8 Best Indoor Dog Playpens in 2021

Best Indoor Dog Playpen Review

A dog is a cute furry four-legged friend you should have; these animals are great creatures. Having a dog in your home or around you can have a great therapeutic effect on your health. However, it is best if you are in direct contact with the dog or if you have a dog of your own. Having a dog of your own will give you the chance to interact firsthand with your dog; most people who are not conversant with dogs will find it a little weird that you are interacting with your dog. However, if you want to develop a great bond with your dog, you should interact with them very well. Dogs help people calm their nerves, reduce blood pressure in high blood pressure patients, and they also have a way of comforting people that are passing through depression, so yes, you shouldn’t find interactions with dogs weird at all; instead, you should build them and strengthen the bond.

Over the years, a lot of research has been conducted regarding dogs, and there is no disputing the fact that these animals are simply amazing and loyal to their owners. The interesting thing about dogs is that, like humans, each dog possesses a unique character trait of its own. So it’s safe to say dogs have their characters, exciting animals if you ask me. There are varieties of dog breeds out there; some dog lovers find it quite difficult to get a dog because you will most likely wear yourself down on getting one without still knowing the breed to go for. However, you should know this no matter the breed of dog you go for, these animals are friendly, and they love to play. Apart from the fact that they love to play, they are also full of bubbling energy, and you do not want them to have pent-up energy in their body.

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As earlier said, most dogs love to play, and they have a lot of energy; for you as an owner, the way you exercise yourself to keep fit, dogs also need these exercises for them to stay in good shape. Most times playing is a way of burning energy for them. The good thing about this is that you can also benefit from it by making them play a game of fetch during family picnics; that way, the dog can burn energy, keep fit, and your whole family can also bond well with the dog. However, if you are the busy type and can’t always walk your dog or have a nice game with your dog, it can be a disaster as the dog gets bored. Believe me; bored dogs are not dogs you want in your home as they will do pretty much anything to have their fun, which can be to the peril of your household items and sometimes can extend to your wardrobe members.

For you to save yourself this stress, it is advisable for you to get a dog playpen. A playpen or dogs exercise pen will come in handy for you. This piece is like a dog crate, and it can be used to contain your dog while giving him enough space to move around and to play. If you are the busy type and you do not have time to exercise your dog, the playpen should be your go-to guy. The playpen serves two primary roles: it allows your dog to move around and get little exercise done. The second major function the playpen performs is that it gives you the liberty of restricting the dog’s movement to a particular section of the house. If your dog is the type that enjoys chewing on furniture and stuff when no one is around, with the playpen, you can easily control its movement.

When going for a playpen, there are so many options in the market that buyers eventually get overwhelmed and confused as to which playpen to get. However, you should go for a sturdy and easy to assemble playpen.

Before getting a playpen for your dog, it is best you note the material the playpen is made of, its durability, and its warranty. Also, the amount of space the playpen gives to your dog is also one of the most important things you should also note before getting one.

8 Best Dog Playpen In 2021 Are Reviewed Below

There are various types of dog playpen on the market today, that picking one is difficult; some of the best available dog playpens in the market have been compiled for your convenience, as well as what they have to offer. Here they are

Elite Field 2 Door Pet playpen

Iris Pet Playpen

Richell high pet Playpen


Elite Field 2 Door Pet playpen

Training dogs is a task that requires full attention; it is not advisable for you to leave your dog on its own for too long a period. Doing this can make the dog develop some characters you do not want, and you won’t be there to correct the dog. Leaving your dog in the home can be a disaster sometimes, as dogs tend to chew on shoes and other household items when they are left alone for too long. However, you can easily solve this problem with the help of a playpen. The playpen helps you restrict the movement of the dog to a particular section of the house or wherever you want it to be, making it a go-to in dog training. The elite field is a great playpen for your dog. It is made out of durable and reliable materials, which ensures that the playpen lasts for a long period. You will find this piece as a household name for dog owners. The interesting thing about this piece is that, when you are working with a budget, it is the best piece to go for, as it boasts of mid-range price, durable materials in its build, and also a bunch of accessories to go with it. This piece is made out of fabric; it also weighs fourteen pounds. Another exciting feature it possesses is that it comes with varieties of colors, making it easier to choose between different kinds of colors. Also, if you know the color your canine friend finds fascinating the most, you can get that color and make your furry friend happy. It comes in different sizes, and it also boasts of two doors that can be locked with a zipper; another interesting feature it possesses is that it has a washable floor that can easily be removed, it as accessories pocket, and can also hold a water bottle. It also boasts of four ground stakes for stability.

