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Best Rugs For Dog Owners Review

Dogs and rugs do not create a happy mixture. We love our pets, but they can do havoc to your home, especially rugs with their muddy paws, playtime, long nails, and unavoidable accidents; these things all wreak havoc on your rugs. However, if you are like most homeowners, you’ll like to style your home in a beautiful manner.

A good rug can strike the right balance between your needs and that of your pets; it offers your dog a great place to curl up at your feet and you, as the owner, a nice and cozy ambiance. But you need to keep in mind that not all rugs are pet friendly, and some aren’t durable enough to withstand muddy paws, sharp claws, and molting.

Usually, the rug you would buy for your home without any pets would be a deep luxe pile, soft rug that you can sink your feet into, but if you have pets, that would be a bad idea. If you own a dog and you get that kind of rug, you’ll come to regret the decision. When choosing a rug with a pet in mind, you need to look at the material; it should be durable, nice, and easy to clean. Also, make sure that it is water and stain resistant, low pile, and washable. The key is to come up with a combination of style and durability.

Because we want you to have a stylish home, we will be telling you everything you need to know about choosing the best pet-friendly rug; we will be discussing everything from the material to washable to outdoor styles.


Rugs are a great addition to the home, they provide a sense of stylishness and class, and area rugs are the best thing on the market right now. There is something for every homeowner and dog lover, no matter the size of your space or your interior design. We have made this buying guide to help you choose the right rug for you and your pet. This guide will provide you with information on how to select the right rug and some tips for maintaining the rug.

There are several issues you may encounter when you have dogs and rugs in the same house; some of these issues include;

  • Hair: Every pet owner knows that pet hair gets everywhere, and rugs are not immune to it, so you need to select the material and pile of the rug accordingly.
  • Dog Vomit and Dirt: Ensure that you rug you select is resistant to stains, mildew, water, and mold.
  • Safety and Biting Issues: Dogs are curious animals, so they are most likely to chew into rugs with exposed threads. Avoid this by choosing rugs that have low to medium piles.
  • Fleas: Make sure that the rugs in your home remain spotless and clean in case of an outbreak of fleas.

Now that you are aware of some of the issues you may encounter and how to deal with them, you can go ahead and choose a rug. Below are some factors you need to note when selecting a dog-friendly rug for your home.


The first thing to note when choosing a pet-friendly rug is the material. Not all materials are suitable for pets. The most common options include cotton rugs, wool rugs, and synthetic rugs.

[Wool Rugs)

Wool is a great winter material that offers warmth to the body and paws. It’s not stringy or fluffy, which makes it great for pet owners. Rugs made from wool are incredibly durable due to their flexible wool fibers. The material is resistant to stains and moisture in a natural manner.

If dirt gets caught in the rug, it can easily be removed with a vacuum cleaner. However, it’s best if you take a broom to the rug before vacuuming to loosen up any dog hair caught in the rug. Regular vacuuming can help you remove dirt and pet hair, but it also saves you the stress of washing the rug frequently.

Wool rugs provide your home with a rich and luxurious look, but not every material is pet-friendly. Knotted or loop pile rugs are prone to get snagged on your pet’s claws which is why we recommend tufted wool rugs. On the other hand, wool rugs are a bit more expensive, so if you own an untrained puppy, for instance, you may want to try another material.

Synthetic Rugs

Rugs made from synthetic materials such as nylon, polypropylene, and polyester are great pet-friendly options. They are known for their durability and ease of cleaning; they also have a comfy feeling on your foot, they maintain their color over long periods, and are usually affordable. They are usually low pile and non-absorbent, so they do not easily get stained. They are also hard for dogs to chew on or claw at easily. Even though they are more affordable compared to other materials, not every dog likes synthetic material.

Cotton Rugs

Most times, it seems like there is nothing cotton isn’t suitable for; most cotton rugs are made in flatweave styles which means they don’t have a pile, and this makes them easy to clean and remarkably durable.

Dogs enjoy sleeping, and they would rather fall asleep on a cotton rug than sleep on a carpet. That’s because cotton is plush, soft, and cozy. Cotton rugs are also stain-resistant, so you don’t have to worry. The main downside of cotton rugs is that they attract a lot of pet hair, but you can easily get rid of the hair and dirt by vacuuming.


When choosing a pattern, make sure you’re strategic; more traditional and busier patterns help conceal lingering stains and hide pet hair if your dog is a shedder. If your pet sheds a lot, you’ll want a color that reduces the visibility of what’s on the rug; think of choosing a color that’s closer to the shade of your pet’s fur which means, light grays, creams, or other light washed colors for pets with black fur or white or dark grey for pets with darker looking fur. Also, you might want to try using a pet-friendly rug pad to keep your rug secured in place.

