9 Best Cat Doors In 2021

A pet is a great companion for everybody. Having a pet is of great importance to your health as these cuties provide you with emotional comfort when you need them the most. The fantastic thing about having a pet is that you find a companion in these pets. Although the life span of these animals is not as long as that of a man, however, you are guaranteed to enjoy every moment with these them.

Pets are animals that are kept as a source of companionship. In most cases, pets are kept for the joy they provide their owners. Major pets that are kept for the pleasure they give their owners include; Horses, cats, dogs, rabbit, although in most cases, this joy appears to be mutual as the animals and the owners enjoys physical activity when chanced. For instance, when you play fetch with a dog, every dog enjoys playing fetch with their owners on cool evenings, and dog breeds like the golden retriever will thank you for allowing them to run around and have the breeze running through their furs. A shepherd dog will enjoy running around with their owner as they enjoy expending energy. Some pets like cats don’t do much physical activity with their owners; pets like cats are more of the cuddle partner; cats enjoy being cuddle, which earned them the name cuddle kitten. They enjoy being cuddled by their owners. Even as they enjoy it , they give you nice purrs as approval. Also, cuddling a cat has been found to help relieve stress by scientist and helps prolong a person’s life. The act of keeping a pet can be regarded as a symbiotic kind of relationship, as both parties benefit from the relationship.

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Keeping of Pet by humankind is an old tradition, one that is as old as man; it is believed that the dog is the first companion man had on planet earth. And if one goes into the history of man and dog, one will see the symbiotic relationship they both share. In the olden days, the pre-historic man was a hunter that hunts other animals to survive. The dog did not only serve as a cuddle companion for man then, but they also help man in his quest for food as they possess stronger jaws, more sensitive nose and more agility in chasing down prey. So pet keeping is a pre-historic culture that is found in nearly all culture and society. Pets help to satisfy a deep and universal human need.

One cannot talk about the modern-day context of pet keeping without touching the history of animal domestication. Also, how pets are incorporated into our world today cannot be discussed without touching their history with man; pet history is intertwined with the domestication process.

Cats were not tamed early like in the case of a dog; however, once they were tamed, they quickly became popular. It is believed that the Egyptians were the ones to tame and make a pet out of the cat.

That is just a brief history of pets; diving into pet history with man is an exciting topic; however, discussing the modern-day context of pet keeping is more appropriate. Many people are faced with challenges that they think are major that can not pass as an actual major challenge. Some people want to keep a pet but feel that they are too busy. The animals will not be able to move around of their own free will, like the house will always be under lock and keys when they are not around, or how will the animals feed or have access to basic necessities like food and water if the pet owner is not around. To some people, these things are major setbacks on them wanting to keep a pet. The good news is that all these things can be solved by having a cat door or pet door as it is popularly called. Once you have a pet door installed in your house, you give the animals the chance and the free will of coming and going as they please and believe me, your pet will always thank you for the choice. Like humans, animals also grow bored of being in a place and like us; they also need exercises to stay in good shape.

A pet door or pet flap is an opening in the door that allows your pet to enter and exit the building independently without needing a human to open the door. This door is found to be convenient for many pet owners as it allows these animals to go and come as they please, which reduces the need for taking them out by oneself.

9 Best Cat Doors Are Reviewed Below

A cat door is such that it allows your pet the freedom of moving around and also prevents unwanted visitors from getting into your home; Some of the best cat doors available in the market are reviewed below;

Pet Safe Wall Entry Cat Door With Telescoping Tunnel

Ideal Pet Product Cat Flap Door With Four-Way Lock

Sure Flap Microchip Pet Door


Pet Safe Wall Entry Cat Door With Telescoping Tunnel

The pet-safe wall entry boasts different features that are interesting and unique, which is why you find this piece as our number one pet door for you. This pet door helps remove the stress of opening the door every time your pet wants to go out. This piece is an exterior door that can be fixed into the wall to provide easy movement for your cat; this piece comes in various sizes. Which means it can be used for both cat and dogs. If you have this pet door in your home before and decide to get a new dog or a bigger cat, you won’t have to be fixing the new cat door as the door can just continue its function because of its size. This pet door comes in Small, medium and large sizes. The sweet thing about this piece is that it possesses a tunnelling telescope in its design, making it relatively easy to install on any wall with different thickness. You can have this door installed on either interior or exterior door, depends on how much you want to control your pet’s movement. If you are the type that doesn’t allow his or her pet out of sight, you should install it in your interior wall, but if you believe in letting the animals roam themselves, you can have this door installed on your exterior wall. However, it is more advisable to use this piece on exterior walls. As a result of the telescoping feature present, the depth of the door can be varied. Also, this pet door should be installed on walls of 4.75 to 7.25 inches. This piece is energy efficient because of the double flap it possesses on both side of the door and can easily be installed.

