8 Best Dog Ramps in 2021

Best Dog Ramps in 2021 Review

Dogs are naturally energetic animals with a love for jumping and leaping. However, too much jumping can put stress on their joints, leading to arthritis or severe pain. A ramp can help as a safeguard to reduce jumping, thus preventing joint and back injuries. You can use a ramp to help your dog in and out of a car or bed. Furthermore, ramps are ideal for helping dogs in and out of swimming pools or up and down any furniture.

Factors to Note Before Purchasing Dog Ramps

There are several dog ramps in the market, and to choose the best ramp, you have to note several factors, including;

  • Purpose: you should note the intended purpose of a ramp before purchasing one. For vehicles, it is best to get ramps tailored to suit that purpose, and you can get special ramps if you want a permanent solution installed in your home.
  • Style: dog ramps are available in foldable and telescopic styles. You should purchase a ramp that suits your needs.
  • Length: ensure you purchase ramps that are long enough to suit their intended purpose.
  • Weight Limit: check out the maximum weight limit of ramps before purchase. Always purchase ramps that can accommodate the weight of your dogs.
  • Traction: your dog will use the ramp to climb up and down. Therefore, it is best to purchase ramps that have a non-slip, paw-friendly surface.
  • Material: most dog ramps are made from plastic or aluminum. These materials are lightweight and easily foldable. Wood is another material for making dog ramps, but it is not lightweight. It is best to go for ramps that are lightweight and durable.

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The 8 Best Dog Ramps in 2021 are Reviewed Below

Below is a review of the eight best dog ramps in 2021 in no order. Kindly follow through to select one that suits your preferences.

Petstep Original Folding Pet Ramp

Petsafe Cozyup Bed Ramps for Dogs

Pet Gear Ramp


Petstep Original Folding Pet Ramp

The Petstep dog ramp is a foldable ramp from plastic. It has a non-slip ridged rubber surface that is gentle on dogs’ paws and provides superior traction regardless of wet or dry. There are heavy-duty rubberized grips at each end for keeping the ramp in place. There is no sandpaper or carpeting on the ramp’s surface. Therefore, it doesn’t irritate paws or trap moisture.

The Petstep ramp had a universal non-slip edge that connects with any vehicle. It is easy for young, aging, or senior pets to enter and exit vehicles effortlessly. In addition, there is a portable, convenient cut-out handle on both sides of the ramp that allows easy transportation.

Furthermore, the Petstep ramp has a 500 pounds capacity, making it suitable for pets of all ages and sizes. The ramp has high stability, and it comes with a 5-year warranty. Due to its advanced material, the ramp does not rust or corrode. Also, it provides a gentle slope that gives pets freedom and mobility.

To use the ramp, unfold it and prop one end against a vet table, truck bed, or vet table. Then, allow your dog to walk up and down the ramp at a gentle incline. The Petstep ramp is ideal for reducing dysplasia and arthritis pain while reducing back strain. It also comes in two colors to satisfy your needs.

Key Features:

  • Advanced plastic and fiberglass material
  • Non-slip ridged rubber surface
  • Rubberized ridges
  • Heavy-duty rubber grips
  • Universal non-slip edge
  • Cut-out handles
  • 500 pounds capacity
  • Five years warranty


  • Brand: Petstep
  • Color: Khaki/Beige
  • Dimensions: 69.29 × 16.93 × 5.98 inches
  • Weight: 22 lbs.
  • The ramp has a non-slip ridged rubber surface that is soft on dogs’ paws and prevents pets from slipping
  • The rubberized ridges give superior wet or dry traction
  • The ramp can open and close easily
  • The material is strong, making the ramp durable
  • The heavy-duty grips at the end secure the ramp in place when in use
  • The ramp is easy to maintain and washable
  • There’s no sandpaper on the ramp, preventing paw irritation
  • There’s no carpeting; therefore, the ramp doesn’t trap moisture
  • The universal non-slip edge connects with any vehicle making it effortless for pets of all ages or sizes to enter and exit vehicles
  • The Petstep ramp comes with a 5-year warranty
  • The cut-out handles on both sides of the ramp makes transporting the ramp convenient
  • The 500 pounds capacity makes the ramp suitable for pets of all ages and sizes
  • The ramp is easily foldable, and it has a high stability
  • The Petstep ramp allows pets to move freely and prevents the risk of injuries
  • The ramp has a gentle slope that helps pets climb in and out of vehicles effortlessly
  • The ramp is durable. It does not rust
  • The Petstep ramp is narrow
  • The ramp is quite heavy


Petsafe Cozyup Bed Ramps for Dogs

The Petsafe dog ramp is a bed ramp from polyester material. The ramp is most suitable for dogs that can’t quickly get into bed. It provides a smooth climbing angle for convenience. Also, the carpeted surface gives traction and prevents slipping. In addition, the ramp has a generous landing area at the top, giving pets confidence when moving into bed.

