25 Tricks To Stop Your Dog From Digging Up Your Frontyard And Backyard


Your house and its surrounding grounds can have a nice-looking view till your dog begins to drill holes all over the yard, which surely would spoil the view. Dogs can be ardent lovers of the wild and nature. They are animals that rely a lot on their instincts and sense of smell. The act of digging did not just start from nowhere. Right from the early men, dogs were taught to burrow holes for several reasons. In fact, during the cavemen years, dogs were trained to hunt smaller animals underground. In recent times, dogs still find it hard to overcome this instinctual act, whether in the wild or as pets. It is not a strange thing to see even puppies digging up your backyard. Dogs dig up the soil for different reasons ranging from boredom, excitement to entertainment and shelter from heat or cold.

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Ways to prevent your dog from making holes in your yard

It is a very unpleasant sight to see a frightening mold of sand, and even trash dug up by your pet dog either in your front or backyard. The following ways would help you prevent your dog from filling your yard with holes:

Cover the ground with strong smells

Dogs as animals can be very active and usually work with their noses which is why they sniff dirt and people generally. To discourage them from digging, litter the ground with substances that have strong scents like oranges, pepper, lemons, e.t.c which would irritate their nose and dissuade them.

Deny your dog entrance

One simple way to stop dogs from defacing your yard with dig sites and craters is to build and install fences to keep them away from your yard, especially when you are not physically present.

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Use ground covering

Having ground covering in your yard prevents your dog from reaching directly into the ground, which can help break its desire to dig.

Liquid chase method

This strategy involves using water or any other harmless liquid to chase off your dog whenever it ventures into your yard to create holes in it.

Create a designated dig area

Instead of allowing your dog to make holes all over your yard, allocate a specified area for this act and also encourage your dog to stick to the particular area chosen.

Use loud noises to restrain your dog

This involves taking advantage of your dog’s smart mind and tweaking it in your favor. Loud noises seem to tell dogs that something is dangerous, so each time your dog wanders into your yard, try making loud noises with a whistle or balloon, and this would warn it of trespassing.

Teach your dog

Dogs are intelligent animals capable of learning quickly, and so they can be taught to avoid digging, but it would not be an easy task.

Regular walks and exercises

These actions afford your dog the pleasure of taking in different scents in the environment, thus canceling the need to still paw the ground.

Create distractions

A game of fetch with you or your kids can help keep your pet dog from being tempted to turn your yard inside out.

Provide toys for dog

While you leave your dog in the yard, provide playthings for it to focus on rather than stare at the soil, which can be tempting.

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Use unpleasant ground covers

A front or backyard filled with hard, coarse, and rocky pebbles and soil would be inconvenient for your dog to burrow through, and this can even make it spend more time indoors.

Employ pointy plants

This trick also ensures that your dog does not attempt to dig up your yard. These sharp plants should be planted where your dog usually ventures to, and once it gets pricked, digging would cease.

Assure your dog of safety

It is a sure instinct for dogs to hide in holes or underground whenever they feel threatened or scared. So to avoid this, it is necessary to guarantee their safety at all times.

Provide constant entertainment

One thing that leads to the building of dog holes is boredom. It is therefore important to avoid and eliminate boredom and keep them entertained, especially when they are outdoor.

Avoid excessive feeding

Dogs build holes that sometimes serve as storage areas for unfinished food. Therefore, feed them small treats that they can likely finish once.

Be mindful of smells in your yard

Dogs are easily attracted to exotic scents, which makes them poke the ground. You should therefore be cautious of the kind of smells and materials you allow in your yard.

Pay more attention to your dog

Being observant goes a long way in discouraging digging as you will get to notice different things beneficial to breaking the instinct of digging.

Provide outdoor shelter

When your dog is in the open, don’t just leave them out casually. Provide shelter like a pet house that can keep them safe from natural elements.

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Provide a cooling mechanism during summer

Dogholes are sometimes used as cooling outlets, especially in hot seasons. So to avoid this, it is, however, necessary that you provide heat-eradicating solutions for your dog.

Eliminate all traces of rodents around you

Rodents often tempt dogs to go underground, especially those with a strong scent. Therefore a rodent-free yard would benefit your dog.

Control your dog when excited

Taking charge of your over-excited dog is a great way to avoid a crater-filled yard.

Remove soft soil from your yard

This kind of ground encourages burrowing by dogs, so to avoid this, fill your yard with rocky and stone-like soil.

Try not to ignore your dog

Dogs are sensitive creatures, so ignoring them can make them revert to their natural state, which can be unpleasant.

Avoid dogs that are natural diggers

If you want your front or backyard to remain just the way you like it, then it is best to avoid dogs that are natural diggers.

Monitor your dog’s diet

Lack of some essential nutrients can result in your dog boring into the soil. To stop this from happening, proper diet nutrients should be given to your dog.


Dogs can be kept out of the ground. Though it may be challenging, it is possible.