How To Get Rid Of Cat Urine Smell


No matter how much love you have for your cat, watching it make a mess of any room you walk into can be annoying. The smell of cat urine is, of course, one that you can’t find appealing and through this post, you will learn how to clean your cat’s pee from your home whether it’s on a carpeted surface, on the bare floor, or your bedding.

Before we take a look at how you can get rid of the smell, however, there are three things you should first know about why your cat chose to pee outside the litter box.

It is usually a tradition for cats to go outside if the litter box to notify you of any discomfort. It could be about a health disorder, their reaction to any major change you make in the house, or perhaps they no longer find their litter box pleasing. If it’s a female cat, they’re probably trying to pass out a message to a male cat that they’re on heat.

You can stop a cat pee smell even before it starts, and that’s just one more reason why you should endeavor to spay your feline friends. The best way you can get your cat to not urinate in a particular spot again is to make sure you get the spot cleaned up as soon as you notice the urine there. You would have to do more than just quenching the smell with fragrances or perfumes so the plan would be to get the urine odor neutralized.

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You’re not the only one who does not like the smell of ammonia in your cat’s urine, your cat also doesn’t. Once your kitty notices that its litter box is marred by the smell of urine, the next thing it would do is to find somewhere else (which, in most cases, is always an inappropriate spot) to pee.

You can always get a litter that does the job of absorbing cat urine smell. It will also help you control the odor in a way that even you would love. But you should make sure you’re not only getting the right litter but also get a clean one. The combination of these two will not only reduce cat pee smell in your home, but it will also help your cat find the right spot to pee other than your floor, carpet, or bedding.

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How To Clean Cat Urine Odor From The Carpet

Although cleaning and making your carpet free of cat urine smell can be very stressful, it’s something you should not shy away from doing. The fact that the urine soaks deep into the carpet makes it an even more difficult task but of course, if you don’t clean up the mess, it will continue to torment you as it is your home. It’s also important that you clean it up because your cat, just like you, has a strong sense of smell and won’t return to that spot until it’s smell-free.

To get rid of the smell from your carpet, get the affected area scrubbed thoroughly using soda (the club type) and then allow it to dry up. After it must have dried, sprinkle baking soda over the same spot and allow it to sit so that it will combat and soak up every lingering odor. After you’ve done all that, you can go ahead to vacuum the area.

How To Clean Cat Urine Odor From Surfaces Aside From Carpets

There are other inappropriate spots or areas your cat could choose to pee on. They could do it on grout surfaces, vinyl plank, or linoleum. It could also be on a ceramic tile surface as well. If your cat pees on any of these surfaces, you can of course get it thoroughly cleaned up.

To carry out the cleaning up process, you would have to go for a solution entirely different from ammonia and vinegar regardless of whether it’s commercial or home-made because you won’t be needing any of those. Also, try to make sure that whatever solution you’re going to be using does not in any way contain chlorine bleach. Since there is ammonia contained already in your cat’s pee, using any solution containing chlorine bleach to clean it can bring about the creation of dangerous gases.

You should get a good stain remover to not only clean the surface but also neutralize the odor. Whatever option you’re getting should be able to work on a lot of flooring types, especially grout, vinyl plank, ceramic tiles, as well as linoleum.

Remember that you don’t have any business with any solution that contains chlorine bleach. Here’s how to get this cleaning done:

Prepare hot water and pour it into a gallon bucket. Pour the solution you bought into the bucket and stir with any long item till it mixes up with the water well.

After it has dissolved, take a scoop and apply it to the surface then wait for about 3-5 minutes. After waiting, now get a mop to clean the affected area. It’s best to clean the entire floor because you may not know how far the pee has traveled.

When you’re done with that, get the floor mopped again but this time, with just cold water.

How To Clean Cat Urine Odor From Bedding

Sometimes, your cat could pee on your bedding or clothes just because it is trying to get your attention. It could also be a sign that their litter box is no longer comfortable for them anymore so before you get mad for your cat’s action, first calm down because what you should do is clean up.

To clean your bedding of the urine, put it in your washer or soak them in hot water for some minutes. Ensure that you wash the bedding with hot water, some detergent, and a little white vinegar. Adding the vinegar will make the job easier and more effective. You can also add natural baking soda to the mix as it will help in the neutralizing process.

If the material you’re washing is a delicate fabric, be very careful and wash it under mild conditions. And here’s also a reminder that you do not need chlorine bleach because you do not need it.

Final Words

Regardless of why your cat is peeing anywhere different from their litter box, the first thing that should come to your mind is how you can effectively get the spot cleaned and the smell neutralized off the spot. Doing this will not only ensure that your home is free of this smell, but it also teaches your cat to be more thoughtful and not repeat the action next time. Read exercising