The Petsafe dog ramp is easy to assemble, and it has a capacity of 120 pounds. In addition, the ramp has a decorative white wood finish and a heavy-duty carpet cover. The ramp is also available in two colors to suit your preferences.

Key Features:

  • Polyester material
  • Easy to assemble
  • Thick carpet
  • White, wood finish
  • Heavy-duty carpet cover


  • Brand: Petsafe
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: 70 × 17 × 25 inches
  • Weight: 30 lbs.
  • The ramp is especially suitable for pets that can’t get into bed easily.
  • The Petsafe ramp provides a smooth climbing angle for comfort and ease
  • There is a generous landing area that gives pets confidence when climbing into bed
  • The ramp can support pets up to 120 pounds
  • The Petsafe ramp is easy to assemble. It takes about 15 minutes.
  • The ramp has a thick carpet that gives the perfect amount of traction, allowing pets to have a sure footing when climbing up and down the ramp
  • The ramp has a decorative white wood finish that fits your home décor
  • There is a heavy-duty carpet cover that keeps pets from sliding when using the ramp
  • There are no stops or locks on an extension to keep the ramp in place.


Pet Gear Ramp

The Pet Gear dog ramp is a bifold ramp with a black-green color. The ramp has a supertraX mat that protects the pet paws and a pressure-activated grip that allows pets’ feet to grip the mat easily. Furthermore, the pressure-activated grip means that the more pressure a pet puts on the ramp, the firmer a grip is achieved. The dog ramp has raised edges that prevent slipping and rubberized grips for security.

The pet Gear ramp is removable for easy cleaning, and it has a built-in handle for portability. The ramp’s capacity is 200 pounds, and it has a bi-fold design that reduces storage space. In addition, the ramp is available in four styles and colors to shut your preferences.

Key Features:

  • SupertraX mat
  • Pressure activated grip
  • Raised edges
  • Built-in handle
  • Rubberized grips
  • 200 pounds capacity


  • Brand: Pet Gear
  • Style: Bi-fold Half Ramp
  • Color: Black/Green
  • Dimensions: 42 × 16 × 4 in
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • The ramp is available in four different styles and colors to suit your preferences
  • The supertraX mat is removable for easy cleaning
  • The mat is soft; it protects pets’ paws from slipping
  • There is a pressure-activated grip that allows the pet’s paws to grip the mat easy, providing sure footing
  • The ramp has raised edges that prevent pets from slipping
  • The built-in handle and easy fold make the ramp portable
  • The ramp is lightweight and easy to transport
  • The rubberized grips secure the ramp in place when in use
  • The bifold design reduces storage space
  • The ramp is ideal for SUVs and vans
  • The pet Gear ramp has a capacity of 200 lbs.
  • The ramp may not fit in small SUVs and passenger cars


Pawnotch Adjustable Pet Ramp

The Pawnotch pet ramp is a wooden ramp from Baltic birch. The ramp is foldable and adjustable to different heights between 14 and 24 inches. In addition, this ramp is suitable for indoor purposes. Also, the ramp is collapsible to 4 inches for storage space.

The Pawnotch ramp can accommodate all let’s and sizes up to 200 pounds, and it has a paw traction mat that is ribbed to give a maximum paw grip and prevent slipping. The ramp is heavy-duty and safe for pets.

