Everything You Need To Know About The Teddy Guinea Pigs


Furry animals can be great pets, they provide good companionship and they are cozy to hold due to their lush and soft texture. The teddy guinea pig is one such animal that will be great to keep as a pet, especially for children. This breed of guinea pig got their name from the similar feel they have with the stuffed teddy bear. If you are considering low maintenance pet options for yourself or your family, then the teddy guinea pig is a great choice to consider as they are easy to live with, they are great companies, super friendly and generally have a good life span of about four to years and sometimes longer in some cases. Here is everything you need to know about the teddy guinea pig, but first:

What is the Teddy Guinea Pig?

They are not actual pigs as the name would imply. They have their general name due to the main reason they have been in demand in science labs which is that they are used for experiments. The teddy guinea pig is one of such breed’s, however they get their own unique name from being similar to regular teddies. They have soft and short furs and a wider nose than most guinea pigs. They are very small animals, smaller than regular pigs and they usually weigh between 2-4lbs and no longer than a foot in length. This makes them an ideal choice for children because they can be held easily. See also: Everything you need to know about the texel guinea pig

What You Should Know About This Breed!

They are low Maintenance

Teddy guinea pigs are quite easy to maintain. All they require is a conducive living space which can be a large cage . You can also let them out periodically if you do not have a cage that is large enough to include a play area. They do not require daily baths, one to two brushes a week is enough to get rid of their shed hair. Teddy guinea pigs should be bathed no more than four times a year because they have really sensitive skin that dries out quickly. This makes it a lot easier on the average parent because of the workload you already have on your plate.

Teddy guinea pigs are social in nature

Unlike some other species of guinea pigs, Teddy guinea pigs are very friendly. They love to play and cuddle and they make for great companions generally. Due to this temperament, they need enough space to run, climb, hide and other kinds of games you can think of that is suitable for a local pet. They can also be taught fun tricks because they are intelligent creatures as well. To ensure maximum satisfaction for them, toys can be placed in their cages or around the house. Having toys to play with can make them very happy.

They come in different colors

Teddy guinea pigs come in different fur colors ranging from brown, black, white,grey, gold, orange, red and other comes in a combination of two or more of these colors. They make a really pretty sight and these multi-colored tend to be a bit more expensive than the plain colors. They are also very easy to buy, you can get them in your local pet store or any animal shelter close to you.

Teddy guinea pigs can be very sensitive health wise and disease prone

This is why they do not need frequent baths, their skin and fur is prone to dryness. Teddy guinea pigs are also prone to diseases such as diarrhoea and scurvy. Other common guinea pig diseases such as urinary infection can be easily found in them. However, this is not a cause for alarm because a healthy diet rich in the proper nutrients and a clean environment would go a long way to prevent such diseases. You do have to ensure they are well cared for, just like you would for any child. They require a special shampoo made for their baths, but you need not worry; this is going to last a long time considering they only need three to four washes per year. A proper diet rich in vitamin c would prevent scurvy and other common illnesses will be prevented with a clean environment. Their ears need to be cleaned regularly to minimize earwax and chemical ingredients such as processed foods and chocolate are a definite no for them, but an occasional piece of fruit can be added to their diet.

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They can also get lonely like humans

Teddy guinea pigs like the average human has the tendency to get lonely. This is why getting more than one is better sometimes so they can have company of their own kind. Teddy guinea pigs are amiable in nature with one another, but they covet personal space and territories so a much larger cage will be required when getting more than one guinea pig. If you intend to have just one, you will need to find the time to relate and play with your pet daily so they can feel the impact of your presence. They are such lovable creatures and easy to live with so finding time to cuddle and play with them shouldn’t prove to be too much trouble for you and your family.

Other Factors To Note About The Teddy Guinea Pigs

  • While they are low maintenance and easy to handle, teddy guinea pigs also require a strict diet suitable for them. It is advisable to get the right instructions from a vet before you get one.
  • Due to their sensitive and disease prone nature, you will need to pay attention to their habits to find out if anything notable changes in the case of an infection or ailment.
  • Teddy guinea pigs are one of the best pet options for children because of their petite size and life span. They also make great choices for adults and they can live anywhere include urban city apartments. They are definitely not as noisy as your average pets.


As a genuine pet lover or a novice looking for the best choice of pet for your household, teddy guinea pigs can be that special breed you need to add some warmth to your home. They are affordable, long lasting and cost effective as pets. When the right environment is adequately provided for, they will thrive and become a constant source of laughter and joy for you or your family!