10 Best Cat Nail Clippers in 2021

Cats are feline creatures that are suitable as pets. Cat’s claws can scratch people and furniture. The nails can also cause pain to cats when they are long and curl into the footpad. It is, therefore, necessary to trim the cat’s claws. The instrument for trimming cat nails are known as nail clippers.

Type of Nail Clippers

Nail Clippers are ideal for trimming a cat’s claws. There are different styles of nail clippers to suit your preferences. Nail Clippers styles include scissors, guillotine, plier, and grinder. Clippers with the scissors style have short handles and rounded blades. There are angled blades and a notch for placing the nail. The blades only require sharpening. Scissors-style nail clippers are easy to use and suit beginners. However, this nail clipper style can be small and uncomfortable for people with large hands.

Guillotine nail clippers have a ring where you can place a cat’s nail, and the blades come out when you squeeze the handle. This nail clipper style is ideal for small and medium cats. Proper care is necessary when handling this type of clippers. The clippers can crush a nail or cut the quick of the nail if you don’t place it well. Also, the blades of the guillotine nail clippers require regular changing to stay sharp.

Pliers-style nail clippers have a combination of scissors and guillotine styles. This type of nail clipper has rubberized plastic handles for good grip and control, and it cuts nails clean. Plier nail clippers are ideal for cutting thick nails.

Grinders are nail files that rotate when electrically powered. This type of nail clippers files cat’s nails, a little at a time. The clippers are easy to use, and you can easily monitor the gradual decrease in nail length.

How to choose the best nail clippers

Cat claws are different. Some claws are thicker. There are various nail clippers and factors to note before choosing nail clippers include quality of the blade, ease of use, safety features, mechanism, weight, and warranty.

Nail clippers should have quality blades. The blades should be sharp, rust-free, and easy to sharpen. Stainless steel blades are rust-free. Sharp blades are necessary for cutting nails cleanly and effectively. Clippers with dull blades can crush cat nails and cause pain.

Another factor is the ease of use. Nail clippers should fit in the user’s hands, and they should be easy to use. It is best to purchase nail clippers with rubber or anti-slip grips and long handles. Easy-to-use nail clippers can help in cutting cat’s nails without causing pain.

Nail clippers should have safety features such as safety locks or guards. These features prevent cutting the quick of the nail, which can cause bleeding. Safety guards allow visibility of the nail before cutting. Furthermore, the mechanism of the clipper describes if the clipper is manual or electronic. Electronic clippers are also known as grinders, and they are suitable for filing nails gradually and cleanly. However, electronic grinders make noise and vibrations. It is best to purchase clippers that do not make so much noise.

The weight of nail clippers is another essential factor to note. Lightweight nail clippers are easy to use, especially for beginners. Warranty is also important because it approves the quality and condition of the nail clippers.

What is the best way to trim cat’s nails

Trimming cat nails can be pretty tricky for beginners if it is the cat’s first time or has painful experiences. Only cut cat nails when the cat is in a relaxed mood. The first step is holding the cat firmly by the scruff. The scruff is an insensitive area on the cat’s neck. The next step is to hold the paws and rub them gently. Press the nail sheath to make the nail visible.

After making the nail visible, find the quick. The quick is the root of the nail, and it usually has a darker color. Cutting the quick can cause bleeding and intense pain for the cat. The next step after finding the quick is to cut the nail one at a time. Do not cut deeply.

Although you can trim a cat’s nails with a professional, it is pretty expensive. However, cutting a cat’s nails often improves the experience.

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The 10 Best Cat Nail Clippers are Reviewed Below

Below is a review of the ten best cat nail clippers in 2021 in no order. Kindly follow through to select one that suits your preferences.

Boshel Cat Nail Clippers

Safari Professional Nail Trimmers

Pet Republique Cat and Pet Nail Clippers


Boshel Cat Nail Clippers

Boshel nail clippers are scissors-style clippers. The clippers have razor-sharp blades from stainless steel. The clippers’ blades are semi-circular and have a unique angle for easy handling and better vision. The handles of the Clippers are rubberized, anti-slip, and comfortable for users. Pet professionals recommend this product because it prevents accidental cuts and is suitable for cats and other small animals. There’s a two-year warranty and 100% money-back guarantee on defects.

Ensure your per is in a relaxed mood. Place a nail between the blades and give a simple cut.