Ensure you avoid designs with tassels and fringes; your dog would be tempted to nibble and claw at the loose ends, so avoid those kinds of rugs.


Size is a major factor to think of when buying a rug. Thankfully, most rugs come in different sizes as manufacturers understand that homes come in varying shapes and sizes. They also offer the same design in multiple sizes. Take your time to measure the area you plan on placing the rug before making a purchase.


We all know that a looped, fluffy rug feels great under the feet, but it would be best to choose a low pile rug if you own pets. It stops your pet from getting their claws hooked and from burying unpleasant things in the rug.


The foundation of the rug you buy is important. Cotton is the most common material used in rug foundations due to its durability and stability. It is also incredibly breathable. On the other hand, synthetic foundation rugs are more affordable and easier to maintain. These rugs are better at resisting dirt, but they are less durable than their cotton companion.


The durability of a rug depends on the fiber material. Wool and nylon are known to be the most durable and resilient options for dog-friendly rugs; they can withstand abuse from your dog. Polyester rugs are also quite durable.

Stain-resistant rugs are a must; they are easy to clean and maintain. With this type of rug, you won’t have to bother about removing a stain. The stain will clean up no matter what your pet does to the rug, which means shedding won’t be a problem.


Except your dog is impeccably trained, you would have to clean your rug every day. However, you should generally keep your rug clean to avoid the accumulation of bacteria, hair, debris, and fleas.

Makes sure that the rug is washable; most dogs like to roll in dirt while outside and bring it into the home to mess up the rug. Others are more prone to poo and pee accidents indoors, which is why a washable rug would be better to save yourself the headache. Simply wash the rug, and it will look new and clean.


Before buying an expensive rug, keep in mind that you have dogs, and accidents can happen, so choosing a durable yet affordable rug is best.


When selecting a rug that would be comfortable for both you and your pet, there are certain things, such as some materials and designs, you should avoid. Knowing what to avoid will help you pick an option that’s most suitable for your pet. Here are some rugs you need to avoid.

Shag Rugs

Lots of people like shag rugs because they are fluffy, thick, and feel nice under bare feet, but we do not recommend buying them if you own a pet. They are made from stringy material and have a high pile, which means that dirt gets trapped in them easily, making it harder to clean the rug. Shag rugs that are placed in high traffic areas tend to get matted down after a while, so avoid placing them in areas with pets as they run around often and have multiple accidents during playtime. Also, it’s easy fr dogs to chew on or claw at the rug.

Jute and Sisal Rugs

If you prefer natural materials, then a jute or sisal rug is the way to go. Rugs with a jute foundation are easy to clean and incredibly durable, affordable, and fit into any style or décor. However, they are more absorbent, which means smells stick to them and make it harder to clean if your pet makes a mess.

High Pile Rugs

Avoid rugs with high piles. They need special cleaning due to their delicate design. It’s easy for dirt and hair to get stuck in the spaces of these rugs, thus making them high-maintenance rugs. These rugs will give you a hard time pulling dirt out, even with the best vacuum cleaner.

Silk Rugs

Silk rugs have a beautiful shine and elegance to them, but their delicate build makes them less durable for a pet owner. They cant withstand the abuse from pets.

Tassels and Fringes

Rugs with tassels add a fun design to your home, but they are hard for your pet to ignore; they might see them as a play toy, and if ingested, they can become a safety hazard. After a while, you’ll notice that the rug is ruined and you have to get a new one. However, if you badly want tassels on your rug, then choose the options that are one inch or less in length.

Rugs with Looped Piles

Loop pile rugs are rugs that aren’t cut after how they are made, so they form loops at the end of the rug. It makes the rug plush and cozy, but the loops also provide the perfect space for your pet to snag his nails, potentially leading to injury. A lot of dogs enjoy ripping up the loops, so it’s best to avoid these kinds of rugs in a home with pets. It’s better to choose cut piles over loop piles.

Solid or Plain Rug

Solid or plain rugs with small designs and details are great for decorating your space, but I do not suggest buying these rugs. These types of rugs easily absorb dirt and stains, which makes them harder to clean. Rugs with multiple colors and patterns hide stains better and keep your rug looking better for a longer period.


There are different varieties of rug styles available on the market. Any homeowner would want one that fits into the style of their home in general, but this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on functionality or durability. Below are some of the most popular rugs styles for pets.


It’s best to opt for a pet-friendly rug that is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Outdoor rugs are made to withstand the rough weather conditions thrown at it; they are also resistant to stains and, in most cases, water. It takes only a few shakes to clean up the rug.