Key Features:

  • Baltic birch wood
  • Adjustable heights
  • Collapsible
  • 200 pounds capacity
  • Paw traction mat


  • Brand: Pawnotch
  • Dimensions: 40 × 18 × 24 inches
  • Weight: 16.76 lbs.
  • The dog ramp is from Baltic birch wood, making it durable
  • The ramp is foldable and adjustable to different heights between 14 and 24 inches
  • The Pawnotch ramp is suitable for indoor use, and it can accommodate all sizes of pets up to 200 pounds
  • The ramp is collapsible to make room for storage
  • The ramp has a paw traction mat ribbed to give maximum grip and prevent slipping
  • This ramp makes climbing in and out of bed and climbing up and down a couch easy
  • Pawnotch ramp is most suitable for senior dogs and pets with arthritis
  • The ramp has a slippery surface


DoggoRamps Couch Ramp for Dogs

The DoggoRamps dog ramp is especially suitable for use with couches. The ramp comes in 5 colors to suit your furniture, and it is from solid maple hardwood material. The surface of this ramp is anti-slip to give your pets incredible traction. In addition, purchasing this dog ramp comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

With its adjustable height, this dog ramp can fold in four intervals between 14 and 21 inches. Also, the ramp is foldable for easy storage and transportation, and it is solid and sturdy. The ramp is easy to clean, and it has 150 pounds capacity. In the package, the dog ramp comes fully assembled with rubber stoppers to attach to the underside of the legs for slippery and hard floors. Also, you get an expert-developed training guide.

Key Features:

  • Five color options
  • Solider maple hardwood
  • Landing platform
  • Paw grip anti-slip surface
  • Adjustable height
  • Foldable ramp
  • 150 pounds capacity
  • One year manufacturer warranty


  • Brand: DoggoRamps
  • Color: Coastal grey
  • Dimensions: 35 × 14 × 3 inches
  • Weight: 15 lbs.
  • The ramp is available in 5 colors to match your couch color
  • The material is sturdy and from solid maple hardwood
  • The ramp has a landing platform for your pets
  • There is a soft, rubbery surface that gives pets incredible traction
  • The legs of the ramp can fold into the base
  • The ramp’s height is adjustable to suit any couch. You can adjust the height at four intervals between 14 and 21 inches
  • The ramp is foldable to allow easy storage and transportation
  • The DoggoRamps Couch ramp is sturdy; it has a 150 pounds capacity
  • The ramp is easy to clean
  • There’s a one-year manufacturer warranty
  • The ramp comes assembled in a box
  • None


Titan Telescoping Pet Ramp

The Titan telescoping ramp is a plastic ramp with a sturdy aluminum frame and rigid design. This ramp is suitable for vehicles, and it has a 3-section structure that collapses to fit in any size vehicle. The ramp has a 180-pound capacity, and it is ideal for all pets.

The surface of the Titan telescoping ramp is grooved with large rubber feet to provide traction for pets and prevent the ramp from sliding. The ramp has a lightweight build and a smooth expansion that allows for easy operation. In addition, the ramp is collapsible to save space

Key Features:

  • Plastic material
  • Foldable
  • 3-section design
  • Aluminum frame
  • Rigid design
  • 180 pounds capacity
  • Grooved surface
  • Collapsible


  • Brand: Titan
  • Color: Silver and black
  • Dimensions: 61.5 × 16.75 × 13 in
  • Weight: 13 lbs.
  • The ramp is from plastic material with a sturdy aluminum frame that has a capacity of 180 pounds
  • It is suitable for vehicles and all pets
  • The 3-section design allows easy collapse to fit any vehicle size
  • The rigid structure makes the ramp sturdy and long-lasting
  • The ramp has a grooved surface that gives pets traction and prevents slipping
  • The large rubber feed can secure the ramp and prevent sliding
  • The ramp expands smoothly, allowing easy, one-hand operation
  • The Titan ramp is collapsible and saves space with its easy storage
  • The ramp is prone to bending


Kurgo Wander Collapsible Dog Ramp

The Kurgo Wander dog ramp is a high-quality ramp that has durable plastic build. The ramp inclines gently, and its non-slip surface makes it suitable for pets to access a vehicle without slipping. This ramp is ideal for senior pets and dogs with arthritis or hip dysplasia.

A significant feature of the Kurgo dog ramp is how foldable it is. The ramp is foldable to save storage space. Also, it has a lightweight design, making it portable and easy to transport. The setup is quick and simple, and you can easily clean the ramp. Furthermore, the ramp has a 200 pounds capacity that can accommodate pets of all sizes.

When using the Kurgo collapsible ramp, open the safety lock. Afterward, place the ramp on the floor. Ensure the rubber feet are firm and evenly planted on the floor. When you are done using the ramp, fold it up and close the safety lock.

