Everything you need to know about the American Guinea Pig


Small pet Guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs can be wonderful pets, but there are limited characteristics you should know before putting together that considerable commitment. From predicted lifespan to the social nature of guinea pigs, here are some things to contemplate before selecting a guinea pig as a pet.

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Guinea Pigs Are a Long-Term Commitment

Guinea pig that has brown and white hair sleeping on owner’s shoulder.

While a guinea pig doesn’t reside almost as long as a cat or dog, they remain a hefty time obligation. Guinea pigs exist on standard approximately five to seven years, occasionally longer, so be motivated to look after over the lengthy duration.


Guinea Pigs Are Social

Three guinea pigs have brown and white hair, all white hair and a mixture of brown, black and white hair.

Guinea pigs are relatively municipal creatures and are at their comfortable habituating with other guinea pigs. Hold a same-sex group to guarantee you don’t possess any unwanted litters. Females can be saved together, as can males without any problems. Be conscious that occasionally personality disparities in the animals will imply specific guinea pigs won’t get on. Inaugurating them as new-borns is the satisfactory means to procure a pair to the coalition, though even grown-ups can usually be acquainted with care.


Guinea Pigs Need a Large Cage

Guinea pigs crouching in a large cage with indoor and outdoor area.

Guinea pigs require a lot of floor space, and most cages exchanged as guinea pig pens are vastly too little, particularly for a pair. Putting together a homemade cell is relatively easy, yet, and since guinea pigs exist as a good size and not getaway artists, a homemade cell is a considerable choice.


Guinea Pigs Are Quiet, Sometimes

Guinea pig with brown and white hair shoving its head out of the wooden cave

Guinea pigs create a unique wheeking or whistling kind sound, frequently in expectation of earning a special treat or needing some awareness. Though naturally not loud sufficiently to disturb the neighbours, a wheeking guinea pig can be shockingly loud. If you’re peeking for an animal whose vocals will never halt a dinner party or afternoon sleep, a guinea pig might not be for you.

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Guinea Pigs Are Generally Easy to Tame

Brown and white guinea pig clutched in holder’s arms while tame.

While guinea pigs may be scared or timid at first, with constant gentle treatment, they usually evolve to suppress very quickly. Thorough treatment is a must, and children should be attended to, but they are uncertain about gnawing even when stressed.


Guinea Pig Require Vitamin C

Close-Up of Cute Guinea Pig Indoors

Guinea pigs are rare animals that cannot generate their own vitamin C, so they expect to obtain it from their diet. Selecting a good quality diet and giving an assortment of fresh foods and roughage is vital, but many owners choose to share their animals furthermore a vitamin C addition. Vitamin C tablets are deemed an adequate means to supplement than augmenting vitamin C to your pet’s water.


Guinea Pigs are Often Available at Shelters

Close-Up of Guinea Pigs in Cage

Before going out to purchase a guinea pig, asses with your local shelter or recoveries for guinea pigs in desire of a new home; numerous guinea pigs end up at refuges. They want an additional opportunity at a forever home. Shelter guinea pigs are naturally friendly and easy-going. It should be lenient to deal with an older guinea pig.

Guinea Pig Breeds

Did you realise there is a hairless species of guinea pig? There are literally about a dozen various breeds of guinea pigs like Texel, coronets, Baldwin’s, and more, all of which can be classified by their fur or lack thereof.

Guinea pigs do require a large cage and chances to exercise and play outside of the cell, as well as a food that gives sufficient vitamin C and roughage.

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Guinea pigs consume vegetables and do not need water to drink if stocked with satisfactorily moist food, but they must retain moisture if fed dry marketable food. They breed all year in confinement. Females bear up to 13 young per litter four is average pregnancy puts up with almost sixty-eight days. Although the young can scoot about and consume solid food the day they are reproduced, they are not weaned for nearly three weeks. Females grow in two months, males in three, and confined guinea pigs live up to eight years, although three to five is typical.

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Guinea pigs desire a lot more room to run around than most people give them. Large cages can be bought online or in a pet store, or a tailored enclosure can be built utilising small fencing or pens to offer your cavy plenty of domain to move around safely. But even if you possess a large cage, do not ignore that your guinea pig will like some time to wander about freely.

Bedding for Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs utilise the lavatory wherever they please, so you will require bedding that is absorptive but does not injure your pet. Wood shavings used to be prominent, but more knowledge on how they can harm pets has been found out over the years, particularly cedar shavings. One popular choice comprises fleece, which can be bought from a craft store and then rinsed and reused when it gets dirty, and several types of paper-based small animal bedding.

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Guinea pigs are municipal companion animals that need daily relations. They communicate by rendering several sounds with numerous meanings and popcorn or jump in the air when delighted, including hairless guinea pigs.