Key Features:

  • High-quality stainless steel blades
  • Razor-sharp, semi-circular blades
  • Rubberized, anti-slip handles
  • Angled blades
  • Two-year warranty
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Brand: Boshel
  • Style: Scissors
  • Color: Deep Blue
  • Dimensions: 6.5 × 3.5 × 0.75 inches
  • Weight: 0.634 oz.
  • The blades are sharp, and they provide a smooth and clean cut
  • The blades are from stainless steel, which is of high quality and are rust-free
  • The clippers are easy to handle, and they have cutsvision that makes the nail visible and easy to cut without cutting the quick
  • The blades are semi-circular, and they have unique angles that improve visibility and are easy to handle
  • The handles of the clippers are rubberized and anti-slip. This grip is comfortable.
  • Pet professionals recommend Boshel cat nail clippers
  • These clippers give a professional cut which saves time and money
  • The Boshel cat nail clippers are versatile. They are suitable for cats and other small animals such as guinea pigs, rabbits, small dogs, etc.
  • The clippers are durable, and they come with a two-year warranty
  • There is a 100% money-back guarantee in case of customer dissatisfaction
  • The clippers are pricey
  • They are small for people with large hands
  • The clippers do not have a safety lock or guard


Safari Professional Nail Trimmers

The Safari professional nail trimmers are long-lasting nail clippers with stainless steel blades. The clippers are suitable for cats and small and medium dogs. There is a safety stop that prevents injury to the quick, and the handles are rubber coated. The handles give a comfortable grip that makes the clipper easy to use.

Hold the paw of the cat firmly and trim the tip of the nail with a single stroke. Use the safety stop for visibility to avoid cutting the quick. Avoid cutting the nails too short. Trim cat’s claws every seven to ten days if the nails are long; after that, trim the nails monthly.

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel, locking blades
  • Safety stop
  • Rubber coated handles


  • Brand: Coastal Pet
  • Style: Pliers
  • Color: Green
  • Dimensions: 0.5 × 2.55 × 10.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.6 oz.
  • The trimmers have pliers style, and they give a professional trim
  • The blades are from stainless steel, and they are long-lasting
  • The trimmers have a safety stop that prevents cutting the quick and injuries
  • The handles are rubber-coated, and they give a comfortable grip
  • The trimmers are versatile. They are suitable for cats, small, and medium dogs.
  • The blades are very sharp. Keep carefully away from children


Pet Republique Cat and Pet Nail Clippers

The pet Republique nail clippers are professional claw trimmers suitable for cats, hamsters, kittens, etc. The blades are durable and from stainless steel. The grip is large, comfortable, and easy to use. The clippers are also of good quality because ten parts do not get loose or fall off. There is an in-built spring, and the handles are non-slip for an effective and clean cut. There is a four-year warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee on the clippers. Purchasing these clippers from pet Republique is a way of donating to charity. Pet Republique donates 15% of purchase to the American Animal Rescue Society for local shelters with cats and dogs.

Apply baby oil to the cat’s nails before cutting. The oil makes the nails visible and easy to cut. Cut the nails a little at a time if the nails are long. Also, there are directions for usage on the package. Do well to follow the instructions.

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel blades
  • Tight clippers
  • Large grip
  • Four years warranty
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Built-in spring
  • Non-slip handles


  • Brand: Pet Republique
  • Style: Scissors
  • Color: Black and yellow
  • Package Dimensions: 6.42 × 3.46 × 0.31 inches
  • Weight: 1.12 oz.
  • The clippers give a professional trim
  • The blades are from stainless steel, and they are sharp and durable
  • The clippers have a high quality. The parts of the clipper do not become loose or fall off
  • The clippers are suitable for cats and small animals such as kittens, hamsters, and small dogs
  • There is a four years warranty
  • The clippers also have a 90-day money-back guarantee
  • The built-in spring and non-slip handles improve grip and allow an effective and clean cut of nails
  • The clippers have a large grip which makes them suitable for people with large hands
  • Purchasing these clippers helps Pet Republique donate to local shelters for dogs and cats
  • There is no safety feature
  • The clippers are sharp. Keep away from children
  • The clippers are tight. They are not easy to open and close


Pet Nail Clippers for Small Animals

Pet nail clippers are scissors-style nail clippers with semi-circular blades. The blades are from stainless steel, and they have an ergonomic, angled design for better visibility of cat’s nails. The clippers are suitable for small animals, and they have rubberized non-slip handles. The finger rests are comfortable, and there is a safe nail clipper head. The clippers come with a risk-free guarantee. You can download a complete guide on how to use the clippers by scanning a QR code at the back of the package.

