A Detailed Guide to Vegan Dog Food


Can dogs become vegan? While dogs crave meat and animal products, several professionals say it’s feasible to nourish your dog a vegan food as long as you make sure he’s receiving adequate supplemental nutrients.

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We’ll show you the active way to set your dog on a vegan diet and offer you our suggestions for the nicest vegan dog food names.

Significant Info About Vegan Diets for Dogs

It’s a widespread misunderstanding that dogs are rigorously carnivores. Most professionals believe that dogs are really omnivores, connotation that they can eat and endure on both plant and animal course. So that’s big news if you’re a vegan family liking to amount this lifestyle with your dog. But it’s decent to pause until your dog is matured. Most veterinarians forcefully instruct against feeding puppies vegan or even vegetarian food.

If you’re contemplating settling your dog on a vegan diet, you should discuss with your veterinarian to create an agenda to guarantee your dog is receiving all the important nutrients he requires. With that said, various marketable vegan dog food brands comprise all the nutrients dogs want. We’ve encompassed these below. But it’s still a nice impression to operate your new food plan by your vet to make sure it’s active for your dog.

Difficulties can arise, nonetheless, if you put your dog on a homemade vegan dog food diet. Dogs need several nutrients and levels of crucial vitamins and minerals than humans do. So it’s not as easy as nourishing your dog what your vegan family is consuming.

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This is when it’s particularly significant for you to discuss with your vet or a vet nutritionist. If you’re nourishing your dog home-cooked vegan dog food, he relatively inclined will desire specific extra nutrients. Your vet can enable you to formulate a plan to guarantee he’s preparing everything he requires.

Best Vegan Dog Food Brands

These are the favourable vegan dog food brands approved by veterinarians, and all comprise the essential protein levels and other nutrients dogs need. Adult dogs should possess a minimum of 18% protein in their foods.

Wild Earth

Wild Earth, which was accentuated on Shark Tank, renders veterinarian-developed, nutritionally detailed kibble and treats with no animal-derived components. Their kibble is great in protein (31%) from all-natural, healthy food references plus superfood components like oats, chickpeas, and sweet potato.

Their delicacies include the superfood koji, another enormous basis of protein for vegan dogs. None of their commodities has abnormal components or fillers.


Halo’s Holistic Garden of Vegan variety appears in kibble, bottled food, and delights. The dog food is detailed and proportional with healthful plant-based proteins (20%) gotten from nutrient-rich chickpeas and peas and a different vegan mixture of vitamins, minerals, and trace nutrients. They comprise no meat, dairy, corn, or wheat, rendering them a considerable choice for dogs with ingredient sentiments.

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V-Dog is a family-owned organization that works fully in developing a top-quality vegan dog diet. They give kibble, biscuits, and even bones for neat breath and clean teeth. The kibble comprises 24% protein and all-important vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

None of its crops contains animal properties, wheat, corn, soy, dairy, plant farming, derivatives, manufactured ingredients, or fillers.

Natural Balance

Prominent dog food producer Natural Balance creates a vegan-only recipe for its vegetarian dog food. The kibble comprises 18% plant-based proteins plus all the additional essential nutrients dogs require. It also comprises brown rice, oat groats, barley, and peas as its major components and possesses omega fatty acids to aid support healthy skin and a glossy coat.

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How Do I Change My Dog’s Food Safely?

If you’re shifting your dog to a vegan diet with your vet’s permission, you’ll require to understand how to move him from his existing food. Dogs’ digestive systems are incredibly susceptible to immediate food changes and can formulate problems like diarrhoea, constipation, an upset stomach, and uncomfortable gas. So be encouraged to examine our article on how to shift your dog’s food safely before beginning fresh food.

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Belief Behind the Vegan Food Diet

Many Vegans fight for animal rights, asserting early repudiation, abuse, or manipulation for help. Veganism isn’t a diet quickly, but somewhat a lifestyle advocating for nicer handling of animals. Vegans want to avoid an animal in pain or needless death.

Utilising any merchandise of animal ancestry (furs, silk, feathers), or any sort of animal testing, is rigidly forbidden.

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Is a Vegan Dog Food Diet Healthy for My Pet?

A healthy homemade vegan dog food diet French bulldog with meat and vegetables

As a reader, you’ll require to maintain an open mind here. You already understand several of those important nutrients in a dog’s diet are organize more constantly in meat.

Dogs developed from an animal (wolf) that mainly ate from animal origins. Their teeth are constructed to pull and rip at animal products, not chew plants like ours. All of their three main senses (hearing, sight, smell) developed over thousands of years to track prey adequately.

Advantages of vegan food

Vegan food aids with allergens

According to a new analysis, dogs most generally undergo allergies pertained to milk, dairy, beef, and chicken. On the other hand, food lentils and other plant established foods comprise no allergies at all.

Symptom of meat correlated allergic outcomes can be things like:


Itchy Skin

Easy Stool or Constipation

Yeast Infections

Eye difficulty

Fur shedding

Vegan dog food comprises anti-inflammatory properties

Meaty elements are hard on the stomach, can result in rash, and cause several problems like joint discomfort or weakened bones. Plant-based foods, on the other hand, are lighter on the abdomen while ridding issues emerged in by meat products.


After evaluating every minute characteristic of a vegan dog food diet, we can effortlessly say any dog will grow from a long, healthy lifestyle! Though it will impose study on your part, protein provisions, as well as other nutrients, can effortlessly be met.

Recall to constantly guarantee the adequate amino acids are given for great nourishment! This might compel you to talk with a veterinary nutritionist or at least a nutritional specialist.