This pen has enough room for your canine friend to move around, and it is also easy to clean. As a dog owner, you have nothing to fear leaving your dog in this pen as it is comfortable, and it is easy for the dog to move around in the pen. If you are hunting for a playpen for your dog today, it is advisable for you to go for this piece as it is durable, and you will not have to think about getting a dog pen for a long time.

Key Features:

  • Four ground stake
  • Accessory pocket
  • Water bottle space
  • Enough room
  • Varieties of colors and sizes


  • Brand: EliteFIeld
  • Model: EliteIeld 2 door pet playpen
  • Dimension: 48 x 48 x 32 inches;8.55 pounds
  • It is affordable and durable
  • It provides buyers with varieties of colours and sizes
  • It boasts two doors and a zipper locking system
  • It is also equipped with a zip-off washable floor and a floor mat. This particular feature makes washing very much easier.
  • It is spacious, which allows free movement of your pet
  • The frame may collapse if your dog jumps around too much
  • It is a bit heavy


Iris Pet Playpen

The iris pet dog playpen is another excellent playpen you should note getting for your dog. This dog playpen is regarded as one of the best dog playpens in the market. And you are about to find out why. The iris dog playpen can serve as a playpen for your dog whereby it is enclosed, and it also features a door. It can also serve as a barrier for your dog. If you don’t want your dog moving around in a particular wing of your home, you can easily set up the iris playpen as a barrier to restrict the dog’s movement to a particular wing of the house. This feature makes this piece one of the most versatile dog playpens in the market. Also, if you intend on getting a playpen for your dog and you have a small budget, the iris playpen is your go-to guy. This piece is quite affordable and also boasts of one of the best quality materials used in its build. Getting this piece is a win-win for you. Apart from serving as a door barrier for your dog into spaces you don’t want it entering, another trick the iris playpen possesses is that it is easy to transport and move around. This playpen is foldable; hence you can just fold the whole thing and put it in the trunk of your car without much stress. Also, it gives you the liberty of increasing the space for your dog as you can purchase more panels from the manufacturer and couple them with the one you have. Another juicy feature about this piece that is hard to miss is that it is easy to set up. You can set it up very fast without breaking a sweat with the aid of locking latches, connecting rod, and non-skid rubber feet. With this piece, you do not have to worry much about it collapsing as it can be reinforced. Overall this is one of the best indoor dog playpens you can ever come across. However, it does not provide you with a floor mat or a cover which means if your dog is a jumper, he might just jump out of the pen, or in case he messes up your floor, you will be left with loads of cleaning to do. Apart from that, you should go for this piece.

Key Features:

  • It is foldable
  • It does not possess a top/roof cover and floor mat
  • Made from panel
  • The floor area can be increased
  • Easy to set up
  • Makes use of locking latches and connecting rods in setting up
  • It can be reinforced


  • Brand: Iris
  • Model: Iris pet playpen
  • Dimension: 35.13 x 35.13 x 23.75 inches; 10.82 pounds
  • It is affordable and made out of quality materials
  • It provides buyers with the choice of colors
  • You can easily increase the floor area by purchasing additional panels and adding them to the ones you have
  • It is easy to set up
  • It can be reinforced
  • It does not possess a floor and a roof cover


Richell high pet Playpen

The richell high pet playpen is another excellent dog playpen in the market today. This playpen is made up of juicy features that will leave you in awe. If you get this pen for your dog, it will definitely earn you a wag of the tail. Although this piece is a great one, it is high on the price side, which means if you are working with a budget, you might not be able to go for this piece. Although this dog pen is expensive, however, you will definitely enjoy the value for your money. This piece possesses a locking gated door which ensures that your dog is kept in the pen when you are not around. This plastic dog pen is sturdy and is heavy; it features a six-panel. One of these panels is the gated door. It is also water repellant, which means you won’t have to worry about water pouring on it. This piece is customizable, and it is also easy to set up in different shapes at that. It also boasts of special caps that can be used to lock the panel in place at three different angles. Another interesting feature is that this piece can also be used as a door barrier for your dog, making it versatile.