Trim nails when the cat is calm and in a relaxed mood. Point the claws away from you to prevent scratches. Hold the email firmly between your thumb and finger, and cut gently. Clip the back paws first and also clip the dewclaws. Dewclaws are the ones in front of the leg, just beneath the wrist.

Key Features:

  • Semi-circular, stainless steel blades
  • Angled blades with ergonomic design
  • Non-slip handles
  • Downloadable guide
  • Safe nail clipper head
  • Risk-free guarantee
  • Comfortable finger rests


  • Brand: Shiny pet
  • Style: Scissors
  • Color: Green
  • Dimensions: 3.7 × 2.6 × 0.6 inches
  • Weight: 0.6 oz.
  • The Clippers have an ergonomic design with semi-circular blades
  • The blades are at angles to each other, making the nail more visible and preventing injuries
  • The handles are non-slip, and they are rubberized
  • There is a downloadable guide on how to use the clippers after scanning the QR code on the package
  • The safe nail clipper head prevents cutting too short
  • There is a risk-free guarantee from the manufacturer on the clippers
  • The finger rests are comfortable and aid easy use
  • The clippers are versatile. They are suitable for cats and small animals
  • The plastic handles are tight. They do not open and close easily


Resco Cat Claw Clippers

Resco cat claw clippers are guillotine-style clippers. The clippers have durable steel material, which cut cleanly, giving a professional look. The blades are replaceable, and the clippers are suitable for both cats and dogs. Resco clippers have a comfortable grip, and vets recommend these clippers. The clipper has different sizes; tiny, medium, and large. The tiny size is ideal for cats and small animals. A lifetime warranty covering manufacturing defects comes with the clipper.

Key Features:

  • Professional clippers
  • Stainless steel
  • Replaceable blades technology
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Comfort grip


  • Brand: Resco
  • Style: Guillotine
  • Color: Chrome
  • Dimensions: 5 × 3.38 × 0.63 inches
  • Weight: 2.19 ounces
  • The clippers give a professional cut. Pet groomers and vet recommend these clippers
  • The clippers have a stainless steel material that is rust-free
  • The blades are replaceable. This technology helps to reduce the cost of purchasing new clippers
  • The grip of the clippers is comfortable and easy to use
  • There is a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects
  • The blades have variable sizes for large and small pets
  • The clippers are suitable for trimming cat’s and dog’s claws
  • Some reviewers complain about the blades of the clippers becoming dull.


Pettom Cat Nail Clipper

The Pettom cat nail clippers have a guillotine style. The clippers are suitable for small and medium cats and dogs. The blades of the clipper are from stainless steel, and they give a safe and precise cut. There’s a safety stop that improves visibility and prevents cutting the quick. The Clippers have an ergonomic design with a safety ring that controls the cutting length. Pettom cat nail clipper has a spring handle, and it is easy to use. The clippers also give a smooth finish.

It is best to cut the cat’s nails after bathing and at an angle of 45⁰.

Key Features:

  • Stainless steelhead
  • Safety stop
  • Spring handle
  • Safety ring design
  • Ergonomic


  • Brand: Pettom
  • Style: Guillotine
  • Color: Red
  • Dimensions: 6 × 3 × 3 inches
  • Weight: 2.39 oz.
  • The stainless steel head is durable, sharp, and rust-free
  • The safety stop improves nail visibility and prevents injury to the quick
  • The clipper has a spring handle that improves grip and usage
  • The safety ring design controls the cutting length of the nail
  • The clipper has an ergonomic design that is safe and comfortable
  • This clipper is ideal for small and medium cats and dogs.
  • Some reviewers complain about the clippers crushing cat’s nails


Invenho Pet Nail Grinder

The Invenho Pet nail grinder runs on electrical power. It has a charging port, a light indicator, and a diamond grinding wheel. The grinder has a protection cover that improves durability. The grinder’s motor is from a brass spindle that makes a low noise of less than 40 dB. There is a high and standard speed option depending on the nail that is about to be cut. The grinder has a six-hour runtime, and it has a USB rechargeable design. Laptops, PC, Power banks, USB outlets, and power adapters are all suitable for charging this grinder. The grinder is easy to use, and it is ideal for beginners.

