10 Foods your dog should avoid


Dogs are very great animals, loving and tender. They have been friends with mankind from the beginning of time. The earliest evolutions and species of man all kept dogs at one point in time for either hunting, sport, or company. Today, dogs are one of the most common pets found in various households. Their close affinity with people has in a way influenced their diet as they now eat human foods. It is no wonder to see a person sharing food with their pet dog.

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Dogs are very sensitive creatures generally known for an empathic show of affection, and this innate ability makes them excellent companions. Their diet oftentimes isn’t as complex as other animals as they can successfully live off human foods. However, some foods that have no adverse effects on humans can do the opposite if consumed by dogs. Consumption of such foods can cause severe complications in a dog’s digestive system. It is therefore advisable that dogs seriously avoid these foods. This picky nature of dogs’ body condition is enough reason for pet owners to pay careful attention to their pet’s diet, especially when such a pet is a dog.

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Foods and fruits to be avoided

Even though these foods often appear enticing, they can cause a lot of havoc when consumed. This is as a result of the various substances and composition of the foods. So if the health and life of your pet are important, here are some foods that they should avoid eating:


These occupy the top spot on the list of foods never to be eaten by dogs due to the high toxic levels where dogs are concerned. Most chocolates contain theobromine in very high quantities, and this particular substance does not sit right within the digestive systems of dogs. Most pet owners know this, but not all know that the darkness of the chocolate increases the intensity of the more toxin and its disastrous effects on the dog. So if one keeps pets that poke around a lot, it is best to keep everything and anything related to chocolate very far from sight. When chocolates are eaten by dogs, it can result in different health issues.

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Tea, coffee, and caffeinated beverages

In daily human lives, tea and coffee are just very helpful beverages, but this doesn’t apply to dogs. They can be highly poisonous because they both contain caffeine in different quantities that their bodies cannot take. Consumption of caffeine can lead to restlessness, seizures, an increase in lethargy and fatigue, and tremors, all of which negates the concept of good health in dogs.


This lovely and edible fruit contains a substance known as persin that is stored in large amounts in its leaves, seeds, and center where the pit is located. This means nothing to us humans as it has no effects on us but can be brutal when consumed by our pet dogs. What happens when the seeds of this fruit are ingested is that it creates a disturbance in the working mechanism of the animal, thereby blocking the small intestine making it unable to process other foods, which in the long run is fatal.

Foods with xylitol content

In normal food production, this substance functions as a sweetening agent in toothpaste, chewing gums, and sweets. One is usually tempted to offer our pet dogs a bite of our sweets. It may seem like a loving gesture but is hazardous to the dog’s health. The xylitol present in these foods can bring about brain problems.

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Certain fresh fruits like watermelon are advised to be a part of a pet’s diet as they pose no threat to their health. Some other fruits like peaches and persimmons should strongly be overlooked as their seeds contain cyanide quite dangerous to various life forms, including human beings. Cyanide also poses a threat to the wellbeing of dogs which is why apples should be removed from dog’s diets.

Salty foods

The reason why salty foods should not be considered is simple. Meat is a constant dog food that has high salt content, so it is necessary to prevent the dog from taking more amount of salt into its system as excess salt can lead to an increase in thirst and dehydration.

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Raw and uncooked foods

The practice of feeding dogs with raw foods, especially meat, fish, and egg, should be avoided if the health of the animals is our concern as these foods in their natural state are breeding points of bacteria and parasites not visible to the eyes. When they are eaten, the parasites and bacteria present in them find their way into the dog’s body and can result in fatal system damage. It is advisable to cook such foods to kill the bacteria that may be present there.


It may surprise you to know that onions are not as beneficial to dogs as they are to human beings. It is quite the opposite as onions kill the red blood cells in the blood of dogs when taken, thus leading to a shortage of blood.

Cat food

Some people assume that most pet foods are suitable for every kind of pet, which is very wrong. Cat food is meant for cats and can cause harm to dogs when they eat it.


This should be kept as far away from dogs as possible because they have damaging effects on their digestive system.


When acquiring dogs as pets, it is important to know that not all foods that we eat are good and advisable for them. Therefore, it is necessary to pay close attention to a dog’s diet at every moment so as not to lose them to food poisoning.