Key Features:

  • Special cap to lock the panel in place
  • Customizable
  • Locking gated door


  • Brand: Richell
  • Model: Richell high pet playpen
  • Dimension: 63.8 x 33.1 x 36 inches; 39.8 pounds
  • This piece boast of water resistance panels
  • It is easy to assemble, and it is made up of durable materials
  • It is versatile; hence it can also serve as a barrier for your dog
  • You can set it up in a wide range of shapes
  • It boasts of cap that locks the panel at three different angles
  • It is heavy
  • It is expensive
  • It does not have the floor or roof cover


Midwest Foldable Metal Exercise Pen

the Midwest foldable metal exercise pen is another great pen for your dog. As its name implies, foldable means the pen can easily be folded and packed up. With this piece, transportation is never going to be an issue. This piece is a good option for your dog; although it might not strike you as very sturdy, however, it will serve the purpose for which it is intended effectively. Apart from been easy to pack up and move around, it will provide your dog with a large play area, and the interesting thing about this piece is that it comes at a low price. This is a great option for people that are limited to a budget, you can get this piece for your dog, and it will easily compete with the best in the market. Stability is not a problem with this piece; it also boasts of a double latch door in its design. It provides your dog with sixteen feet of space to call its own. Huge if you ask me. Your dog is bound to feel happy and relaxed in this playpen. As said earlier, stability is not an issue with this piece, as it makes use of eight ground anchors in its design. It also boasts of four thumbs snap, making it’s assembling fast. The panels are coated hence protected from rust which means they will last for quite some time. It is advisable to get this piece as you will have no regrets about getting it.

Key Features:

  • Sixteen feet of space
  • Eight ground anchors
  • Double latch door
  • Four thumb snap


  • Brand: Midwest homes for pet
  • Model: Midwest foldable metal exercise pen
  • Dimension:
  • It is foldable and easy to move around
  • It is affordable for almost everybody
  • Stability is guaranteed as a result of the eight ground anchors present
  • It is fast and easy to assemble
  • It provides your dog with plenty of space to move around
  • No top or bottom cover


Ruff n Ruff Portable Foldable Pet Playpen

The ruff and ruff is a cool option for a pen. It is great for puppies; this piece is lightweight and foldable, making it easy to carry from one place to another. It is made of fabric; hence it comes in varieties of colors and sizes. Giving buyers the opportunity to choose the color they like. This piece comes with useful and exciting accessories. However, it tends to collapse easily as it is not very sturdy. This pen is portable and lightweight; it is also water repellant as it is covered in 600D nylon. It also features eight panels, a zippable door, and a removable cover. This piece comes in threes sizes, giving you the chance to pick the size you want based on the size of your dog; it also features a built-in strap that makes it possible for it to be staked down. In all, this is an excellent piece.

Key Features:

  • Built-in strap
  • Removable cover
  • Varieties in size and color


  • Brand: Ruff N Ruff
  • Model: Ruff n Ruff portable foldable pet playpen
  • Dimension: 17.5 x 13 x 2 inches; 2.4 pounds
  • It is affordable
  • It is lightweight
  • Water-resistant and foldable
  • Prone to collapse


Jumper 40 8 Panel Heavy-duty folding Metal Door Playpen

The jumper 40 is a great playpen for dogs; this playpen is suitable for every dog breed. It provides your dog with enough space to move around. If your canine friend is the mischievous type and always finds his way out of the previous playpen, then you should note the jumper 40 as an option for this type of dog. Apart from the fact that it is a heavy-duty playpen for dogs, it is safe to say this playpen is escape-proof, and no matter how smart your furry friend is, escaping this type of playpen will be challenging. Its name implies a tall 8-panel heavy duty pen, made up of tall panels, and a foldable hence boasts an adjustable shape configuration in its features. This piece is also easy to set up, and it secures a large area for your dog. This is an excellent piece with a wide range of applications, and you should definitely note getting it for your dog.

Key Features:

  • Escape proof
  • Adjustable shape
  • Provides large play space
  • Heavy-duty playpen


  • Brand: Jumper
  • Model: jumper 40 8 panel heavy duty folding metal door playpen
  • Dimension: 31.5 x 40 x 0.6 inches;
  • This piece is a heavy-duty playpen and escape-proof
  • Adjustable shape option
  • Provides your canine friend with lots of space
  • It is expensive


New World Foldable Pet Playpen

The new world foldable pet playpen is another excellent playpen you should note for your canine friend. When discussing the best pet playpen in the market, the new world pet playpen is one of the best playpens you can ever encounter in the market. This piece comes with a lot of juicy features that will definitely get you hooked on once you take a look at this piece. Another sweet thing about this piece is that it is affordable, giving you a standard quality at a very good price. Another interesting feature about this piece is that it gives you a choice of height; it allows you get to decide how high this piece goes. In case you have a jumper, you can easily increase the height of the playpen. It also boasts of eight panels that allow your dog to enjoy sixteen square feet of space. It also features a four-ground stake for stability and a thumb snap in its design. The metal used in the manufacturing of this piece also boasts of coating to prevent it from rusting. This allows your dog to enjoy the playpen for a long time without it getting rusted and putting the health of your furry friend in danger.

