How to Exercise Your Dog Indoors


Dogs are physical animals and require exercises daily to keep them going. Dogs are man’s best friend and have remained that way for centuries showing their undying loyalty and dedication towards their owners.

Dogs are highly temperamental animals, and most breeds require mild to intensive exercises to keep them going. For example, German shepherds are very hyperactive dog breeds and need a lot of exercise on a daily basis, whether it’s a long walk in the park or a jog on the subways will make up for the much-needed exercise these dogs require, else they could be destructive.

Dog breeds like the Siberian husky, Boston terrier, Jack Russell terrier, German shepherds, golden retrievers, etc., require lengthy exercises daily. In contrast, smaller breeds like the Yorkshire terrier, pug, Chihuahua, greyhound, French bulldogs require mild short exercises.

Dogs have been known to start digging, scratching, or chewing on a furniture if not properly exercised or attended to, and trust me, it’s not something you’d take likely. I understand how hectic the thought of having to go on long walks with your dog can be, well I’ll be showing you effective ways to exercise your furry friend indoors.

Effective Ways to Exercise Your canine friend Indoors

Play fetch

The fetch game is one that dogs really love, and it is a fun way to spend quality time with your pet companion while also exercising them. For this, you can use a tennis ball or a Frisbee. Start in the living room or your bedroom, whichever soothes you, have a Frisbee or tennis ball on one hand and also try to get your dog’s attention while showing the ball, throw it far and say fetch! And very soon, your dog gets the hang of it, and you can do this whenever you want with your dog.

Teach your basic dog commands

Showing your dog basic commands teaches your dog to follow rules and exercises your dog in the process. You can teach basic commands like sit, stay, stand, come… And don’t forget to have a bag full of tasty treats during training sessions as they’ll come in handy.

Obstacle courses

Setting up obstacle courses using lay around items in your home is a great way to exercise your furry friend indoors. You can repurpose most items like pillows, hula hoops, chairs, etc. Into a befitting obstacle course to exercise your pet.

Run-on the Treadmills

Got a treadmill lying around? Then you’re in luck as this will hugely compensate for the long walks on the beaches or strolls in the parks. First off, turn it off and put your dog on the treadmill, let your dog get familiarized with its new exercising gear, then put it on and start off slowly, then gently speed up. Don’t forget to reward your dog with treats occasionally.

Note, do not use a leash while your dog is on the treadmill to avoid unwanted hazards; just keep a close watch on your dog.

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Run up and down the staircase

Have your dog leashed and take subtle walks up and down the staircase. You can always speed things up with mild jogs, do this for 30 minutes, and your dog will be so excited you did.

Teach your dog a trick

This may sound a little awkward but teaching your dog a trick indoors is an effective way to exercise this activity-driven creature. Start off in the living room with a bag of treats, of course; you won’t want to teach a dog a trick without treats! This works best because dogs see treats as rewards for whatever you require of them.

Chew toys

Dogs could spend a whole lot of their time chewing through their toys, and this is a proven way to exercise your dogs, as it also works well in burning a few calories off your dog. Just get a chew toy, and let your dog have fun playing with it. However, do not purchase chew toys small enough, else they will get up being swallowed therefore posing a threat to your dog’s life.

Hide and seek with treats

Start off with a bag of treats, let your dog sniff it, then have these treats hidden in different parts of your house, let the dog sniff them out. It challenges your dog physically and mentally, and if done correctly, you will have a well-exercised dog by the time the dog is done sniffing out all or most of the treats.

Play the shell game

This is another fun game you can try out with your dog. The shell game challenges your dog mentally and is a great way to exercise your pet. Gather several cups, three at most! Show the treat to your dog before putting it under the cups, shuffle the cups and let your dog pick which has the treat; if it gets it right, then let your dog have the treat, and if it doesn’t, give it a second chance. This enhances your dog’s problem-solving skills while also exercising your dog.

Additional tips

Always have a handful of tasty treats at your disposal whenever engaging your dog on an indoor exercise routine. This works in two ways. Encouraging the action while also keeping things interesting.

Smaller dog breeds can easily get tired up, ensure exercise sessions last 30 minutes at most, and for larger dog breeds, you can go 30 minutes to 1 hour on average.

Occasionally reward your canine friend with treats or a good gesture; a simple good boy/girl depending on the gender, will go a long way.

Do not tire your dog out with excessive exercise.


Having gone through a list of effective ways of exercising your furry companion indoors, it’s now up to you to pick which best soothes your schedule. Have fun, explore these exercise tips, try something new with your dog, and don’t forget, a well-exercised dog is a happy dog.