The pattern on the rug you choose also plays a huge role in showing shredded per hair. Plain or single-color rugs make shredded hair more visible, especially the ones that come in solid backgrounds. That’s why it’s best you choose a rug with a busy pattern; complex rugs reduce the visibility of shedding fur.


These types of rugs allow you to replace one or more tiles as required due to their piece-by-piece arrangement. They are easy to move around and configure. It’s advised to order more than you need, depending on your room size. If you have a pet, it’s better to have extra carpet tiles; you never know when you’ll need them.


Cowhide is another pet-friendly rug option. The material might not be liked by people who prefer traditional rug options. Nonetheless, the texture of the material has the extra benefit of naturally repelling pet hair. It is durable, which makes it extremely pet-friendly.

Abstract or Traditional Designs

Choosing between abstract and traditional design depends on personal preference. Simply ensure that it blends with your space and your pets at the same time. The rug you buy has to fit in with your floor, furniture, the rest of the room, and your pet.

Light or Dark Colors

As a pet owner, it’s important that you note your pet’s color when choosing between light and dark-colored rugs. Dark rugs are usually preferred as they don’t show dirt easily, but if you have a light-colored dog, you may want to avoid placing a dark rug in your home as you will end up vacuuming your pet’s hair almost every minute.


As a pet owner, you know that accidents happen all the time, so we’re here to offer you some tips on how to deal with messes made on rugs.

  • Once an accident occurs, deal with it immediately. Once you notice a mess on your rug, clean it. If you leave the stain, it’ll have time for the rug to absorb it and cause a permanent stain.
  • When cleaning messes on a rug, make sure you blot and not rub. Take a white cloth and carefully dab at the stain to remove as much liquid as you can before applying a cleaning product. And make sure you do not rub it. Rubbing it will cause the mess to move further into the rug and make it harder to get rid of the stain.
  • Ensure you vacuum your rug regularly. The best way to keep your rug clean and free from dirt, fur, and dust. Vacuuming regularly also prevents the rug from getting matted down.
  • If you’re in a rush and need your rug to look good, you could use a lint roller. Lint rolls are great at getting rid of fur from rugs, clothes, and furniture. If you don’t want to bring out the vacuum cleaner and go through that stress, you could simply use a lint roller for easy cleaning.


To remove pet stains from your rug, follow the steps outlined below.

  • Soak the stain with vinegar. Make a mixture of water and white vinegar in a 50/50 solution, place it in a water bottle or bucket and apply it directly on the stain.
  • Sprinkle baking soda on the affected area. Pour the baking soda on the stain while it’s still wet, then wait for a few minutes. When it starts to fizz, it means that the vinegar and baking soda are reacting. It would remove the stain and odor from the rug fibers.
  • Leave the affected area to dry up, this may take up to 48 hours. Once it’s dry, remove the leftover baking soda or any other particles with your vacuum cleaner.
  • If your rug is still not as clean as you would want, then you can simply wash it in the washing machine. However, this is only recommended for washable rugs.
  • If required, bring in the professionals. Our simple stain removing method works well without discoloring the rug, but some stains and odors may remain. Professional cleaning with commercial-grade cleaning supplies will permanently eliminate all the stubborn stains from your rug.


  • Pets tend to slip and slide on hard floors, having a good rug would prevent this from happening.
  • Rugs offer your pets a soft spot for them to lay on and be near the family without having to jump on the furniture.
  • Rugs add an attractive and stylish look to any room in your home.
  • Rugs are an affordable and beautiful way to protect your floors from claws marks.

Using the buying guide above, it should be easier to know what you need in a rug for a household with pets. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best rugs for dog owners. Each rug on the list comes with its unique style, and with the options, you’ll find one that suits your needs. Let’s take a look at the list.

The Best Rugs For Dog Owners Are Reviewed Below

Below is a list of the best rugs for dog owners, along with their important information that you can definitely use.


nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Area Rug

Our top pick is this Moroccan rug manufactured by nuLOOM. It comes in three dark muted colors that won’t show the mess that your dog makes. It is made from a polypropylene material, making it suitable for homes with pets as it can withstand dogs’ energy running about in the house. The rung is hard-wearing while feeling soft and comfortable underfoot.

It is designed to withstand stains and heavy traffic; the rug is ideal for any room. It comes in a 2 * 3 feet length, and you can choose from a variety of sizes and shapes. It also comes 12 * 15 feet and 12 * 18 feet for larger spaces. This rug is a colorful and elegant rug that will serve you for years.

