Are Peppers Good For Hamsters?

Overview Rodents are tiny animals usually covered in furs, with beady eyes, short legs, and small tails. Hamsters are a very common species of rodents that, over time, have become part of different families and their homes. A long time ago, these rodents lived only in their natural habitat amidst trees, plants, and other features … Read more

Is Broccoli Good for your Hamster?

Overview Did you just get a new addition to the family— a Hamster— and unsure of what you can or cannot feed it? If so, you should find this helpful. Having a Hamster can prove to be an entirely new and fun experience. With this excitement, however, is the worry over what they can eat, … Read more

How Much Should I Feed My Cat?

Introduction Sadly, there is no clear solution to how much kitten meal your kitten wants.How much a kitten wants to eat depends on a number of variables, including height, age, metabolic rate, exercise quantity, and even ambient temp. Furthermore, differing caloric and foodal contents may have the same number of different meals, demonstrating that a … Read more

Are Peanuts Good For Hamsters?

Overview Historically hamsters are rodents that were originally bred, raised, and found in countries like Syria, Germany, Romania, and Belgium. Right from when they were discovered, they have been keen on survival in the wild and their natural habitat in grasses and woodlands. They are considered nocturnal animals as they are most active during dark … Read more

Are Oranges Good For Hamsters?

Introduction Several different classes of animals have, over time, become a part of most human families, and they are commonly recognized as pets. Animal classes like reptiles, amphibians, mammals, aves, and even rodents have all become welcomed members of many families. However, mammals like cats and dogs remain the most commonly kept pets in homes … Read more

Are Grapes Good For Hamsters?

Introduction Animals today have evolved alongside their adaptability and living conditions. Gone are the days when they were only found in nature and their natural habitat. These days they can be spotted living with people in their homes as a part of it. Creatures that live with humans in a home are regarded as pets. … Read more

How To Teach A Cat To Use A Litter Box

Overview Adopting a kitten can be one of the most fun and satisfying things life has to offer. Kitties are gentle, playful, and the ones they love are fiercely loyal. Unfortunately, some individuals have to deal with a kitten who does not use the refuse carton or would not. the pet is, understandably, considered a … Read more

Are Cucumbers Good For Hamsters?

Introduction Ever since the beginning of existence and this world, mankind and animals have always shared a form of affinity. Man’s love for animals is evident in his decision to keep them in his home and even treat them as welcomed members. Animals are usually kept as pets for the company and some other reasons. … Read more

Are Carrots Good For Hamsters?

Introduction Man has lived in this world with animals for as long as anyone can remember. Even from the stone age up till this age, they remain a well recognizable part of nature as there are millions of animal species in the world. Some animal lovers argue that they thrive better in their natural habitat, … Read more

How Do I Give My Cat A Bath?

Introduction Water is feared by most house cats. And it’s a big help that much of their cleaning is performed on their own. For the greater portion, with the use their rough tongues, these animals do an excellent job wiping themselves clean. Some cats are known to spend a sizable amount of time (40-50% of … Read more

Are Blueberries Good For Hamsters?

Introduction Several animals love their habitat in nature or the wild, but most seem to fare better in the company of people as pets. Gone are the days where animals were usually relegated to bushes, forests, and jungles. Nowadays, animals now possess a strong desire and love for human beings. Hamsters are very popular pets … Read more


Overview Watching your kitten get into a combat, whether it is with their playmates at home or with other kittens outside the home, can be highly distressing.But there are ways, both in the short and in the long term, to avoid kittens battling.. In this post, we will discuss why kittens combat, how to stop … Read more

Are Bananas Good For Hamsters?

Overview Rodents are common animals that are mostly found in the wild. Some species of rodents have successfully adapted to living with people and staying in their homes as pets. A very popular species of rodents who are thriving greatly as pets is the hamster. They are famous animals widely loved for their cute bodies … Read more