Key Features:

  • Height increase
  • Large space
  • Adjustable shape


  • Brand: New world
  • Model: New world foldable pet playpen
  • Dimension: 64 x 24 x 62 inches; 16.25 pounds
  • It is affordable
  • It is fast and easy to assemble
  • It provides you with five height options that allow you to increase the height of the pen.
  • It also features ground stakes for stability and thumb snaps
  • It is heavy and bulky


Zampa Portable Foldable Pet Playpen

The zampa portable and foldable pet playpen is another excellent indoor playpen. This piece is a mid-range playpen. If you are looking for a playpen that will over you the best quality at an affordable price. This piece is made out of lightweight fabric, and this piece is also very spacious. This piece features eight panels and also boasts of two mesh doors in its design. You won’t have to worry about your dog getting air as the design features an all-around window mesh in the design. This piece comes in different sizes, so you can get the size you want based on the size of your dog; it also comes in different colors, which allows you to pick any color you want. This piece also boasts of exterior pocket and reinforced corners for stability. It also boasts of four metal spikes, and it includes a carry case. You should note this piece for your dog as it allows you to pick sizes and the color you want.

Key Features:

  • Varieties in color
  • Varieties in size
  • Two mesh door
  • All-round window mesh
  • Exterior pocket


  • Brand: Zampa
  • Model: Zampa portable foldable pet playpen
  • Dimension: 25.59 x 3.54 x 17.72 inches;5.51 pounds
  • It is affordable and lightweight
  • Reinforced corners and spike
  • Window mesh and double door mesh
  • The frame may collapse

Buying Guide Questions

The answers to FAQs on indoor playpens are provided in this section. This should help potential buyers and dog owners make the right decisions about buying or using them. The FAQ section provides you with the knowledge you need to get the right dog playpen based on your dog breed.

Are dog’s playpens a good idea?

Dogs’ playpen is definitely a good idea for your dogs, because it allows your dog to move around freely, and it also allows you to keep the dog out of spaces you do want it to get to. That way, when you are not home, you can be rest assured that your dog is not chewing on your shoes.

Is it okay to leave your dog in a playpen?

The most obvious benefit of a dog playpen is that it helps keep your dog safe when you are not home; it also helps in preventing your dog from developing bad habits like chewing on household items, furniture, or wardrobe. Leaving your dog in the playpen will help prevent this habit, and it also gives the dog enough room to move around.

How do I keep my indoor dog pen from moving?

The major problem with dog pens is the fact that they move around when they are not properly anchored. Keeping your dog’s problem from moving can be done by getting the right dog pen for your dog, taking note of the ground surface, or anchoring the dog pen to the ground.

Is a playpen better than a crate?

The crate is not better than a playpen. They both have different functions. The dog playpen allows your dog to move around while the crate is much more for sleep and potty training; if you intend to leave your dog for long hours, then the playpen is best.

how long can you leave a dog in a playpen?

Dogs need us to be around because they are social animals, and they need training on socialization. With an adult dog, you can leave them for up to 10 hours. However, the rule for general absence is about four to five hours.

can I leave my puppy in a playpen all day?

The truth is puppies need a lot of your time to learn how to socialize and all; it is best for puppies if you do not leave them alone in the playpen all day. However, you can leave them for up to five hours a day.

is it cruel to crate a dog while at work?

Leaving a dog in a crate is not good enough as you will be leaving them in confinement. However, adult dogs can handle being in a crate for eight hours straight, and puppies can handle four hours; however, it should not be an everyday thing.


Choosing a dog playpen can be a bit tasking, especially for people who are new dog owners. Before getting a playpen for your dog, you should note the size of your dog, the materials used in the production or build or material of the playpen. You should also look out for features like exterior pockets that can make it easy for you to store your dog food while in the pen. Some of the best dog playpen as been discussed and the best in the market has been compiled to save you the stress from going and buying yourself, as the market is filled with a great playpen that can leave you confused in the market.