Best Fighting Dog


Dogfighting is a cruel competitive sport wherein dogs who have been raised, disciplined and prepared to fight are put in a ring to fight for recreation and benefit for spectators. Fighting take one to two hours in total, stopping whenever one of the dogs is unable to proceed.

Few dogs are stronger at this game, and also world’s top fighting dogs are medium-sized and strong bodies, strong jaws, and bite strength.

Common Dogs used in this activity

  • Alabai

Alabai really is the oldest recognized breed of dog of Mollosser family, and are probably the nearest in form to the breed of ancient times. Its history dates back at least 4,000 years. The Alabai has pace, intellect and exceptional bravery in the face of a challenge, to its master or herd of wolves, mountain lions and even bears, along with a proud history of being a working and fighting dog, he is a real warrior, intelligent and loyal to his master.

You should know when purchasing Alabai, it can be really violent towards other individuals. However, he is absolutely priceless as a guard.

  • Bandog

This dog has several distinctive features, which is entirely understandable since a number of stock dogs, as well as the Neapolitan Mastiff, English Mastiff, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Pit Bull Terrier, have also been produced from the modern Bandog. It’s an enormous dog with an aggressive look. Via crossing a pit bull and a mastiff, she was bred and possessed all their battle abilities. The breed is fairly uncommon and pricey. It is a loyal guard and a courageous defender.

  • American bulldog

This dog has a height of 22-25 inches (males); 20-23 inches (females) with a weight of 75-100 pounds (males); 60-80 pounds (females). That American Bulldog is indeed a descendant of the Bulldog of England. It is also known that bulldog was already in America in the 17th century. The American Bulldogs have never reverted from a fight. And since they are highly predators, they are desired after and are still one of the most common fighting dog breeds beyond the U.S. in the dog fighting world.

  • English mastiff

Another of the famous domestic breeds of dogs is the English Mastiff. It is also one of the largest domestic dog breeds, a predecessor of the Molossus or Mollosser, fearsome war dogs dating all the way back as long as 5 thousand years. With a of Height 27 to 32 inches tall at the shoulder and a Weight 130 to 220 pounds. The above canines were raised to protect and work in the fields against predators. They are among the world’s most potent dog breeds. It is not surprising that the mastiff is also used as one of the combat dogs’ breeds, with a muscular and large body, with a very hard jaw and bite force.

  • Kangal

Kangal have a Height of Male: 77–86 cm, Female: 72–77 cm, and weight Of Male: 50–66 kg, Female: 41–54 kg. Kangal Dog is indeed a huge and strong breed which is often used to protect livestock against predatory animals in Turkey. The huge head dark muzzle, and curled tail that is carried up and over the back make this dog instantly identifiable. Kangal has a really unique silhouette once viewed from the side. A kangaroo is mostly referred to as a killer because when it aims it kills, this determined spirit is what makes it win in a dog fighting sports.

  • Anatolian Shepherd Doo

This dog has a weight of 80-150lb and a height of 27-29 inches.A combat dog often used hunt down large game (which included big cats and zebras) was the Anatolian Shepherd Dog. We’re dealing with serious game here. This type of dog was modified from predatory animals into livestock in its homeland of Turkey. The Anatolian can really fit in well with the herd it protected, due to its size, hair, and color, so that insects wouldn’t even know the dog was there. By their powerful and powerful temperament, without extra validation from owners, these animals could control and protect farm animals.

  • American Pit Bull Terrier

American pit bull terrier has an average mass of 16-30kg for the male and 14-27kg for the female, and an average height of 45-53cm for male and 43-50cm. This is a medium-sized dog that is powerful and intelligent. With respect to canine fighting, these are indeed the ideal breed since they are strong as well as extremely loyal.

  • Rottweiler

These dogs generally have an average mass of male 50-60kg female 35-48kg and an average of 61-69cm for the male and 56-63cm for the female. These are some of the most commonly used fighting breeds of dogs to the present day, mostly because of their strength, but also because they won’t backtrack. Once not properly trained, Rottweilers area unit generally a lot of fierce, tougher and a lot of risk.

  • Tosa inu

This dog have a general mass of 36-61kg and a general height of 62-82cm. These are some other dreadfully uncommon breed of dog that originally came in from Japan is the Tosa Inu. A large, wider head with an excessively large nose, strong jaws, brown eyes, associated sudden stop and sq. muzzle are included in this guard dog. Because of the various characteristics and body features Tosa Inu is highly violent, creative in battling various breeds and incredibly strong area unit.

  • Presa Canario

This dog has an average height of 56-61kg for the female and 60-65cm for the male, and an average mass of 38-50kg for the female and 50-59kg for the male. Presa Canario has a square, solid edge which is almost as large as it is long. The thorax is wide and deep. Thick skin, thick bones, strong muscles and a massive head with a large jaw make up this dog. This is an impressive, efficient dog who happens to be a service dog of many kinds. Presa Canario is one of the most intimidating and difficult dogs you’ll meet.


As for the breeds listed above, if adequately equipped, every last one of them would make an excellent family dog if they are the best fighting dog globally. Due to training and possession, they are just hostile.