Everything You Need to know about the Rex Rat


Rex rats are among the most famous rat breeds worldwide. They have an appealing look because of their kinky and curly brittles. Rex rats have been raised as pets by people who love them.

In England, animal trainers began raising Rex rat around 1976. Three Rex rats were moved for the first time to the United States, although they were others brought in by some individuals. Once they were brought and officially accepted, they began to be widely accepted.

Rex rats are wonderful animals and are very friendly and appealing even to children. You don’t need to expend much time or energy to care for them.


Rex rats possess varying thickness of fur, though most them have tight and whorly fur, which is why we love them. Their skins are soft, furry, and they have a wave-like coat. It might seem a bit like a ripple at the lower part of their body and could have a cock-screw effect at the other end. Thick coats on them make them appear like little sheep.

The baby Rex begins developing coats that are thick and tight and falls out by itself after the 6th week, which means they will have entirely new coat as adult. As the adult coat appears, the waves becomes thicker and become tighter slowly; many of them might also develop bald patches on their skin.

Rex rats possess long, and kinky brittles. Many people find their whiskers appealing, especially as they twitch. The whiskers are lengthy and they use them to perceive they environment.

They come in different colors, like black, brown, blue, and a combination of colors. The color of their eyes could be black or red.

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How To Care For My Rex Rat?

First of all, you will need a safe and comfortable space for your pet. The nest’s dimension should not be less than 21 by 21 by 21, which can be increased by 21% for every rat you add to the pen. It will be better if the space also have tunnels barrels and other things to keep your pet busy.

Rex rat love to climb a lot. Take a close look at the bars when purchasing a cage. Cage with metal bars are recommended so they don’t chew them. The cage should be spacious enough so they can climb easily and close enough so they don’t leave. You can put some bedding in an isolated area and leave them to build their nest themselves.

You can use Tissue papers, wood shavings, and ink-less papers can serve as excellent materials for making a nest. You can make use of any material they can chew for their nest. Hardwoods like Aspen are a great choice unlike pine and cider that can create alot of dust and lead to respiratory problems.

Clean the cage regularly to prevent parasites and bacterias from spreading in the cage and causing diseases and ill-health. Rex rats are very clean animals, yet . It is recommended that the clean their can sometimes. It is recommended you clean their cage weekly.

Avoid direct sunlight or exposure to too much cold where the cage is to be placed. Rex rats have social tendencies, hence they should not be isolated. You should keep them out of the reach of dog and cat who like to hover.

How Physically Active Are They?

Rex rats loves to move which is why you should provide them with a lot. You should let them out of the cage and spend sometime with them sometimes.

Ensure all doors and windows are tightly closed when they move around in your room. You can use tubes, ladders and even boxes as toys for your Rex rat as they will find it more appealing and will likely want to engage with it.

What Can I Use To Feed Them?

Pellets are great choice for rats. They contain everything your right might need to develop. Placing your Rex rat on a seed diet is also a good option. Both have all the nutrients your rat might need.Some of them may not eat the seeds because they are picky eaters.

Protein rich meal lik eggs and chickens are amazing diet for Rex rats. Proteins from other sources alongside vegetables and friuts are the perfect options for them. We suggest you don’t feed them with excess sweet fruits; rather, use these sweets for training them and to encourage good behavior.

Clean, potable water is compulsory, and should given from a bottle. Ensure you inspect the water in the bottle and replace it if not clean. Remember to fill the bottle when the water gets low.

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Managing Your Rat’s Health

Rex rat don’t fall ill easily so you don’t have to worry much. Rats normally suffer from respiratory problems that can be prevented or managed regularly. Doing regular check ups can help avoid any serious illness and cleaning the cage regularly can help prevent the development of respiratory diseases.

They can also be prone to digestive problems. A healthy diet can go a long way. Rex rats can also develop tumors which you can’t stop but you can meet with the Vet in case you suspect there is one.

Their nails should also be cared for. You can use a a pair of clippers to cut their nails while avoiding the pink part.


Like most rodents, Rex rats can easily be taken care of with little resources and time. However, supervision will be required when little kids play with them to prevent to avoid any accident

Rex rats are clean and easy to maintain, so there’s not much to do when you might want you clean the pen allowing you time to take care of other things and also bond with your pet.

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