6 Best Dog Crate Beds and Pads in 2021

Orthopedic Dog Crate Pad by Big Barker

Brindle Shredded Memory Foam

Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

Dog crate beds are quite useful, especially if you’re trying to housebreak your dog. Dogs spend most of their time in their crates when you’re not home, so it’s only reasonable to make sure your dog is comfy when you’re not around.

Crates are very important for your dog; they provide your dog with a safe and secure space to rest or nap. The only downside to owning a crate is that it’s quite uncomfortable; this is why crate beds and pads have been invented to keep your pet comfy and happy while spending time in its crate. Think of it this way, just as we need soft and comfortable beds to rest in after a long stressful day, your dog needs a soft, comfy crate bed or pad to rest in when it needs to rest or when you’re not home.

Comfort is the utmost priority when shopping for a crate bed, and this is why you need accurate information on the different types and quality of crate beds out there. Shopping for dog products, in general, is quite stressful because there are a whole lot of products out there with different quality. To make this process less stressful, we have come up with a few of the best, most comfortable, and top-quality beds and pads we can find on the market.

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Benefits of Top Quality Dog Crate Beds and Pads

Humans are not the only living creatures that enjoy a good night’s sleep; dogs do too. In fact, dogs sleep for about 12 to 18 hours a day to keep them healthy and active; what’s better than getting a comfortable bed that lets your pet enjoy every hour of that sleep. Below are some benefits of owning a dog crate bed or pad for your pet.

Improves your Dog’s Health

Dogs often sleep for about 18 hours a day; you may often meet them cuddled up in a corner taking a nap. These naps are a part of what keeps them healthy and active. It’s a way of recycling their energy so they can remain active for the rest of that day.


Dog crates are your dog’s comfort space, but it can end up being uncomfortable for your dog if the dog bed or pad is of low quality. When your dog is comfortable, it’s less likely for him/her to become stressed or anxious. They also spend less time creating a mess and more enjoying that space.

Provides support to older or disabled dogs

High-quality beds provide better support for older dogs or dogs with disabilities or injuries. The bed relieves the aches and pains they may feel and support their body when they sleep. A low-quality bed may worsen their condition and make aching areas hurt even more. With quality crate beds, you are sure to provide your dog with all the support it needs when taking a nap.

Helps Train your Dog to Sleep on Its Own

If you have been trying to get your dog to sleep alone, you should try a crate bed. It’s nice having your dog in your bed, but sometimes you need your space, and comfortable crate beds can give you just that. The best part is you don’t have to use it in a crate; these beds or pads can double as sleeping mats. You can lay the bed right beside your bed if you don’t want your dog far from you.

Features to Look Out for When Buying a Dog Crate Bed or Pad

When it comes to crate beds, comfort and safety are the major priority, but there are other features that need to be in place to be sure you are getting the best crate bed for your money. To help you make the best decision on what’s best for your dog, we have created a list of a few features you should look out for when shopping for a crate bed.


The size of the crate bed is the most important factor to consider when you’re shopping for one. The size of your dog plays a major role when looking for the best size. You won’t get a pitbull the same size of bed as a Chihuahua. This makes size the first thing to consider. You have to take in the length and breadth of the bed to ensure that it’s the appropriate size for your dog. It’s advisable to measure up the dog crate so you can have an idea of the best-suited bed-size for that crate. Make sure the bed is not feeling up the crate because your dog needs about an inch or two wiggle-room space between the crate and the bed.


The thickness of the mattress predicts how comfortable it’ll be. A dense, fluffy mattress is going to be of much help since your dog will spend the most time in its crate. Dogs love memory foam. It’ll be great if you can get a mattress with a layer of memory foam and inches of cushion. The extra cushion layers are especially great for older dogs with pain in their bone or joints.


The quality of the material used to make the bed is a huge indicator of the durability of the bed and how long it’ll last. This makes it a very vital feature when searching for a crate bed. The quality of the material contributes to the overall comfort of the bed; a good quality bed ensures that your dog feels cozy and comfortable when lying on the bed. You should also look out for waterproof materials, or you may waterproof the crate bed since dogs are very prone to accidents. The material for the bed has to be quite tough and almost impossible to tear. You should look into tear-resistant that can remain intact when the dog is clawing or chewing the bed.


You should pick a crate pad or bed that best suits the climate in your area, so your dog doesn’t overheat when spending time in its crate. If your area gets really cold in the winter, you can invest in a softer or plush mattress. This type of material helps to insulate heat and keeps your dog warm all day. If you experience hot summers, you should get thin beds to keep your dog as cool as possible during the summer.