Let the cat get familiar with the grinder by sniffing and also listening to the grinders working sound. It is best to trim the nails of the cat before grinding with the nail grinder. Choose a port and adjust the speed to suit the cat’s size and nail hardness. Place a nail in a suitable port and grind gently for about five seconds. Start with a low speed when grinding the nails. Give the cat treats after grinding.

Key Features:

  • Electric nail grinder
  • Charging port
  • Indicator light
  • Superior motor
  • Low noise
  • Diamond grinding wheel
  • Protection cover
  • Variable speed options
  • USB rechargeable design
  • Six hours run time
  • One LR44 battery


  • Brand: Invenho
  • Style: Grinder
  • Color: white
  • Package Dimensions: 8.46 × 3.5 × 1.81 inches
  • Weight: 7.8 oz.
  • The grinder is rechargeable from different sources such as laptops, power adapters, power banks, USB outlets, etc.
  • The grinder has a charging port with an indicator light
  • There is a motor that has a brass spindle, and it makes a low noise of less than 40 dB
  • The diamond grinding wheel grinds the nails cleanly and avoids the quick
  • The protection cover protects the diamond grinding wheel
  • There are two speed options, high and low, to suit your preferences
  • The battery has a six-hour runtime on a full charge
  • The grinder is suitable for squirmy cats and dogs
  • The grinder comes with a LR44 battery
  • Some reviewers complain about charging issues after multiple uses
  • The grinder is not sharp enough to trim nails in one sitting
  • There is no warranty


Zerhunt Nail Grinder

The Zerhunt nail grinder is an electric trimmer for pets of all sizes. There are three ports for small, medium, and large size pets. The grinder also has two-speed options to suit nail hardness. The grinder has a clipper lock, and a safety guard secures the grinder when not in use and prevents overcutting nails. The motor of the grinder is silent. The engine runs at 6000 radian per minute (rpm), and it has a low noise of less than 50 dB. The grinder is rechargeable through USB outlets, power banks, power adapters, and a PC. The grip is easy to handle, and the grinder is lightweight. The grinder uses two AAA batteries, and it comes with a 12-month hassle-free guarantee.

Allow your cat to get familiar with the grinder by sniffing it and hearing the grinding sound. It is best to trim the nails after bathing the cat because the nails are soft. Place the nail in the appropriate port and grind at a safe angle of 45⁰. Grind the nails for no more than five seconds.

Key Features:

  • Three ports for large, medium, and small-sized pets
  • Standard and fast grinding speeds
  • Clipper lock
  • Safety guard
  • Low noise
  • Silent motor
  • Rechargeable grinder
  • Multiple charging options
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • 12-month hassle-free guarantee


  • Brand: Zerhunt
  • Style: Grinder
  • Color: white
  • Dimensions: 7 × 2 × 1 inches
  • Weight: 3.2 oz.
  • The grinder has three ports to suit different sizes of pet
  • The clipper lock secures the grinder
  • The Safety guard prevents overcutting of the nail
  • The motor works at 6000rpm and makes a low noise of less than 50 dB
  • The grinder is rechargeable through USB outlets, power adapters, or power banks
  • There are two AAA batteries in the package
  • There is a 12-month warranty
  • Some reviewers complain that the battery discharges easily


Epica Professional Pet Nail Clipper

Epica Professional Pet nail clippers are a plier style Clipper. The clipper has stainless steel shears. There is a safety edge that prevents overcutting. The clippers have a heavy-duty spring and a standard lock. There are different sizes of the nail clipper; the small and medium-size is ideal for cats. The clippers also feature a non-slip grip and semi-circular blades for easy use and cutting. The clippers also have a lifetime warranty

Wrap the semi-circular blades around the nail. Check the length to prevent overcutting and squeeze handles to cut the nail.