Key Features:

  • Telescoping design
  • Double flap
  • PVC frame
  • Extension kit for thicker wall
  • Slide-in closing panel


  • Brand: Pet safe
  • Model: Pet Safe Wall Entry Cat Door With Telescoping Tunnel
  • Dimension: 14.25 x 5 x 21 inches. 6.4 pounds
  • This piece can be used as both interior and exterior cat door
  • As a result of the telescoping feature present in the design, it can be used on any type of wall with different varying wall thickness
  • It is easy to install as it possesses step to step instruction on the installation process and a manual
  • The double flap allows for weather control, and also the PVC frame prevents UV exposure
  • It boasts of controlled access, which is a result of the slide in the closing panel.
  • It is not advisable in cold weather.
  • It cannot be installed on walls thicker than 7.25 inches


Ideal Pet Product Cat Flap Door With Four-Way Lock

The Ideal cat flap door is an excellent door for your pet; it allows the cat easy and flexible movement in its environment. Also, when the cat needs to go out, it saves you from the stress of having to open the door for the cat or having to take it out manually for a walk. This is an option all pet owners should look at as it will serve you for years. If you are the type that prefers his or her stuff simple, no extravagance or fashion of any kind, just a functional flap door for your cat, then you are on track if you are thinking of this product. The ideal pet cat flap door is a simple cat flap door that comes at an affordable price; it boasts of telescopic design, which means it can be installed on various thickness and types of doors. This piece is durable and efficient as it will serve for many years to come without giving any hitch. This piece is designed to be installed on doors alone, although it can also be installed on thin walls. But it is not advisable. This cat door is made out of durable, weather-resistant plastic materials. It can be easily installed indoors as it comes with instructions on installing from the manufacturer; your cat can easily make use of this door. Installation is much easier as it boasts an inner telescoping frame; the sweet thing about this piece is that it is designed specifically for felines; this cat door is perfect for any cat size, and puppies can also use it. There is the presence of a closing panel that can be used to lock the cat door in case you want control over your cat’s movement.

Key Features:

  • Closing panel
  • Made from plastic materials
  • Flap opening
  • Four-way lock


  • Brand: Ideal Pet Products
  • Model: Ideal Pet Product Cat Flap Door With Four-Way Lock
  • Dimension: 4.88 x 2 x 7.88, 1 ounces
  • It boasts of the perfect size of flap opening for felines
  • It is durable and efficient
  • It can be used as both interior and exterior cat door
  • It boasts of easy installation as it comes with a manual that makes it easier; it also boasts an inner telescoping frame that equally contributes to easy installation
  • It is made out of unbreakable materials.
  • The locking mechanism is not as effective as projected by the manufacturer.


Sure Flap Microchip Pet Door

The sure flap microchip pet door is another excellent and durable pet door available in the market. This piece is one of the most incredible pieces in the market, as it boasts many cool and exciting features that will have you drooling. This pet door boast of selective entry; that is, the door selects the cat or pet that it allows through; you might be wondering how. This is possible due to the RFID it uses to read the microchip implant of your cat, cool right. This pet door gives access to your cat without letting stray animals into your home. This technology can identify up to 32 pets. This pet door is versatile than its predecessors as it can be installed in walls, doors and windows. This door is compatible with different microchip implant or RFID collar tag. It also boast a four-way lock that allows you to set in a different mode of access to the door; this door makes use of non-rechargeable alkaline batteries that can last up to 12 months, depending on the use. The sure flap microchip pet door is an excellent gift for pets.

Key Features:

  • Non-rechargeable battery
  • Microchip compatibility
  • Selective entry
  • Four-way lock mechanism


  • Brand: Sure flap
  • Model: Sure flap microchip pet door
  • Dimension: 2.76 x 10.31 x 11.06; 2.2 pounds
  • The cat door is automated
  • It boasts selective entry and microchip compatibility, allowing only your pet through the door and preventing stray and unwanted animals from coming into your home.
  • It is equipped with a low battery indicator that notifies you when the door’s battery is getting low.
  • It is efficient
  • A bit costly compared to other pet doors
  • Inadequate distance sensitivity