Key Features:

  • Durable plastic
  • Gentle incline
  • Non-slip surface
  • Foldable
  • Lightweight design
  • Quick setup
  • 200 pounds capacity


  • Brand: Kurgo
  • Dimensions: 62 × 15.5 × 5 inches
  • Weight: 10.4 lbs.
  • The Kurgo Wander dog ramp is of high quality, and it has a durable plastic material
  • The ramp has a gentle incline suitable for senior dogs and pets with hip dysplasia, and arthritis
  • The non-slip surface provides enough traction to prevent slipping.
  • The ramp is lightweight and easy to setup
  • The design is foldable and saves storage space
  • The ramp is easy to clean
  • The Kurgo ramp has a maximum capacity of 200 pounds, and it can accommodate pets of all sizes.
  • Purchasing this ramp comes with a lifetime warranty
  • The ramp is a bit slippery


Trixie Pet Ramp

The Trixie pet ramp is a lightweight ramp from durable plastic. It has a non-slip coating and side rails that prevent slipping. The ramp is ideal for protecting pets’ joints, and it is collapsible for quick and easy storage. You can easily clean this ramp by wiping it with a damp cloth.

Another feature of the Trixie pet ramp is its non-slip rubber feet that keep the ramp in place. Also, you get a one-year warranty when you put base this ramp. The ramp’s capacity is 200 pounds, thus accommodating pets of all sizes.

Key Features:

  • Durable plastic
  • Non-slip coating
  • Side rails
  • Lightweight and collapsible
  • Easy clean
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • One year warranty


  • Brand: Trixie
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 61.02 × 14.96 × 3.14 inches
  • Weight: 9.92 lbs.
  • The ramp is from durable plastic material
  • It has a non-slip coating and side rails that provide traction and prevents slipping
  • The non-slip rubber feet secure the ramp in place
  • The ramp is collapsible for easy storage
  • The ramp is quite bulky and heavy

Buying Guide Questions

This section answers FAQs regarding dog ramps. Kindly read on for more information.

Are stairs or a ramp better for dogs?

Agile dogs may use stairs. However, a ramp is better for dogs having issues with their joints or senior dogs. Dog ramps protect dog’s joints by reducing the number of times they leap in a day.

Are ramps good for dogs?

Yes. Dogs are naturally inclined to jumping and leaping. Using a dog ramp limits the number of times your dog leaps, thus reducing stress on the joints.

What is the best dog ramp for SUV?

Several dog ramps are suitable for use with an SUV. The best dog ramps for SUVs include Petsafe foldable dog car ramp, Pet Gear dog car ramp, and Petstep folding ramp.

What can I use for a dog ramp?

You can make your dog ramp out of wood. You will also need a drill, saw, pen, staple gun, carpet, screws, and waterproof glue.

What can I put on my dog’s ramp to keep it from slipping?

You can put rubbing alcohol, non-slip tape, or grip tape to add traction to your dog’s ramp.

Are ramps or stairs better for dachshunds?

Dachshunds are energetic dogs that clamber and jump often. Although stairs are better than nothing, ramps are impact-free, reducing the risks of back injury.

What is a good angle for a dog ramp?

A good angle for a dog ramp is between 18 – 25 degrees. Small or toy breed dog ramps should be between 18 and 20 degrees, while medium and large-sized dogs’ ramps should be between 22 and 25 degrees.

How do you train a dog to walk up a ramp?

You can train your dog to walk up a ramp by luring him with a treat. You can start by treating your dog for putting one paw up the ramp then another treat for placing two paws up the ramp. Continue to treat your dog as he moves progressively to the middle of the ramp till all four paws are up.

As soon as your dog has four paws up, reward your dog with treats till he moves up and down the ramp. In case your dog jumps off, move him back to the ramp and restart the training.

How do you make a cheap dog ramp?

Before making a dog ramp, you need to get

  • Wood glue
  • Primer and paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Drill
  • Saw
  • Jigsaw
  • Spray adhesive
  • Sandpaper and sander
  • Three 1×3×8 inches board
  • One ¾ inches plywood of 15¾×47¾ inches
  • ¾ inches dowel rod at least 14 inches long
  • 49×17 inches carpet
  • Nail gun with 1¼ inches nails
  • 1½ inches screws

The next step is to make the cut list which includes;

  • Cutting one 37 inches and one 49¼ side of the base and platform each from two out of three 1×3×8 inches board.
  • Cutting three pieces of 15¾ inches short sides of platform and inset pieces from the third 1×3×8 inches board. Also, cut two pieces of 14 inches short sides of the base, and one piece of 15½ inches ripped to ¾ × ¾ inches for legs

Next is building the ramp. The first step in making the dog ramp is to create a platform. To do this,

  • Fasten two ends of the 15¾ inches short sides to the ends of the plywood with 2 inches nails. Ensure you apply glue on all contact points before nailing.
  • Nail the 49¼ long sides and short sides on the plywood, ensuring that the ends are flush. Also, ensure the nails fasten the 1×3 ends to the plywood.

