Are Blueberries Good For Hamsters?


Several animals love their habitat in nature or the wild, but most seem to fare better in the company of people as pets. Gone are the days where animals were usually relegated to bushes, forests, and jungles. Nowadays, animals now possess a strong desire and love for human beings. Hamsters are very popular pets found in practically all continents of the world. They are small rodents with tiny beady eyes, small furry bodies, little legs, and short tails.

They are easily loved by people due to their physical stature and friendly attitude. These rodents also like being taken care of, thus making them ideal pets. Most young teenagers and children love these animals as pets even though they are incapable of successfully taking care of them. Hamsters are also easy to manage and handle as they rarely disturb. They are nocturnal animals who prefer carrying out activities during dark hours. These rodents are also very energetic and active, even while they are super intelligent.

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One reason why hamsters are so popular with people is that they eat less food because of their small digestive system, which helps the owner spend less on feeding. It is, however, essential to note that they are choosy when it comes down to foods as not all meals are good for them. Hamsters, while in their natural habitat, rely on seeds and nuts as sources of nutrition. However, living as pets with humans offers them the privilege of indulging in several meals. Although these nuts are great foods and good nutrient sources, they do not contain all the nutrients needed by your pet for its growth and development. This is why the concept of a balanced diet is achieved to provide the necessary substances for growth and good health.

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Blueberries- are they safe?

Hamsters do not live for long years, and so it is beneficial to keep them in good health while they live with you as companions and good pets.

The health of this animal is undermined if food and feeding pattern is not placed under severe scrutiny. In addition to nuts and seeds, industrially processed hamster foods can be placed on the meal schedule. As candies and other sweets are harmful to this rodent, fruits are suitable replacements. Berries like blueberries, strawberries, cranberries may appear on the list of fruits safe for hamsters. Blueberries have been ascertained over time to pose no threat and even offer nutrients when consumed in the right proportion by these small rodents.

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This fruit is a well-known member of the family of berries often consumed for their sweet taste. They are blue or sometimes purple and grow on trees which are often not very strong.

This plant contains several minerals and nutrients which your hamster would be thankful for. It has high sugar content and by so tastes sweet. The nutrients contained in these plants are pretty vital for your pet. Even though your animal would survive without these nutrients, there is no guarantee of good health when it feeds on a particular meal type. This is why there is a need for variety and food interchange and switching.

Benefits of blueberries in hamsters

Fruits that taste sweet when consumed like these berries tend to have several nutrients in them. This berry, in particular, is a good source of water and hydration in animals as it helps them stay active and maintain energy levels and balance. Although this fruit is endowed greatly with nutrients, it is advisable to give your hamster little quantity and slices as its meal. The small stomach of this animal makes it ideal to feed them small portions of each meal on their diet schedule.

The several benefits of this plant endear it to the heart of pet owners, and these benefits include the following:

Strengthens body defense system

Rodents, in general, are prone to several diseases, and your hamster isn’t left out. Such a situation can be stopped by allowing your pet to feed on blueberries which are rich in vitamin C, and this strengthens the ability of your pet’s system to fight off infections, thus contributing to a healthy life.

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Reduced risk of weight gain

Consumption of some foods like peanuts and almonds can increase your pet’s chances of becoming overweight. In giving your animal blueberries, the fear of gaining weight is eliminated as it even encourages burning and losing excess weight and fat. Although the fruit is high in sugar content, the number of calories obtained from them is indeed very low, and as your pet is an active one, the calories tend to be speedily consumed.

It helps digestion and food movement

Indigestion in this our furry little pets can cause discomfort and inconvenience as their stomach is limited in size. A quick way to avoid this is by including blueberries in your hamster’s diet schedule. They contain dietary fiber, which provides aid and assistance to the digestion process and ensures that the foods eaten get to places where they are needed.

Improves heart condition

The state of every animal’s heart ultimately determines the general condition of the animal. The heavy presence of certain minerals in these berries helps keep the heart of your hamster in a fine working condition. It also reduces the risk of health-related issues or complications. So a healthy heart results in a healthy and happy hamster.

These berries should, however, not be eaten as a whole meal as that would cause your pet to take in more than is required. It is best if they are served as supplements; that way, they can come in little bits and pieces.


Your pet’s diet, to an extent, determines how well it would grow and develop. In a bid to provide a premium diet, it is essential to avoid overfeeding at all costs, as this can be harmful to your pet. Your hamster’s feeding schedule should also border around the concept of a balanced diet.