Everything you need to know about the Silkie Guinea Pig

Introduction You might be thinking silkie guinea pigs are pigs from guinea, which is wrong, silkies are large pet rodents commonly called cavies in the guinea pig community because they’re from the cavy family. A silkie guinea pig is a special breed famous for its fine, long and silky coat that covers its body. Silkies … Read more

8 Tricks to Baby-Proofing Your Dogs Food and Water Bowl

Introduction Your dogs’ feeding bowls should be among the list of things needed to be baby-proofed in your house. As strange as it sounds, your baby is exposed to certain dangers of the dog bowls. You have to keep them away from the bowls every time. The truth is you can’t monitor your baby’s movements … Read more

6 Tips for a foolproof pet photography

Introduction We all love to capture moments of joy, laughter, peace, and in fact, any moment that puts us at ease is worth capturing. It could be of places, animals, our pets, or even of ourselves. Which better way can this be done if not through photography? You will agree with me that we all … Read more

10 Foods your dog should avoid

Overview Dogs are very great animals, loving and tender. They have been friends with mankind from the beginning of time. The earliest evolutions and species of man all kept dogs at one point in time for either hunting, sport, or company. Today, dogs are one of the most common pets found in various households. Their … Read more

5 Weight Loss Tips For Cats

Overview Apart from dogs and hamsters, cats are one of the most popular pets kept by people all over the world. They are great animals that fit perfectly into families and homes. One point worthy to note is that the presence of cats in any home keeps rodents and other creeping creatures far from such … Read more

6 Reasons You Should Own Pomeranians

Overview Pets are animals that live with people in their homes. They are not kept or raised for their skin or their by-products; rather, they are kept because they offer company and beauty to the home. Not all animals can be kept as pets as people have different preferences and allergies. Cats, dogs, hamsters are … Read more

Best Affordable Grain Free Cat Food in 2020

Purina Cat Chow Naturals with Real Chicken Check Latest Price Crave Grain Free High Protein Cat Dry Food Check Latest Price Blue Buffalo Wilderness high protein grain-free food Check Latest Price Show Contents Hide Contents Content[list] [/list] In recent years, the pet food market is taking another dimension, we're now seeing pet food that is ... Read more