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel blades
  • Safety edge
  • Standard lock
  • Heavy-duty spring
  • Non-slip grip
  • Semi-circular blades
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Brand: Epica
  • Style: Pliers
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 6 × 3.38 × 3.63 inches
  • Weight: 2.4 oz.
  • The stainless steel blades are sharp and rugged
  • The safety edge prevents overcutting of the nail
  • There is a standard lock that improves the safe storage of the clipper
  • The clippers are easy to use, and they have a non-slip grip
  • The semi-circular blades allow easy cutting of nails
  • There is a lifetime warranty
  • Some reviewers complain that the safety guard is difficult to move.


Hertzko Nail Grinder

Hertzko Nail Grinder is an electric nail trimmer with three ports for small, medium, and large size pets. The grinder can also work at standard and fast speeds. The grinder has a diamond bit grinding stone for trimming nails. There is a removable port cover that protects the grinding stone and a micro USB charging port and cord. There is a charge indicator, and the motor is super mute. The engine has low noise and low vibration. The grinder is portable, lightweight, and easy to clean.

Place the pet’s nail in the appropriate port to suit nail hardness. Use the grinder to trim the nails for about five seconds for each nail.

Key Features:

  • Three ports to suit different pet sizes
  • Diamond bit grinding stone
  • Removable port cover
  • Micro USB cord
  • Micro USB charging port
  • Charge indicator
  • Super mute motor
  • Portable grinder
  • One AAA battery


  • Brand: Hertzko
  • Style: Grinder
  • Color: Purple
  • Package dimensions: 7.8 × 3.3 × 1.3 inches
  • Weight: 4.8 oz.
  • The grinder has three ports to suit small, medium, or large-sized pets
  • The grinder has standard and fast speed options
  • The diamond bit grinding stone grinds the nails to keep them short and smooth
  • There is a removable port cover for adjustable speed and for protecting the diamond bit grinding stone
  • The grinder has a micro USB charging port, and it comes with a micro USB cord
  • There is a charge indicator
  • The motor is super mute. It produces low noise and vibration
  • The grinder is lightweight and portable
  • It is easy to clean.
  • Some reviewers complain that the grinder takes time to trim nails

Buying Guide Questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions concerning cat nail clippers. The guide covers questions such as cutting cat’s nails and how often You should cut them. Do well to follow through.

How can I calm my cat down to cut his nails?

Cat’s claws can be very sharp. It is essential to cut your cat’s nails to protect yourself, your family, and your furniture. Cutting a cat’s nails also maintains the health of the cat. Some cats are not responsive to cutting their nails. Create a relaxing environment to calm your cat down. Play with the paws gently and give your cat treats as well. Only trim the white part of the nail and give your cat a treat after cutting each nail. Don’t rush a nail trim. You may require more than one session to trim all nails.

Are nail grinders safe for cats?

Nail grinders are tools that can grind down nails. A nail grinder has a head that rotates at high speed and makes a humming sound. Use grinders that are specifically for pets to grind cat’s nails. Nail grinders specifically for cats make low noise and vibration. Regardless, it is necessary to know the structure of your cat’s claws to prevent injuries when using nail grinders.

How often should I clip cat’s nails?

Untrimmed nails can curl into the cat’s footpad and cause intense pain for the cat. Not only do untrimmed nails cause pain for cats, but they can also damage furniture and scratch people. It is essential to trim a cat’s nails between ten days and two weeks.

Is it cruel to trim a cat’s claws?

No. Trimming cat’s claws improve their overall health and prevent scratches on people and furniture.

What happens if you don’t trim your cat’s nails?

Trimming cat nails is essential. Long claws can grow and curl into a cat’s footpad, causing severe pain. Also, long claws can scratch people, sofas, and furniture.

Do cats like being wrapped in blankets?

Wrapping in a blanket is a matter of preference for cats. Generally, cats like being wrapped in blankets because it is warm and cozy. Cats are expressive about their likes and dislikes, and a cat that dislikes being wrapped in a blanket will let you know.

Why does my cat hate getting his nails cut?

Cats may dislike having their nails cut due to past painful experiences or an unrelaxed atmosphere. Before cutting a cat’s nails, you should relax the cat and also take your time to rub the paws gently. Also, use quality trimmers, and don’t rush cutting of nails.


Cutting cat nails often prevent injuries and scratches on furniture and people. It would help if you took care when cutting cat’s nails. This article reviews the best nail clippers you can use to trim a cat’s claws. The post also covers cutting a cat’s claws and the qualities to look out for when purchasing nail clippers.