After building the platform, you have to secure the inset piece. You should attach the inset piece to the underside of the platform. The inset piece is ideal for holding the hinges that connect the ramp’s base to the platform. You can secure the inset piece by;

  • Nailing the inset piece flat inside the box’s bottom and against one end using the 1¼ nails. Also, use 2 inches nails to fasten the side pieces.

The next step after setting the inset piece is to assemble the base. To do this, nail the base by letting the long sides run past the short sides on each end. Then sand all the pieces using a sander.

Next, you have to make the legs. At this stage;

  • Set the dowel rod into the end of each ripped leg and line it up with the edge.
  • Trace a half circle using the curve of the dowel on a ramp leg and repeat with the other three ends of the two legs.
  • Round over the ends of the legs to the curved mark using a sander.
  • Drill a hole 3/16 inches at the center of each of the four rounded ends

After making the legs, you have to attach them

  • Turn the platform upside down and use a tape measure to make a 22½ mark from the edge without the flat inset piece. Ensure the tape measure butts up against the side without the inset piece
  • Place a thin piece of cardboard under the ramp leg to give little clearance.
  • Screw the legs loosely but do not attach the dowel.

The next step is to mark the placement of notches on the base. Measure down one inch from the top on the frame and use a straight edge to draw a line two inches long at the mark. Next, measure along the line and mark the 2-, 6-, 10-, and 14-inches points. Repeat this step on the opposite side of the frame.

The next stage is to cut holes for the notches.

  • Use a ¾ inch paddle bit to drill a hole at the first mark. Stop when the pointed end of the bit comes through the other side.
  • Place a little tape on the bit to mark the depth of the first cut. This is to ensure cuts across all holes.
  • Drill the other three holes till the bit’s point pokes through the other side.
  • After drilling all four holes, flip the base and drill out the holes from the other side to prevent splitting the wood.

The next step is to attach the base to the platform. At this stage,

  • Lay the platform upside down and place the base inside it while the drilled holes face down.
  • Line the side without holes against the edge of the inset piece
  • Lay the hinges against the base and on top of the inset piece. Then, mark holes in the hinges using a pencil
  • Remove the base and screw hinges in the inset piece
  • Lay the base back in place and install the other side with hinges.

The next step is to mark angles on the notches. It is best to have someone help you during this stage.

  • Turn the ramp with the right side up while your helper holds the platform with the base flat on the work table.
  • Swing the legs out of the platform’s box and line them with the bottom of each hole.
  • Mark the leg position against each hole to get a line to cut with the jigsaw with the last notch having a straight cut.

The next step is to cut notches. Cut outside the line into the bottom of the drilled holes using a jigsaw. Ensure the hole is large enough. After cutting the notches, use sandpaper to make the jigsaw marks smooth. Also, use a sander to smooth the whole base in preparation for painting.

Afterward, screw the dowel in between two legs. You can use a clamp to hold up the legs when inserting the dowel. Then, tighten the ramp’s legs on the platform.

You can then decide to either stain or paint the ramp. Before painting, fill the nail holes with putty, then smoothen with sandpaper once dry. Ensure you fill the nail holes with putty that matches the stain color if you are staining.

The next step is to add a carpet. To do this;

  • Lay the carpet face down and place the platform face down on the carpet
  • Trace a line around the platform to get its correct size
  • Take the platform off and cut the carpet using a utility knife
  • Apply the adhesive to the top of the platform and the bottom of the carpet
  • After the adhesive sets, lay some scrap sticks perpendicularly to allow you to place the carpet on the platform, a section at a time
  • After placing the carpet on the platform, press it down to hold it in place.
  • Assemble the ramp and test it to ensure everything works

The last step is to add a handle to make the ramp more portable. Simply attach a handle to the side of the platform.


Dog ramps are necessary for preventing injuries and reducing joint pain and arthritis in dogs. The best dog ramps should suit your preferences and have enough traction to prevent your pets from slipping.