Are Apples Good for Hamsters?


Apples are abundant, juicy, and come in numerous such species. With names like Jazz, Pink Lady, and Red Delicious, it’s sufficient to pique your interest and get your mouth salivating.

What about hamsters? Can they like the taste of a juicy apple along with you? This summary will tell you all you desire to understand about apples and to nourish them to your hamster in a manner that is careful and delicious.

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Can Hamsters consume Apples?

Yes, hamsters can eat apples. The flesh and peel both can be an active treatment for your pet. Nonetheless, apples are sugary, resulting in adiposity, so be sure to obey our feeding teachings to prevent health difficulties. Furthermore, apple seeds should be stopped because they include amygdalin, which disintegrates into hydrogen cyanide and is harmful to hamsters.

Apples are great in vitamin C, low in cholesterol, full of antioxidants, and packed with dietary fibre.

Another substantial piece of evidence about giving apples to hamsters is that you don’t have to bother about offering them the skin. You can rinse and slice the apple with the skin still on, and it won’t injure your hamster at all. Seeds, on the other hand, should be prevented as they do comprise cyanide.

Health Benefits: Are Apples Good for Hamsters?

Hamsters can get a kick out of apples as a portion of a decent and proportional diet. Numerous health advantages can be appreciated when apples are eaten.

Lower Diabetes Risk

Hamsters can evolve in diabetes; they can be bothered with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. As an outcome, containing apples in their diet may enable your pet to prevent this disease.

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Some researchers have associated eating apples with a negligible risk of diabetes. This outcome is possible due to the antioxidants seen in the apple, which deter harming chemical reactions in the body. Antioxidants furthermore support shield against chronic illness.

Heart Health

Apples comprise soluble fibre, which helps decrease blood cholesterol statuses. There are similarly polyphenols, which are one type of those beneficial antioxidants we spoke of earlier. These are set up in the apple peel, which is why it’s advisable to offer your hamster the apple with the skin still held.

One such polyphenol is epicatechin, which can aid the reduction of blood pressure. There are also flavonoids, which reduces bad (LDL) cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and function as antioxidants.

Good Gut Health

Apples comprise pectin. It is prebiotic and feeds the gut’s “good bacteria.” The tiny intestine does not consume fibre during the procedure of digestion. It instead moves to the colon, where it can facilitate good bacteria growth.

Good Bone Health

Your hamster desires strong bones to remain active and play on that hamster wheel. Eating fruit is pertained to possessing a more significant bone density, and apples particularly favourable reaction to your bones’ health.

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Once you procure your apples home, make sure you rinse them exclusively and stock them appropriately. Once you are available to nourish your hamster an apple, make sure to chop a slice carefully and visually examine it to make sure it is autonomous of seeds or rot. Then slice the apple into lesser cubes and give it to your hamster.


Apples are a considerable threat for your hamster to appreciate once a week, as they possess high degrees of vitamin C and comprise lots of fibre. Just make sure to eliminate the seeds and not over-feed your pet.

Hamsters spend most of their time looking for food, and bringing about their hunt for their meals can be a considerable means to keep them active and enhance their lives.