Machine Washable

A machine-friendly crate bed is one you’ll be very friendly for; this is because dog beds, just like everything else, get very dirty and messy after a while. To make it easier to maintain a clean bed, you should lookout for a bed that can be easily washed in a machine. If you are worried about putting the entire bed inside the machine, you can stick to mattresses with removable covers. These covers are zipped onto the mattress and can be removed and washed easily.

Non-slip Base

A nonslip base is another feature you should look out for before getting a bed. This is to keep the bed from skidding around and to ensure it remains steady on the ground. This is very vital if you want the bed out of the crate.

Dog Crate Beds and pads are some of the most important dog items needed to keep your dog extra comfortable at home. If you’ll be going out a lot, it’s very important to get a bed that your dog will be happy to lay on. When shopping for a crate bed, you need to be extra careful not to ignore little details that may make the bed uncomfortable for your dog. To make this hopping experience a lot easier for you, we have put together a review on the six best dog crates and pads available on the market.

The 6 Best Dog Crates and Pads Are Reviewed Below

Below is a review of the six best crate beds and pads for your dog, along with their specification and key features.


Orthopedic Dog Crate Pad by Big Barker

The Big Barker Orthopedic bed is popularly known to be made of durable, high-quality materials; it’s only natural for it to take the top spot as the best crate bed. The bed is in the perfect size and can fit into any standard 42×28 inches sized crate. It comes in different sizes, so you can find one to fit in a smaller sized crate. The bed is completely tear and scratch-resistant and also waterproof. It is made from the highest quality American-made foam and well-padded to ensure your dog is comfortable when napping in the bed.

The material is very durable and doesn’t flatten or pancake after a while. The orthopedic foam material is best, especially if your dog is older or has problems with its joint and bones. It also ensures that your dog doesn’t feel the hard surface of the ground when it’s laid down. This is perfect if you want your dog to spend more time in its crate. The foam cover is 100% waterproof which helps to protect the bed against accidents. Its tear-proof quality helps to keep the bed intact when your dog bites or scratches the bed.

This bed is also quite easy to clean; you can use a sponge to clean off any spills on the bed; it also dries off fast. With this material, you are sure that your dog will have utmost comfort when it is in its crate.

Key Features:

  • Fit in standard 42×28 inch crate
  • Easy to clean
  • Machine washable
  • 100% waterproof
  • Tear-resistant
  • American made foam
  • Orthopedic foam


  • Brand: Big Barker
  • Model: Orthopedic Dog Crate Pad by Big Barker
  • Dimension: 39 x 25.25 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Material: Orthopedic foam
  • Color: Tan
  • Fits perfectly in a standard-sized crate
  • Made from high quality foam
  • Orthopedic foam is great for older dogs
  • Big baker offers different bed sizes
  • Easy to wash
  • Comes in only one color


Brindle Shredded Memory Foam

The Brindle Shredded Memory Foam is a 3-inch foam layered with orthopedic memory foam. This memory foam helps to boost breathability and remove pressure points. The bed is designed to be portable and lightweight enough to take along when traveling. It has a moderate size and can fit into any 30×19 inch dog crate. The foam is quite soft, cozy, and very comfortable.

It is designed with a sort of supportive texture that conforms to the weight and pressure of your dog; this makes it best for older dogs as it helps relieve any form of achy joints, arthritis, or any other bone deformity. It has a soft hand zippered suede cover that can easily be removed and washed; this makes up for the fact that the pad is not washable. To wash the cover, keep the machine on a gentle cycle and wash with cold water. Tumble dry it at a low speed to keep the material durable and soft. The bed is about 28 by 18 inches, which is the best size for small dog breeds. It is very comfortable and built with super soft fabric; the memory foam is also a plus.

This Brindle memory foam is quite durable and very easy to maintain. It is comfortable in both winter and summer periods because it provides the best temperature for your dog at these times. The company offers a 3-year warranty with great customer service, so if you are not pleased with the product, you can return it.

Key Features:

  • 3-inch layer orthopedic foam
  • Compatible with 30 x 19 inch Dog crates
  • Soft microsuede cover
  • Not washable
  • 3-year warranty


  • Brand: Brindle
  • Model: Brindle Shredded Memory Foam
  • Dimension: 28 x 18 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 4.95 pounds
  • Material: Memory foam
  • Color: Stone
  • Washable suede cover
  • Memory foam material
  • Great for older dogs
  • Conforms to dog’s pressure and weight
  • Can’t withstand heavy chewing


Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

The milliard premium orthopedic bed is a top-quality orthopedic bed that provides your dog with a combination of support, luxury, and comfort every time he lays on it. The bed is made to be comfortable by combining a luxe memory foam layer with a sturdy foam base. It is built from durable materials that ensure it lasts long and crafted with top-class workmanship to ensure it can be used for years without it flattening overtime.