Petsafe Electronic Smart Door

The electronic smart door is a pet door that allows access to only your pet alone; it helps prevent stray animals from entering your home. This piece features programmable selective entry and exit options for your pet; it also boasts auto-locking options. That is, you can decide to program the door to lock immediately your pet steps in or out. This smart door works with a waterproof smart key that is worn around your pet’s neck like a collar. Only animals with this collar key are allowed through the smart door. This piece is suitable for a house with multiple pets as it boasts up to five collar keys. This piece is also versatile as it can be installed in both walls and doors of different thicknesses. To function, this piece requires the aid of 4-D cell batteries. The batteries come along with the smart door on delivery, so you don’t have to worry about how you want to get the battery. This smart door is easy to install, and is designed to be installed on both interior and exterior doors or walls. As said earlier, this piece works with five programmable keys. However, you can decide to buy more collar keys which means it has the capacity of more than five keys, but on delivery, you will be provided with five collar keys from the manufacturer. This smart door can be set in three lock modes which is the lock, unlock and automatic. The exciting thing about the lock mode is that if you have only one collar key with multiple pets, you can easily set the smart door as unlock and use it for multiple pets. This door is an excellent idea for houses with multiple pets. As a pet owner, you should give this piece a shot.

Key Features:

  • 4-D cell batteries
  • Three lock mode
  • Selective entry
  • Custom access for your pet alone


  • Brand: Petsafe
  • Model: Petsafe Electronic Smart Door
  • Dimension: 8.6 x 3.25 x 27.1 inches, 1 pound
  • It helps in keeping stray animals away from your home
  • Useful for a household with multiple pets
  • This piece is easy to install as a result of the instructions provided in the manual.
  • It is efficient and durable
  • The access key is a little too large for kittens
  • The battery is not included with the door on delivery
  • The manufacturer only provides you with access to one collar key


The Kitty Pass Interior cat Door For Hidden Litter Box

The kitty pass is a superb small pet door that allows small cats to pass through; this piece boasts an attractive design and is quite functional; however, it is only limited to interior spaces alone, as it does not possess a flap or slide cover. The design of this piece is unique, and it comes in white colour from the manufacturer, making it easy to repaint to a colour of your choice or the colour of your door. It has a wide opening that facilitates easy entrance and exit for your cat; it does not possess a flap or hatch, which means your kitty won’t fall victim to its tail been getting caught in the hatch. The kitty pass can easily fit into doors of 1.25 to 1.75 inches. If you are looking for a cat door that will give your cat free entry and exit in the house’s interior, you should go for this piece.

Key Features:

  • Beautiful design
  • Round shaped opening
  • Comes in white colour from the manufacturer


  • Brand: The Kitty pass
  • Model: The Kitty Pass Interior cat Door For Hidden Litter Box
  • Dimension: 12.5 x 10 x 2.25 inches. 6.4 ounces
  • This piece is the perfect size for felines
  • It is made out of efficient and durable materials
  • It is suitable for interior spaces
  • Its use is limited to interior spaces alone; if you are the type that believes in allowing your cat to move around freely, then you should steer clear of this piece.


Ideal Pet Product VIP Vinyl Insulated Pet Patio Door

Ideal pet product vinyl insulated pet patio door is a pet door that is effective in cold regions; if you stay in cold areas and own a cat, it is best to note this insulated pet door. This piece is available in medium and extra-large sizes. The patio pet door uses a white vinyl frame in its design which features energy-efficient dual-pane tempered low-E glass. This piece is easy to install, and it also possesses a slide lock that makes it easier to control your pet’s movement. Both the medium and the large size comes with large opening flaps; depending on the size of your pet, you should know the size of the pet door to go for; however, both the large and the medium are of good quality. Upon delivery, the sliding door comes with all the requirements needed for its installation: the screws, bolts, and other essential fasteners needed in coupling the door.

Key Features:

  • A sliding cat door
  • It is made from vinyl material
  • It is insulated


  • Brand: Ideal pet product
  • Model: Ideal Pet Product VIP Vinyl Insulated Pet Patio Door
  • Dimension: 3.13 x 15 x 79.88 inches. 27.91 pounds
  • It is easy to assemble
  • It is made out of efficient materials
  • It is durable
  • It is a weather-resistant cat door
  • It doesn’t seal well enough to provide absolute weather resistance


Cat Hole Interior Pet Door With With Grooming Brush

The cat hole is an interior pet door that comes with an added advantage which is the cat grooming brush. The grooming brush helps brush the fur of your cat and clean the cat’s body every time the cat uses the door. The grooming brush is attached around the flap opening; if your cat is the type that plays a lot and gets herself dirty, you should strongly note this pet door as it will save you a lot of stress of having to clean your cat now and then. Also, the cat hole allows your cat to have easy access to everywhere this pet door is fixed in your home. It gives the cat the freedom of movement in a space and the benefit of getting a good brush every time the cat uses the door; It is a great and innovative idea of cleaning troublesome and playful cat. This piece is easy to install, and it does not require any fastener in its installation; it comes in white colour, making it easier for you to repaint to a colour of your choice.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a grooming brush
  • Comes in white colour
  • Easy to install


