15 Fat Burning Exercises That Will Connect You and Your Dog


Dogs are very active animals by nature which makes them an excellent choice of pets. They are extra sensitive animals that love easily. Dogs have this special ability to connect deeper with human beings making them very great companions. It is not surprising that they are one of the most kept pets in households all over the world. Besides their accomodating abilities, dogs also benefit their owners in several ways. Keeping pets ultimately makes a person better and healthier. One benefit of keeping dogs that stands out and affects a person is that dogs can make good partners for workouts and exercises.

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Raising dogs as pets involves different processes that can help you maintain body shape and stay fit. Moreover, working out with your dog can make it an exciting and wonderful experience. Carrying out exercises with your dog also helps you be more disciplined and strictly abide by a certain routine or pattern. Not all forms of exercise can be done with the active participation of your dog, but the ones that can surely help you burn fat and reduce weight. Excess fat in both humans and animals is dangerous to the health, so taking exercises with your dog is a beneficial thing to do.

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Exercises that would connect you and your dog

Several exercises can create and strengthen the bond between you and your dog while helping to burn fat and keep you looking trim and fit, and they include the following:

Go on walks with your dog

This is the most basic form of exercise beneficial to both you and your dog. It may seem ordinary or insignificant, but when it is carried out daily, it becomes a routine that brings satisfaction to your dog and health benefits to you, the owner. It can also breed a strong form of familiarity and trust between you and your pet.

Have your dog race with you

Running is an exercise of high intensity and can be boring when carried out alone. With your dog by your side, running becomes more enjoyable. It is also important to note that not all dogs enjoy running for a long time as smaller breeds do not, so it is necessary to take breaks in between runs.

Go hiking

This activity stretches and builds the muscles of the legs and thighs and is beneficial when undertaken alongside your dog, who would, of course, enjoy every moment of the hike.

Play dog games

When you play dog games like fetch, it not only excites your pet and makes it active, it also offers you an opportunity to run around your yard and burn some fat.

Ride a bike with your dog

Of course, it would be tough to place a dog on a moving bike and still ride it, so you should let the dog chase you while you cycle at your preferred pace. This activity builds power and stamina in your legs and arms.

Perform doga

This form of exercise is coined from the original yoga. It involves several workouts that include your dog, so both you ànd your pet dog can perform these series of exercises for the good health of parties.

Engage your dog with soccer

Dogs are big fans of moving objects and chasing things, so they would find this activity both exciting and engaging. You can use such time to hone your soccer skills.

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This is an excellent exercise that helps to develop strength and endurance in humans. It can also be a fun time for some breeds of dogs who love water. It is also to always provide a dog jacket for your pet whenever it is in water.

Dog agility workouts

Certain contraptions have been conceived for dogs to increase and train their level of agility and flexibility. It becomes a beautiful experience when you engage in these workouts alongside your dogs.

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Frisbee throwing

Frisbees are missiles that can be used and enjoyed with dogs. Throwing this object builds and develops the arm muscles and keeps your pet entertained.

Running with treadmill

It is a great way to burn body fat and even gets better when your dog is involved. It is a quicker way to stay fit while your pet gets the pleasure of a lifetime.

Tug of war

This activity helps to develop strength and increase the pumping and circulation of blood in the blood. It involves you and your dog pulling on a particular material and is an excellent way to keep a dog focused.

Go rollerskating

Your dog can accompany you on skate rides though necessary precautions have to be taken to ascertain and guarantee the safety of both parties.

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Dog chase

A dog chase is a perfect avenue for bonding between a dog and its owner as the dog views it as a playtime and leisure exercise, which is also beneficial to the person. This also increases the number of hours you spend running, contributing more to your level of fitness.


It is a paddle exercise and water sport that stretches and works on the arms and shoulders muscles. This activity can be an exciting one in the company of your pet dog. It is, however, an intense form of workout, so you should be prepared before carrying it out.


Spending time with your dog is essential, but it is also necessary to be strategic about the activities you carry out during these times. Being loyal and faithful to an exercise routine can be challenging when you are working out alone. With a partner like your pet dog, sticking to the routine becomes easier.