Key Features:

  • 100% polypropylene
  • Designed against everyday wear and tear
  • 0.37 inches pile height
  • Moroccan inspired rug


  • Brand: nuLOOM
  • Model: RZBD16G
  • Weight: 32 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 108 * 79 * 0.33 inches
  • Color: Available in different dark shades
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • It is resistant to spills and stains
  • It comes in a variety of dark colors
  • Dog-friendly
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain
  • It is made from hard-wearing polypropylene, which makes it durable
  • When you first remove the rug from its box, it has a fairly offensive smell


Persian Area Rugs

This product is from Persian Area Rugs Store, and they are known for their variety of subtle looking but hard-wearing rugs suitable for dogs owners. It comes in seven subtle designs with understated abstract patterns. The rugs are made from polypropylene which is the most suitable choice of materials for dog owners. It comes in different sizes that will suit the dimension of your room. The smallest option comes in a size of 4 * 5 feet.

This rug looks great and adds elegance to any room, but it is also highly functional. It doesn’t have any loose tassels along the edges for your dog to chew on, and there is very little shedding. It comes in a medium pile which makes it great if you have dogs in your home. These rugs also come at an affordable price.

Key Features:

  • Produced in Turkey
  • 100% polypropylene
  • A blend of traditional style and modern style
  • Comes in a medium pile
  • Low maintenance
  • Stain-resistant


  • Brand: Persian Area Rugs
  • Model: COMINHKPR134556
  • Weight: 9.5 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 5 * 5 * 40 inches
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Synthetic
  • It comes in a medium pile for added comfort
  • It’s available in multiple muted colors
  • It is made out of polypropylene which makes it durable
  • It may develop some fraying at the corners after a period of usage


Abstract Persian-Rugs 2305 Blue Swirls

This rug is a real conversation piece. A dog owner knows that the rug’s look isn’t the most important feature; it has to withstand everything thrown at it by the house pet. You also need a rug that won’t show all the shed hair. This option is extremely stain-resistant, so your dog can create a small mess without totally ruining the rug.

The rug is made from polypropylene which makes it a mixture of durability and comfort. It comes in eight different color schemes, and they are all made with the same large abstract design. Its sizing ranges from 2 * 3 feet as the smallest and 9 * 12 feet as the largest option.

Key Features:

  • Stylish area rug
  • Circular design
  • Made from polypropylene
  • Low maintenance


  • Brand: Persian Area Rugs
  • Model: Abstract 2305 Blue Swirls
  • Weight: 30 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 96 * 7 * 6 inches
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • It is stain resistant
  • It has a beautiful design while being hard-wearing enough for homes with dogs
  • It is made from polypropylene
  • It is durable
  • The corners could be finished more accurately

Buying Guide Questions

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions.

What kind of rug is easiest to clean?

Rugs made from wool, cotton, polypropylene, and seagrass are easy to clean and maintain. They are stain-resistant, so you can always clean off stains. They also don’t absorb odor, so you don’t have to worry.

How do you pet-proof a rug?

The best way to pet-proof your rug is by getting one that can withstand the stress of dogs and their accidents. Make sure the rug is properly maintained by vacuuming and getting rid of stains immediately they occur.

Why do dogs like to lay on rugs?

Dogs like laying on rugs because it’s more comfortable than laying on the bare floor. However, it could also mean two things: he’s marking the area with his scent or trying to relieve and itch.

What is the best pet-proof flooring?

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are great floor choices when you have dogs in the house. They are durable, scratch-resistant, and easy to maintain. However, if your dog doesn’t like cold floors, you could opt for vinyl or laminate.

Is Shaw or Mohawk carpet better?

The difference between Shaw and Mohawk is that mohawk makes more high-end style carpets while Shaw makes a bit more budget options.

What color carpet hides stains best?

Dark brown carpets conceal stains more than any other color.

Why do dogs pee on jute rugs?

Dogs tend to pee anywhere if they aren’t properly trained, and even then, accidents happen. If your dog pee’s on your jute rugs, try cleaning it immediately and if the smell doesn’t reduce, take it for professional cleaning.

Are jute rugs okay with dogs? Are jute rugs bad for dogs?

Jute rugs are suitable for dog owners. They have a little shedding, and they can stand up to stains and scratches. They are also easy to maintain.


The best rug for dog owners has to be durable and have a versatile design. By now, you should have an idea about the rug that is the best fit for you and your pet. You could stick to any of the rugs listed above, and we assure you that you would be getting the best only. Or you could keep the buying guide in mind while selecting a suitable rug.

Ensure you get the materials and sizing right, and you’ll have a rug that serves you for a long time, match the rug to your living space and pet to ensure you enjoy the harmony of them functioning together.