Are Grapes Good for Hamsters?

Introduction Grape plant, in the genera Vitis, is the earliest domesticated fruit plant. It is native to Eastern Europe but was later cultivated in Asia, the United States, Western Europe and other parts of the world. Grape is the earliest domesticated berry crop, commonly used as table fruit, pies, raisins, jellies, and jams. Grape fruits … Read more

Dog Anxiety: Preemptive Signs to Watch Out For

Introduction Dogs are sociable animals. They have been trained to relate with humans for many years. Dogs are perhaps one of the earliest animals to be domesticated in human history. In general, dogs like to wait on their owners, keeping them company while they feel at home themselves. This kind of familiarity often takes time … Read more

Are Almonds Good for Hamsters?

Introduction Hamsters are small rodents, just like gerbils, guinea pigs, mice, and rats. They are native to southeast Europe and Syria. Hamsters now occur in other places including Israel, Armenia, the United States, China, Romania, and Greece. However, the Syrian hamsters still make up to 90 percent of the entire hamster population. And, it is … Read more

Are Peanuts Good for Hamsters?

Introduction Peanuts, commonly known as groundnut, is native to tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Many people believe that peanuts originated in South America, especially Brazil and Peru. It is a leguminous plant, just like lentils, soybeans, and and peas. Peanuts belongs to genus Arachis and there are various species. Peanuts are cultivated in … Read more

Everything you need to know about Fancy Rats

Introduction How to look after your fancy pet rat Pet rats are neat, thoughtful, enjoy human company and reproduce great pets Although pet rats pertain to the exact variety as the wild rat, they should not be perceived in a precise way Given that pet rats have been dealt with and socialised correctly from the … Read more

Are Carrots Good for Hamsters?

Introduction Hamsters are small or medium-sized rodents that occur in the United States, Israel, Armenia, Greece, and Romania. They also occur in southeast Europe. The Syrian hamsters, which are native to Syria, are the most common species of hamsters. And are more commonly kept as pets. Other species of hamsters are Roborovski species, and Dwarf … Read more

Are Raisins Good for Hamsters?

Introduction Raisins are dried grapes. They first occurred in the Middle East but were later introduced to Europe. Earlier, raisins were used as food poisoning antidote and as a form of money for exchange of goods and services. That is, as a form of money. Raisins were also presented as awards to athletes for sporting … Read more

Are Apples Good for Hamsters?

Introduction Apples are abundant, juicy, and come in numerous such species. With names like Jazz, Pink Lady, and Red Delicious, it’s sufficient to pique your interest and get your mouth salivating. What about hamsters? Can they like the taste of a juicy apple along with you? This summary will tell you all you desire to … Read more

Everything you need to know about the Holland Lop Rabbit

Introduction The Holland Lop, as the name would imply, was first bred in the Netherlands. The objective was to produce a replica version of the French Lop, and this was accomplished by breeding a French Lop with a Netherland Dwarf. Along the path, the English Lop was amplified to bolster the Lop gene. The outcome … Read more

Everything you need to know about the Guinea Pig Breeds

Introduction Guinea pigs emanated from the Andes region in South America, with significant origin regions being Peru and Brazil. Their record with humans started up primarily as stock animals. See here for more details about Guinea pigs Guinea pigs exist, on average, 6 to 8 years, weigh about two to three pounds, appear in a … Read more

9 Tips for Fixing Dog Road Trip Anxiety

Introduction Dogs are lively, friendly pets. One of the things that dogs enjoy is taking short walks within a few hundreds of centimeters around the home or a long walk spanning a few meters away from home. The practice of taking dogs on a walk has become a routine so that it is being incorporated … Read more

Is Cabbage Good For Hamsters? Is It Recommended?

Can Hamsters Eat Cabbage? Yes, hamsters can eat cabbage. Whether it is a Syrian, Russian dwarf, or Chinese hamster, cabbage is a strongly recommended diet for all hamsters’ breeds because of its nutritional benefits. They love this crunchy vegetable. Precautions to Take When Giving Your Hamsters Cabbage Clean the cabbage before giving it to your … Read more

Everything you need to know about the American Guinea Pig

Introduction Small pet Guinea pigs. Guinea pigs can be wonderful pets, but there are limited characteristics you should know before putting together that considerable commitment. From predicted lifespan to the social nature of guinea pigs, here are some things to contemplate before selecting a guinea pig as a pet. Check here for more reference 01 … Read more

Everything you need to know about the Flemish Giant Rabbit

Introduction The Flemish Giant rabbit variety is deemed to be the fastest of all rabbit species. They are giant rabbits that were initially bred as a utility breed for their meat and coat. They are strived after as pets because of their peaceful and patient behaviour, mainly when overseen, making them a preferred selection for … Read more

Is Chocolate Good For Hamsters? Is It Recommended?

Introduction It can be generally agreed that chocolate is one of the sweetest, gland-exploding, and sticky desserts known to man. Its sticky gum-like consistency makes it a very delightful treat for children and adults alike. It is one known flavor that sits on almost every dessert table. However, as much as you may enjoy chocolates … Read more

Everything you need to know about the Mini Rex Rabbit

Introduction The Mini Rex rabbit without speaking of the stunning, plush fur of the breed. Rationed only with the Rex rabbit, touching either breed is an ordeal you won’t disregard. Mini Rex is a portable breed. They often weigh approximately 4.5 pounds. The fur and small size might be rationales why Mini Rex is prominent. … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About the American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit

Introduction The American lop rabbit, scientifically known as Orictolagus cuniculus, is a breed of rabbits native to North America. History has it that the American fuzzy, as it is commonly called, originated from the Holland rabbit. However, the American fuzzy is wooly while the Holland rabbit is hairy. The American fuzzy comes in a variety … Read more

Are Peppers Good for Hamsters?

Introduction Are Peppers Safe for Hamsters? The answer is yes, but simply in tiny amounts. You can offer your hamster bell peppers, but never chilli peppers which are too tasty and can result in serious complications. In the wild, hamsters consume a combination of protein, fibres and fats, plus they obtain vitamins and minerals from … Read more

11 Hamster Care Tips For A Happy Pet

Overview Hamsters are extremely cute animals usually kept in the house as pets. It is so easy to fall in love with them as a single look at their tiny eyes, and furry little bodies will make you want to hold them. They are rodents that are unlike the rest of their family as they … Read more