5 Tips To Create Your Most Dog-Friendly Apartment- Pet-Proof Your Place


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Keeping pets has been a part of human society right from the beginning of human existence. History holds it on record that the early men kept some form of animals as pets for comfort and company. In the world today, raising pets is now widely practiced in several parts of the world. Dogs, cats, and hamsters are the most popular animals that are usually kept as pets because of their ability to successfully co-exist alongside humans. Having pets around in the house can, however, come with some challenges. Animals would always be animals no matter how intelligent they may be, and it is easy for them to return to their natural state even while within the home. Most homes today were built for humans alone and not for animals and human beings. Thus, having a pet in our homes can be disastrous and catastrophic if not handled correctly.

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Pets like dogs who are naturally curious and highly playful tend to cause havoc, especially in homes that have not been made dog-friendly and places where they do not feel comfortable. So when planning or considering getting a pet dog, it is crucial to start thinking and searching for homes that support dogs in both their physical structure and furniture-wise. If you already have an apartment and you are planning on keeping dogs as pets, then it is necessary to start making modifications that ensure the comfort and pleasure of the animals. Creating a dog-friendly apartment isn’t rocket science or as hard as people think it is. Few tips can help you achieve this if they are appropriately followed and applied.

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Ways to create a dog-friendly apartment

It is more convenient to raise and keep a pet dog in an environment where it feels safe and comfortable than a regular designed apartment. The following are a few ways to make your apartment dog-friendly and pet-proof:

Find enough space

Dogs are naturally lovers of vast spaces and areas with extensive grounds. Even if this may not be available in most apartments, it is helpful to squeeze out an area specially designed for your dog. This reserved area may not necessarily be wide, but it should be exclusive to your dog, offering it a sense of comfort and belonging. This area should also be fitted with toys and, if possible, dog furniture like bedding or crate. Having its own space makes your dog more grounded and more willing to stick with you as its owner.

It is also wise to allocate a particular area of your apartment to your dog to use during playtime if there are no grounds for it to run on. You can also consider buying or renting apartments with a balcony that can be converted to a makeshift dog play area. This seems to be the best option for people who live in really crowded cities.

Invest in dog-friendly furniture

Dogs can be cute and all sweet, but they come with their body smells and paw stains. In homes where dogs are allowed to roam freely, it is necessary to use dog-friendly furniture which is mostly stain resistant. Dogs litter homes with much more than just hairs from their coats. They carry around some irritating odors and unpleasant stains which can be damaging to ordinary furniture. When selecting a pet and dog-friendly furniture, it is necessary to go for materials and fabrics that do not easily get stained or scratched. It is also wise to go for darker colors which would go a long way in hiding stains. So before you unleash your dog all over your house, dog-friendly furniture should already be in place.

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Use trash cans with lids

Dogs are naturally curious and tend to poke around any area they find themselves in, so the concept of trash may appear foreign to the dog if they are left uncovered. It is therefore advisable to use trash cans that have lids and covers to keep dogs away. This is because they can constantly scatter the trash all over the place when it is left open. It is also in the best interest of the dog owner to keep the trash can away from their pet’s size to prevent them accidentally knocking it over.

Keep food and medications in a safe place

It can be a tragic thing when your pet dog accidentally consumes your pills or medications, as it can cause serious health problems. The same thing goes for foods which we usually consume like chocolates, grapes, avocados which are part of our daily diet, which can be harmful and toxic to them. So it is necessary to keep them out of the kitchen, and if it is not possible, foods and medications should be kept on high shelves where they cannot reach. It is also wise to always keep our pets in sight even while we allow them to roam around the house.

Use floor finishes instead of carpets

Dogs are animals who love and covet their freedom, and they express this at every point in time. This is why carpets should not be used in an apartment where pet dogs are present, as carpets are not strong enough to handle the stains and damage from these animals. Another downside of carpets is that they easily absorb offensive odors, which in turn gives the house unpleasant smells. We should cover our floor with floor finishes like tile flooring, which can be either ceramic or porcelain to make them last longer.

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The above tips should be enough to make your apartment comfortable for your dog and be clean enough for you to stay and thrive. Raising and keeping pets can be fun only to those who adequately prepare and demonstrate a willingness and desire to create a home safe and comfortable for humans and animals alike.