Everything You Need to Know About the Winter White Hamster


Pets are great and could make excellent companions; however, the decision to bring one home requires careful consideration. The cost? The pros and cons? How best does a certain pet suit your personality?

There are a variety of choices to pick from, but for the sake of this article, we will be considering the winter white hamster.

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The Winter White Hamster At a Glance

The winter white hamster also called the winter white dwarf hamster, or the Siberian hamster, is a ball-shaped breed with origins around Asia. It measures 2 – 4 inches, weighs about an ounce, and has a life expectancy of 2 years.

Winter Whites are commonly dark-gray but could spot other colors like the blue-gray (Sapphire) or the creamy white (Pearl). During the winter, the dark-gray, blue-gray, or creamy white color fades off and is replaced by white fur, thus the name Winter White. Dwarf hamsters acquired as pets and kept indoors with not much exposure to natural light do not go through this color-changing phase.

Other distinct features to help you distinguish a winter white from any other hamster include:

Its furry feet

A dark streak running across its body

Its black eyes

Its gray ears with an edge of black.

Why You Should Consider A Winter White Hamster For A Pet?

Copping a winter white for a pet has numerous advantages, and below are a few favorites:

They are inexpensive

Adopting a dog or a cat typically costs around $500, including supplies and initial medical bills. Hamsters are on the advantage, as adopting one costs about $100. Yeah, you definitely won’t be breaking a bank.

They are pretty much low-maintenance

Just as inexpensive as they are, these little cuddly pets are super low-maintenance as well. No litter box training or check is needed.

They are a lot of entertainment

Watching these tiny-sized cuties as they hop about in their cage is all the entertainment you will be needing. From playing in tubes to running on wheels, the experience could be somewhat relaxing.

They are the best companions for Night owls

Hamsters are generally nocturnal, meaning they are a lot more active at night. If you are one who keeps late nights, these cuties will keep you company, and you won’t have to binge-watch those movies alone. While you munch on popcorn drizzled with syrup, make sure to keep their lovely little treats as well.

They are perfect for little homeowners

Because these softies require very minimal spaces, you could easily make room for their cage on a tabletop.

They require very little attention

While it’s super great spending quality time with your winter white to keep it from withdrawing and becoming shy, you do not have to worry about taking long walks or long training and grooming sessions.

Before bringing your hamster home

If you were to move to a new country or state, you would want to put obvious things in place, like accommodation, feeding, etc. The same applies to bringing a pet home.

The cage:

Although winter whites generally require minimal space, it’s best to get something that will allow easy movement. You don’t want your hamster feeling restricted or imprisoned. The required cage size is 24 inches in length and 12 inches in width.

The food bowl:

You should get a large food bowl, large enough to prevent your hamster from tipping it over. Preferably a bowl made of stainless steel or ceramic materials since they can’t be chewed up.

A water bottle:

Like the food bowl, this should also be large enough and should either be steel or ceramic.

A sleeping area:

You should create a secluded area within your hamster’s cage to serve as a corner to rest its head.

Tubes or tunnels:

watching your hamster go in and out of a tube could be entertaining. Tubes sold on online stores or at your local pet supply store are typically made from wood, which is perfect since hamsters love to gnaw on things. If you prefer cheaper at-home options, toilet roll tubes, cereal, and cardboard boxes could come in handy.

Other things to purchase include; wheels, wooden ladder bridges, hamster toys etc.

Food and treats for a healthy and happy winter white hamster

Like us humans, winter white hamsters require their daily dose of a balanced diet to keep healthy. Finding food mixes that have been created with dwarf hamsters in mind is of the essence, as these mixes tend to be more beneficial when compared to regular Syrian mixes. A spoon of food mix is the recommended daily requirement for a hamster, together with an appropriate amount of treats at intervals. These treats are in a variety of plants, seeds, nuts, insects, and fresh fruits.

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What time should the winter white be fed?

There are no distinct rules about when a winter white, or any hamster, should be fed. Most hamster owners feed in the mornings or evenings. What’s important is that feeding should be done 24 hours apart.

Taming a winter white hamster

Winter whites are generally friendly; however, if you’ve never come across one, handling it for the first time might seem a bit daunting. But not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Below are all the tips you need to get your little cutie comfortable around you and to create a trusting bond with them.

When the winter white arrives, you should let it get settled in its cage for a few days. Do not try picking it up with your hands, as this might rattle it and cause it to bite.

It’s three days since you got your hamster, and it’s time to pick it up. Try to be gentle, avoid sudden movements and loud noises.

As mentioned in tip one, picking with your hands could rattle your hamster. An alternative to using hands is to use a glass cup. When it gets in there, lift it out slowly and let it climb unto your hands. You should let him or her adjust to its surrounding by letting it smell you and ply on you. This will enable it to realize that you mean no harm. Letting your hamster get used to you is one of the most important parts of taming.

While holding, gradually stroke and rub its entire body.

When you feel a lot more comfortable and confident, you can feed it treats from your palms.


The winter white hamsters, like we earlier said, are an incredible pet choice. You should consider purchasing one!

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