6 Reasons You Should Own Pomeranians


Pets are animals that live with people in their homes. They are not kept or raised for their skin or their by-products; rather, they are kept because they offer company and beauty to the home. Not all animals can be kept as pets as people have different preferences and allergies. Cats, dogs, hamsters are popular pets kept by most households and most families. Of all these animals, dogs are one of the most kept pets in the world as people own them as pets in almost every region of the world. Their friendship with humanity goes a very long way as it dates back even to the time of the early men.

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When we decide to pick dogs as pets, there are so many options from which we have to choose. This is because there are several different breeds of dogs, each having distinctive features and abilities. But on a general level, dogs are great pets and very good company. However, some particular breeds like the German shepherd, bulldog, Dalmatian, and Pomeranian are favored as pets by a large number of people. The Pomeranians are a popular member of a group of dog breeds regarded as the toy dog breed due to their small size. Their small bodies, coupled with their cute faces, make them so easy and quick to love. It is no wonder why they have over time become pets to aristocratic and royal homes. So when you are considering getting a pet, Pomeranians would make a good choice for some reasons.

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Why choose Pomeranians?

Raising dogs as pets can be quite a challenging task, but in the case of Pomeranians, they make the whole process fun and exciting. There are so many things to look at when choosing a pet ranging from diet, weight to expenses to be incurred daily. With all these factors duly examined, the Pomeranians would remain the healthy and economical choice of dog for the following reasons:

Small size

Although dog owners do not much like small dogs, this cute breed, due to their little bodies, is the perfect choice for families with smaller homes as they tend to fit right into anywhere. This also eliminates worry and concern for space or yard for the dog to roam, which is a primary concern for big dogs. So you can rest assured that your Pomeranian would survive just as long as there is space for it to stretch its short legs. They are also best for bachelors and single men in houses with limited space.

Diet and food consumption

Thanks to their tiny bodies, this breed consumes relatively little when compared to other bigger dogs. Their food costs about eight hundred to over one thousand dollars which may seem expensive, but it isn’t. They tend to consume food in low quantities, which automatically makes their food last longer. These eating habits, however, don’t hamper their growth and development as their body recognizes it as a regular feeding routine and utilizes the food taken in.

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Social disposition

Scientists say dogs are fun and energetic, but this breed of dogs takes it to a whole new level. They are extreme extroverts, very playful, active and their friendliness tends to rub off on other animals around them. They are truly social beings whose presence brings a sense of excitement to an environment. Although they can be manhandled by young children, they are instant favorites of kids.

Easy to manage and handle

Other species of dogs can make one see keeping pets as stressful and time-consuming but not the Pomeranians. Besides providing the necessary vaccines and doing regular health checks for them, there is nothing more that you should be worried about. They are generally social animals that quickly blend in with other animals, hardly triggering any fights or clashes. They take out the feeling of responsibility on the part of their owners as they can take care of themselves. People also easily like them because they are very easy to train and control. They are also very sensitive dogs that pay keen attention to details and strange occurrences. While they may not look impressive at first sight, they are great watchers that can be trusted with the safety of your home.

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Long lifespan

Unlike other species of dogs, these dogs live pretty long. The average Pomeranian can stay alive for as long as fifteen years which is a long time in dog years. Some have even lived up to seventeen or twenty years. This single feature makes them the perfect pet which children can grow up with as they stay alive for long. Most people often wonder if it’s their small size or the quality of their coat that increases their length of years, but whichever it is, they are the best dogs for long-time companionship.

Athletic dogs

Due to their high energy levels and intense alertness, they are perfect for athletic activities such as running, tracking, dog obedience, and even putting on an exciting dog show. They are often blessed with flexibility, speed, and agility. So if you love pets that are obsessed with locomotion and movements, they are just right for you.

All these reasons and many more keep endearing these dog breeds to people’s hearts. Most dog shows prefer using Pomeranians for their cute appearance and energetic presence, which tends to attract more audience and viewing. This dog breed can be expensive to manage but will save a lot of stress that comes with other breeds.

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In choosing pets for small homes and limited playing areas, it is wise to select Pomeranians. However, they are not meant for small homes alone as they can quickly adapt to any environment they find themselves making them an excellent dog choice.