Are Oranges Good for Hamsters?


Can Hamsters Eat Oranges? What You Need to Know.

Except for offering your hamster their essential diet of commercially manufactured hamster food, you should put in healthy fruits and vegetables as an occasional treat. That said, not all diets that are healthful for humans are excellent for your hamster, comprising several fruit species.

But what about oranges? Are oranges comfortable to feed your hamster?

While oranges are non-toxic for cavies, it’s decent to save them off the menu. In this article, we’ll put up with a glimpse at everything you desire to understand about nourishing this tasty citrus fruit to your hamsters. Let’s begin!

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Potential usefulness encompassed in oranges

We all understand oranges have a considerable quantity of vitamin C, but there are many other benefits. Oranges contain soluble and insoluble fibre, helping the digestive process as satisfactorily as vitamin A for eye health and vitamin B6 to keep blood pressure in check.

Are oranges suitable for hamsters?

While oranges are lovely for humans because they’re loaded with vitamin C, they are furthermore highly acidic, so they are not favourable for your hamster’s diplomatic digestive system. Oranges and all other citrus fruits retain high acidity degrees that can result in severe abdominal problems, digestive issues, and even diarrhoea. This acidity can also result in severe dental problems and may quickly contaminate your hamster’s teeth. Oranges furthermore possess high sugar capacity, and too much sugar can result in dental is issues to diabetes in hamsters.

The same take off other fruits in the citrus family, encompassing lemons, limes, tangerines, and grapefruit. All these fruits are highly acidic and should be obliterated from your hamster’s diet.

What about orange peels?

Several hamster possessors offer their hamster dried orange peels, as they are a delicious fibrous delight for them to chew on. While dried peels are actually adequate than fresh oranges and far slightly acidic, we still suggest averting any citrus altogether to be safe. That said, if your cavy admires it and you allot peels to them in moderateness, there shouldn’t be much of a problem. Just be safe to take the peels out as soon as your hamster has munched all the white pith and reaches the skin itself.

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Recall, when you first give your hamster fresh food, start gradually in very slight amounts. By performing this, you underestimate the likelihoods of upsetting his digestive system with something different along with the distress of a sick hamster stomach. Talk to your veterinarian before you amplify foods to your pet’s diet.


While oranges are non-toxic to hamsters and lesser amounts shouldn’t do any hurt, they are best barred from your hamster’s regular diet. This is because oranges, which love all citrus fruits, are highly acidic, which can affect both digestive and dental problems, and they are increased in sugar, which no cavy should possess too much of. Although there is numerous possible healthy usefulness of eating oranges, these are effortlessly collected from other sources, and your hamster won’t be missing out on anything by not consuming them.