Everything you need to know about the Peruvian Guinea Pig

What is a Peruvian guinea pig?

Peruvian guinea pigs are long-haired guinea pig breeds that are recognized for their smooth and long coats. The coats often grow from their spine of all sides and can even fill in their faces.

They are also recognised for their pleasure loving and peculiar character that can make lot of owners love them more.

They were earlier brought to the USA in the 18th century and are one of the first rate identified breeds in America.

There is a lot more about the Peruvian guinea pig which we shall discuss in detail now.

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Peruvian guinea pig Origin: Where are Peruvian guinea pigs from?

Peruvian guinea pigs are one of the aged guinea pig breeds out there. They were emanated from the Andes mountain in Peru; nonetheless, it is still not certain why they were called Peruvian guinea pigs.

Ahead, they were popular as a diet basis, while some nations also used to respect them as gods. Nevertheless, their beautiful temperament and cute image quickly rendered them a prominent pet in France unlike further breeds, heeded by the United States.

Presently, they might not be as famous as other pets but still can be seen in lot of US homes.

Peruvian guinea pigs are furthermore a prominent kind of guinea pig and can be seen with most skilled breeders.

Maintaining these guinea pigs compel quite an amount of devotion and moment to hold up with their personal needs. Thus, they are not the precise option for all guinea pig proprietors.

Nonetheless, if you have sufficient time and a little extra capital to devote, they are certainly one of the considerably awarding guinea pig species.

Since, we’ve learned about the origin now, let us know more about their outer look.

What does a Peruvian guinea pig look like?

Peruvian guinea pigs retain their own unusual look, rendering them quite diverse from other guinea pig variety out there.

They have consecutive, lengthy hair that breaks out from the spine on all sides, coating their small head, extended body, and small limbs.

They also possess tiny ears & emotional eyes. If left disorderly, their hair can wrap up their faces totally, rendering them appear like a wig of hair.

Abundant Peruvian guinea pigs possess numerous rosettes around their torso, but dissimilar to Abyssinian guinea pigs, their hair is magnificent lengthy and straight.

The hair spreading from the rosette thrives into two portions; while one reaches towards the front, the other tides towards the posterior.

The coat is of proportional size right from the beginning to the end basis of your guinea pigs.

They often have two coats of hair. The topcoat is the prime coating, which can thrive up to 15 inches lengthy, while the undercoat stays minor and only evolves to 7 inches in extent.

How big are Peruvian guinea pigs?

Peruvians are one of the bigger varieties of guinea pigs out there. The normal size of Peruvian guinea pigs can be somehow between 10-5binches long.

Handful, the masculine guinea pigs are slightly lengthy, the women have a round and portable body.

Peruvian guinea pigs carry a smaller head; hence, their head to their body percentage is quite distinct from those of extra varieties.

Nonetheless, their lengthy hair coats their whole body so nicely that you will barely be eligible to explain the distinction.

developing Peruvian guinea pig is anywhere between 3-4 hairsbreadth in length. The magnitude of the guinea pig is conditional upon the short size.

It also banks upon the fitness of mama guinea pigs.

Thereupon 8 weeks, you can anticipate the Peruvian guinea pigs to attain 6-7 inches in extent.

You might see that your guinea pigs had thrived promptly and had evolve virtually twice in magnitude in the early 8 weeks itself.

Nonetheless, the next 8 weeks will be a little stagnant for them. They will proceed to thrive and attain 8-11inches in extent by the following 8 weeks.

By this period, you can say some disparities between male and female guinea pigs.

As they proceed to thrive and strike their adultness mark, you can foresee them to be somewhere between 11-14 hairsbreadth in length.

With time, the masculine guinea pigs will be a slightly lengthy, the female shall subside shortly by a set of inches merely.

Nevertheless, occasionally the female guinea pigs can thrive as huge as the masculine guinea pig. Hence, it is not the nicest technique to differentiate between them.

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Peruvian guinea pig colours

Peruvian guinea pigs appear in a mixture of hues and structures. They are obtainable in Solid color, Bi-colour & even in Tri-colours.

While a Solid colour and Bi-colour are further normally seen around, a tricolor one can be an unusual one to be detected.

Only a few of experienced breeders grow these guinea pigs. Hence, the availability is pretty short. These are the available colours.

White Slate, Cream, White Cream, White_Cream-Black, BrownBlackWhite, brownGreySlate, creamBrown.

You can certainly discover several colour of Peruvian guinea pigs from what we’ve referred to above, but these are some vastly prominent colours attainable out there.

Peruvian guinea pig care

Peruvian guinea pigs retain some of the greatly apex care requires among all guinea pig species. They are recognized for their lengthy hair coating their full body, but that doesn’t stay clear all by itself!

You are expected to assist them secure a neat and healthful coat. Dissimilar to short-haired guinea pig species like Teddy or Crested guinea pigs that don’t possess abundant grooming wants, Peruvian guinea pigs compel a substantial percentage of time to appear picture-perfect at all time.

Apart from training, there are some extra important stocks you require to be cautious about. Diet, Habitat, training are part of them.


Peruvian guinea pigs require a cage of at least 8 square feet area to dine play and train.

Good condition bedding is must to guarantee your guinea pigs stay healthy and their pen stays neat. Giving a good excellence and balanced diet is a must to assure they stay healthy. Make sure you give them sufficient floor moment to play well and practice.

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