘no!’

All vegetables have their specific nutrients, but your body may not respond positively to each. It’s the same with your hamster. The hamster may seem to enjoy munching on all vegetables, but let your hamster’s system be the ultimate judge.

The main ingredients of your hamster’s meal, however, should no be fruits nor even veggies. Instead, use these as treats for your hamster and ensure it is given in moderation. That being said, here are a few vegetables you may want to consider— or not— feeding your hamster.

Some Carrots, maybe?

If you own a bunny, you definitely know how much they love to eat carrots, but not so many hamsters. As much as you can feed carrots to your Hamsters, it should be done in moderation. Here’s a fact you probably didn’t know; dwarf Hamsters are prone to diabetes, and since carrots have some amount of ‘sugar’ in them, it should be a not-so-often snack for your pet.

The problem generally isn’t with the carrots; the problem lies in you overfeeding your Hamsters with carrots.

Perhaps some Grapes?

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The size of your Hamster determines the amount of grapes it should have. The smaller the Hamster, the fewer the grapes. This should be so because as healthy as grapes are, they can cause harm to your hamster’s health if taken in excess.

What about Tomatoes?

While there are many nutritious vegetables you can offer your hamster. Tomatoes should not be part of them. Tomatoes have the potential of being more toxic than helpful to your hamster’s health. Tomatoes— with their leaves inclusive— may give your hamster digestive issues. You know how things get and how uncomfortable you become when you have indigestion, imagine that same feeling, or worse, in your hamster.

Try Spinach or Lettuce sometime

Spinach and lettuce are great in nutrients and are excellent sources of water, even for your hamster. But like every other vegetable, give these to your hamster in tiny bits. Don’t overwhelm the Lil guy with so much at a time.

Ah yes! Some Broccoli?

Back to the original question— if or not a broccoli plant is recommended for your hamster. This healthy plant from the cabbage family is one vegetable with many rich nutrients. It is a healthy vegetable and works well for you— as a human— as well as for your hamster.

Broccoli is an excellent meal for your hamster and can be served in tidbits daily or at least once in two days. As healthy as broccoli is, your hamster cannot handle an entire broccoli leaf down its throat and into its system. The recommended serving is to feed it half to one full teaspoonful daily or after every two days.

Never try these

As stated, not all vegetables are suitable for your hamster. Eggplants, raw potatoes, garlic, and some others are a complete no for your hamster. You can play around with others but not these. Pay close attention to this section as certain foods, fruits or vegetables can lead to death in the little fuzzy animal.


Before getting a hamster, it is advisable to do some research on what is healthy for your hamster and what’s harmful. If you have one already, it’s not too late. At least, now you know how best to care for and feed your pet— knowing the right foods, fruits, and vegetables to give hamsters.

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