25 Ways To Get Healthier By Having A Pet


Animals have been close companions to humans for a long time, even right from the beginning of the world. Over the years, this friendship has even become tighter and closer as the concept of pets came into view. Pets are animals that live with humans in a home. Keeping pets has turned out as a good process and experience well beneficial to both humans and pets themselves. The kind of relationship between these animals and their owners is symbiotic, which most people do not know in the sense that both parties gain mutually from the association. The pet receives protection, shelter, food, love, and care while in return helps its human owners stay and live healthily.

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Ways to be healthier with pets

Scientists have proven that keeping pets helps humans to stay in good health. It may not look that way ordinarily, but the processes involved in raising animals contribute to making people healthier. This is why most doctors advise people with several medical conditions to get pets, not just for the company but majorly for their health. The following are ways in which pets make people healthier:

Improves heart condition

Owning and raising pets can help improve people’s health as it is well known that persons who live with pets have a lower chance of getting heart failures or other heart-related diseases.

Good for soul and mind

Animals have the special ability to increase the psychology and mind power in such a way that one stays happier and more positive. Pet owners are often considered happier than those without pets, and this is evident in their relationships with people and even other animals.

Quick mood booster

Few minutes of playing with pets can tremendously lift one’s mood. This is because the moments spent with animals, especially playtime, helps to release mood-boosting hormones within the body eliminating all forms of stress and anxiety. Fewer worries and stress makes a person stay healthier.

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Reduces cholesterol

Although the entire process remains relatively unknown, having pets helps reduce the cholesterol levels in one’s body.

Fights depression

Dogs and cats are great listeners who would let you ramble on about your worries and troubles while still letting you hold and caress them. This way, people tend to speak out and cannot stay sad for too long, so depression is sent away.

Maintain blood pressure

This alone is not enough in maintaining blood pressure but contributes immensely to it. Owning a pet coupled with a good diet and regular exercise would help normalize blood pressure levels.

Calming effect

It is a proven theory that pets like cats have a soothing effect on people, especially when they stroke them. This, too, can be said for hamsters and guinea pigs, as stroking them can make one calmer.

Boost your fitness

Daily walks and strolls with your pets can help increase your fitness and energy levels.

Exercise partners

Dogs, in particular, can be the perfect partner for exercises as they offer maximum entertainment and help you focus during workouts.

A fewer number of allergies and stronger immunity

Children who grow in homes with dogs and other pets develop more immunity to diseases and fewer allergies.

Social connections

Nothing brings more neighborly social relations than having pets as pet owners tend to connect more with themselves, seeing that they already have something in common.

Asthma prevention

Pets like cats help prevent the occurrence of asthma in young and growing children, as research indicates that young children who grow up with cats are usually immune to asthma.

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Cancer detection and prevention

Dogs are extra-sensitive and can smell out cancer in humans, and this can lead to early prevention and treatment.

Good for kids with learning problems

Raising kids that have language and learning problems with pets helps them understand and relate to the world better.

Security purposes

Most pets like dogs and cats offer a sense of assurance and security in the homes where they live.

Watch body weight and burn fat

Most animals are very active and playful, so keeping up with them would require certain use of energy. This, in turn, would result in a drop in calories and maintenance of body weight and shape.

Testing the homely quality of a home

A common theory states that to know a couple who will be good with children is to watch them treat their animals, and this is a test of their ability to groom and nurture.

Make bones stronger

The daily exercises that you carry out with your dogs and cats help to strengthen the bone content of your body as you bear your pet’s weight in the process.

Boosts self-confidence

Owning and keeping pets can do wonders for your self-confidence as it makes you comfortable with yourself and other people.

Therapy handlers

Dogs can be good therapists as they are excellent listeners. Although they do not offer advice, talking to them can be a good way to clear your mind and thought process.

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Alert for people with diabetes

Dogs can act as an emergency alert for diabetic patients as they perceive the scent when the glucose content of the person’s blood drops and can notify him or her to take a snack.

It makes life easier for autistic children

Pets like dogs and horses that are very sensitive help make life easy for children with autism who depend on their sense of touch. They help them feel their way around the world so they can relate better.

Provides a sense of satisfaction

Knowing that you can take care of an animal offers a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

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Support services

Pets like dogs can be trained to provide support and assistance to aged people, ailing people, or those living with disabilities.

Perfect company

Pets provide the best company that you can get as they seldom whine or complain when we are not in our best moods.


Owning pets have so many benefits that it can be considered a good investment.