The milliard orthopedic crate bed is well designed to hold to your dog’s contours helping to relieve any pain he may be feeling. The softness of the bed allows your dog to enjoy every minute of his sleep and is firm enough to allow your dog to get up easily when he wakes up. The bed is designed with 2 layers of dense foam to make it feel very firm and is backed up with 2 layers of memory foam. The memory foam is laid over the polyurethane foam giving its bed the ultimate feel.

The bed is very easy to wash in that it has a removable cover that can be washed in a machine and dried. The removable cover is also waterproof, which is great if you have an older dog; dogs tend to wet the bed more often as they grow. This bed is also designed with rubber grips on the underside to keep it stable on the ground.

Key Features:

  • Waterproof and washable cover
  • 2-inch layer memory foam
  • 2 inches polyurethane foam
  • CertiPUR certified


  • Brand: Milliard
  • Model: Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed
  • Dimension: 24 x 18 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 2.65 pounds
  • Material: Polyester/Foam
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Offers maximum support by contouring
  • Waterproof and washable cover
  • Ideal for older dogs
  • Comfortable
  • 2 inches memory foam is not great for larger dogs


JoicyCo Large 42 in- Anti-Slip Dog Bed

The JoicyCo dog crate bed is a 42-inch bed made from soft, high-quality fleece plush. The surface of the bed of very soft, and it complements the cotton interior to provide maximum comfort for your dog. The interior of the bed is made with thick cotton and best made for older or disabled dogs because it relieves aches in their bone and soothes their pressure points.

The bed is made from washable fabric that can be both hands washed or machine-washed. When washing it, be sure to use cold water and wash in a gentle cycle with no bleach. The shape of the bed remains the same after washing, so you don’t have to worry about any damage caused by the machine. The crate bed really requires low maintenance and lasts for a really long time.

It has an anti-slip or non-skid bottom that keeps the bed firmly positioned on the ground. This base prevents it from skidding around in your home and keeps it stable in one position. This bed can be used in summer and winter; it’s cozy enough for winter and very cool in the summer.

Key Features:

  • Premium soft fleece material
  • Thick cotton interior
  • 100% washable
  • Anti-slip bottom
  • 42-inch bed


  • Brand: JoicyCo
  • Model: JoicyCo Large 42 in- Anti-Slip Dog Bed
  • Dimension: 13.78 x 10.91 x 7.17 inches
  • Weight: 2.82 pounds
  • Material: Plush, Cotton, Fleece, Fabric
  • Color: Dark brown
  • Smooth exterior surface
  • Soft interior
  • It can be hand-washed and machine-washed
  • Has a nonslip bottom
  • Cover is not waterproof


P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle And You) Vermillion/Hazelnut Crate Pad

The P.LA.Y. Pet Lifestyle crate pad is a very light and portable dog pad made from very durable products. The pad is lightweight and portable; it can be used outside the crate and is easy to travel with. The pad can be easily washed with a washing machine and is sure to remain in good shape after wash.

Make sure it is washed on a low cycle to keep the materials durable. The interior of the pad is filled with enough foam density that makes it soft and comfortable for your dog. It doesn’t flatten out easily even after long-term use and helps your dog get healthy naps in their crate. It is designed to fit into most standard crates and also leaves a little room for the dog.

The material is completely durable and built tough to ensure it lasts very long. It is built with eco-friendly poly-fill material making it different from other beds. This poly-fill material is a high-loft planet fill material that’s made from recycled bottled put together to produce the best support for your dog.

Key Features:

  • 100% machine washable
  • High-loft planet fill material
  • Fit standard crates
  • Durable make


  • Brand: P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle And You)
  • Model: P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle And You) Vermillion/Hazelnut Crate Pad
  • Dimension: 36 x 23 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 1.7 pounds
  • Material: Polyester/Faux suede
  • Color: Vermillion / Hazelnut
  • Machine washable
  • Strong, durable material
  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Has no foam padding


K&H Pet Products Memory Foam

The K&H Pet Products Memory Foam is one every dog owner should own. It is very soft and squishy, providing soft padding for your dog. The bed is designed with a high-quality memory foam that provides your dog with the ultimate comfort. It has slit corners that allow the pad to fit into any crate kennel or even cage.

The pad is very soft and cozy; it can also be used during both winter and summer. The bed is designed with a nonslip bottom that keeps the material firm and stable on the ground. It has a slip design that provides your dog with a comfortable crate resting and walking surface.

The soft memory foam helps your dog nap comfortably, but it’s not best for dogs with aches in their joints. It’s only about 0.5 inches thick, so that it may cause more harm than good for older dogs or dogs with a deformity. The machine cover can be removed and washed in a machine in a low cycle. This pad is available in different sizes to fit into crates of different sizes.