  • Brand: cathole
  • Model: Cat Hole Interior Pet Door With With Grooming Brush
  • Dimension: 16 x 31 x 29 inches, 1.2 pounds
  • It is the perfect size for a cat
  • It comes with a grooming brush that helps in cleaning your cat’s fur
  • It provides your cat with easy access to interior spaces
  • The grooming brush was not well moulded with the pet door


Cat Mate Large Cat Door

The cat mate pet door is a lovely door that gives your pet free movement. This door is one of the best doors pet doors to note when buying a pet door. This pet door is versatile as it can be fixed with both walls and doors. This pet door is wide, which makes it the perfect door for any size cat. The sweet thing about this cat door is the easy installation. It also comes with instructions and manuals on how to install making it easier to install. if you get this pet door, you can install it yourself without any professional help. It also boasts of a transparent flap that is weatherproof and is equipped with magnetic closure. This is an excellent idea for a pet door and should be included by pet owners.

Key Features:

  • Magnetic door
  • Four-way lock mechanism
  • Weatherproof cat flap


  • Brand: Ani Mate inc
  • Model: Cat Mate Large Cat Door
  • Dimension: 9.25 x 2.25 x 10 inches, 1.15 pounds
  • This piece boasts a weatherproof flap
  • It is equipped with a magnetic door
  • It is easy to install
  • Kitten finds it hard to open this pet door because of the strong magnet used to close the door.


Perfect Pet Soft Flap Cat Door

The perfect pet soft flap door is a great cat door equipped with a telescoping frame; this cat door is solid and durable and cannot be damaged easily; this door provides your kitty with access to the outside world. The flap of this pet door is made out of thermoplastic material which is a very strong material; this material helps give the flap exceptional strength and high impact resistance. This pet door is suitable only for doors; this piece does not come with the four-way lock mechanism; however, it is still a durable and efficient pet door. The exciting thing about this pet door is that it offers you high-quality materials and design at an affordable price. Getting this will make your kitty happy and purr for joy.

Key Features:

  • Strong door resistance flap
  • The flap is made out of thermoplastic
  • Telescoping frame


  • Brand: Perfect pet
  • Model: Perfect Pet Soft Flap Cat Door
  • Dimension: 25.36 x 14.69 x 17.21 inches, 1 pounds
  • It is durable and efficient
  • It is made out of strong materials
  • It is easy to install
  • It is affordable
  • It does not possess the four-way lock mechanism

Buying Guide Questions

The answers to FAQs on cat doors are provided below; this should help potential buyers become well informed on the topic of cat doors.

Do cats like cat doors?

In most cases, cats feel nervous if it is their first time using a cat door. However, they can be trained to use the cat door. Once they get used to using the cat door or know that their owner has extended their freedom; they become more relaxed and find the cat door easier to use.

will cat use cat doors?

Cats will use the cat door once they are trained to do so; they might find it unappealing at first, but with time they become used to it, and they start using it frequently.

do cats need a cat flap?

Having a cat flap is suitable for your cat as it helps them keep fit and healthy. Also, the cat flap helps stimulate the whole body of your cat, so yes, cats need a cat flap.

How do you train a cat to go through a cat door?

If cats are using the cat flap for the first time, they might find it uneasy to use; however, cats can be trained to use the cat flap and also get used to using the flap. Although some cats find it easy to use, some might not. If your cat doesn’t find the cat flap fascinating, it needs extra motivation to use it. To train your cat to use the cat flap, you have to introduce the cat to the flap, rub the cat’s scent on the flap, leave the flap open, keep the cat toys around the flap and push it open when you intend on taking the cat for a walk. That way, they become used to the flap.

Will a cat go through a doggie door?

Cats can go through a doggie door; however, they may not like it as doggie doors are heavier than cat doors.

How long does it take for a cat to get used to a cat flap?

It will take a full-grown cat a few days or weeks to get used to the cat door; however, in the case of a kitten, it takes six months as it is not advisable for kittens to go outside until they reach six months.

Do burglars use cat doors?

Cat flap have keys; however, it is not advisable to leave the flaps open as other animals might stray in especially flaps for large cats.

Are cat doors safe?

Cat doors are more secured when they are well installed as it is much harder to crawl through, unlike dog flap.


Cat are great pets; these animals are friendly and cute; however, no matter how good you treat an animal, they don’t like being caged. If you are a cat owner who cages up his cat, then the cat will become sad and withdrawn over time, leading to a shorter lifespan for your cat. The best way to keep a cat or any pet for that matter in your home is by having a pet door; some pet doors are fixed in walls or windows but most commonly indoors, having a pet door allows your cat to come and go as it pleases which will make the cat much happier. If you are thinking of getting a pet door today, you should go ahead, as these animals will always thank you for it.