Key Features:

  • Comfortable memory foam
  • Slit corners
  • Nonslip bottom material
  • Non-fatigue slim design
  • Machine washable


  • Brand: Central Garden & Pet*
  • Model: K&H Pet Products Memory Foam
  • Dimension: 25 x 37 x 0.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Color: Grey
  • Has soft interior padding
  • Slit corners to fit easily onto crates
  • Machine-washable
  • Has a nonslip base
  • Not suitable with heavy dogs or dogs with joint pain

Buying Guide Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions on dog crates and other products needed for your dog to enjoy every minute of his nap time.

What is the best bed for a dog crate?

The best bed for a dog crate is the Orthopedic Dog Crate Pad by Big Barker. This crate bed can fit into any standard 42×28 inches sized crate and also comes in different sizes. It is made from high-quality American-made foam and is well-padded to ensure your dog sleeps comfortably and healthily. The material is very durable and doesn’t flatten or pancake after being in use for a while. This is perfect if you want your dog to spend more time in its crate. The foam cover is a 100% waterproof which helps to protect the bed against accidents. Its tear-proof quality helps to keep the bed intact when your dog bites or scratches the bed.

Should you put a pad in a dog crate?

If you’re trying to crate train your dog, it is advisable to put it in a crate pad or bed to make it more comfortable for your dog. Dogs like soft, beds especially memory foam beds; a pad in the crate will make the area more conducive for your dog and allow it to enjoy its time in the crate.

Is it OK to put my dog in a crate at night?

You can definitely put your dog in a crate overnight or even up to half a day so long your dog gets all his needs met, both physical and emotional when it is out of the crate. If you own a pup, you should definitely lay it to sleep in a crate at night, as it helps it sleep better through the night. You can place the crate close to your bed, so your dog doesn’t get frightened when it wakes.

Do dogs really need dog beds?

Just like humans need beds to sleep comfortably, dogs also need dog beds to help them sleep well. Dogs sleep for at least 18 hours a day. To make their frequent naps more comfortable, you should get a comfy and cozy dog bed to help them fall asleep fast.

Should you let a dog sleep in your bedroom?

Allowing your dog to sleep in your bedroom really depends on you and how comfortable you like to get in your room. If your dog is not going to get in your way or destroy anything in your room, you can allow it to sleep in your bedroom. Most of the pads and beds reviewed in this article can be used without crates; you could always put one beside your bed to help your dog sleep more comfortably in your bedroom.

What should I put in my puppy’s crate at night?

When you want to crate your dog at night, you can put a dog toy in the crate to help him/her feel less lonely inside the crate. Also, familiar smells from the toy help to calm their anxiety. See Best Ball Dog Toys in 2021 for the best ball dog toys.

Should I leave my puppy to cry at night?

You should never leave your puppy to cry at night or during the day. You have to ensure that all of its needs are met, or you may have issues training the dog in the future. If your dog is crying at night, ensure it is well fed and has all its toys within a close range.

Where should a puppy sleep the first night?

You should have your puppy sleep in a crate next to your bed on the first night and for the next two to three weeks. You can get one of the cozy beds from the review to make the crate more comfortable; you could also put in one or two blankets to make it cozier.

Is it cruel to crate a dog while at work?

It is beyond cruel to leave your dog in a crate while at work which is sure to be about 8 hours. The acceptable time duration to put a dog in a crate is a maximum of 5 hours straight.

Where should you put a dog crate in the house?

You should put your dog crate in an area where you or your loved ones spend a lot of time so your dog can enjoy time in their crate as well as with you. You could also remove the door of the crate to give your dog access to the crate and allow it to use it as it pleases.

At what age should a dog stop sleeping in a crate?

Crate training is not dependent on age, but the time you start training. Your dog must have slept peacefully for about two months before you allow it to sleep outside the crate.

Should I let my dog roam the house at night?

There’s no harm in letting your dog roam the house at night; it’s probably concerned with ensuring the house is completely safe. Letting your dog roam around the house gives it the choice of sleeping in the crate or somewhere else if it likes.

Do dogs prefer hard or soft beds?

Dogs can sleep on both hard beds and soft beds; it really doesn’t matter as long as it’s comfortable for the dog.

Where should I put my dogs bed?

You can put your dog bed in a crate or your bedroom. Most people prefer to keep their dog beds in their bedroom because it helps them feel more secure.

Do dogs need blankets?

Veterinarians advise pet owners, especially dog owners, always to provide a bit of extra warmth and comfort for their dogs. You can do this by wrapping them around with blankets or putting them in their crate.


Crate beds and pads are very important to your dog. They help them sleep better and make it easier to crate train them. Since there are several crate beds and pads out there, it may be a bit difficult to find the perfect one. We have put together this review on the six best dog crate beds and pads to make your search easier for you to make a decision on the best one for your dog.