Are Bananas Good For Hamsters?


Rodents are common animals that are mostly found in the wild. Some species of rodents have successfully adapted to living with people and staying in their homes as pets. A very popular species of rodents who are thriving greatly as pets is the hamster. They are famous animals widely loved for their cute bodies and fine appearance. There is hardly any continent in the world where these creatures are not being housed as pets. In some parts of Europe, hamsters are trained and placed on show for entertainment or sports purposes. The fact that they can be trained shows that they are intelligent beings. So whether you’re keeping these furry beings as pets or as performers, one important aspect you should not overlook is the feeding of these animals.

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The diet of every animal plays a crucial role in its survival and growth as its existence would be short-lived without the right food combination. This applies even greater to animals like hamsters, whose digestive systems are delicate. These small animals should also be handled with care and caution as they are delicate creatures. They do not necessarily eat much as their stomach size is limited. This singular fact makes the adopting of hamsters a very common action as little money is spent on its feeding.

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Naturally, these rodents are great lovers of nuts and seeds as that is their major diet when in their natural habitat. However, when you adopt them as pets, you open them to an extensive array of foods that would be beneficial to their health. Seeing that your hamster lives with you, your level of knowledge and exposure should help you create a clear difference between a wild rodent and a pet in terms of growth and development. This difference is reflected in your feeding approach to your pet.

Bananas- how safe are they?

The omnivorous nature of hamsters affords them to choose from a considerable number of available foods at your home. However, this freedom should not be abused as these rodents can be picky consumers meaning that not all foods can go well with their digestive system.

To be on the safe side, it is necessary to discover foods that are good for consumption. These rodents can be choosy when fruits are involved, but bananas are generally good to be eaten by them. Bananas are widely eaten all over the world. They are sweet, rich in sugar content, and very nutritious in both man and animal. For feeding hamsters, the banana must be served in tiny bits that the animal can easily eat to avoid any form of choking. This fruit comes in different varieties and variations, all of which are safe for your hamster. When your pet’s feeding is concerned, it is necessary not to take chances or leave room for slips.

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Benefits of bananas to hamsters

Most fruits have high nutrient content and several health benefits, and bananas are not left out. In man, its positive effects are evident, likewise in hamsters where its results can be overwhelmingly glaring and obvious. Even though this fruit is not so rich in water like other fruits, minerals and vitamins that it contains are just suitable for the continuous growth, survival, and vitality of your pet. With the numerous benefits this fruit offers, it is easy to get carried away and want to speed up the development of your pet. It is, therefore, necessary to tread cautiously and apply moderation in feeding your animal.

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Excess food does not produce excess development, at least not in the case of hamsters. Overfeeding these rodents will just make them sick and, when persistent, can gradually result in death. So to keep your pet alive and healthy, it is fundamental that feeding is carried out meticulously. Pet owners should also embrace the concept of a balanced diet where all the necessary nutrients for growth and development are provided in the right proportion. Below are a few benefits which bananas offer when consumed by hamsters:

Good health and vitality

Like most plants, the consumption of bananas contributes significantly to improving the general well-being of your pet. This is as a result of the presence of numerous health-improving minerals and vitamins which function effectively to give your hamster a better life.

Aids proper digestion

Proper movement and digestion of foods ingested are enhanced in the presence of dietary fiber, which is contained in large amounts in bananas. A few small slices of these fruits will go a long way in supporting digestion, digestive mechanism, and steady bowel movement.

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Lowers cholesterol levels

Certain minerals contained in this fruit are good detoxifying agents which rid your hamster of toxins and several other contents, thereby reducing the cholesterol levels of your pets. These minerals also contribute to the effective functioning of your animal’s heart, thereby increasing its chances and rate of surviving and also guaranteeing a healthy life.

Strengthens bones and muscles

Small animals like these rodents, which are very energetic and active, need their bone and muscle strength. Bananas are a good source of potassium which is a well-known mineral that guarantees the development of strong bones and muscles in animals.


Bananas are highly nutritious plants with a lot of benefits. Hamsters can eat even the bananas’ peels, but it is necessary to wash them first before serving to cleanse them from pesticides and bacteria. The banana peel offers the same benefits as the fruit itself, making it a quite versatile plant. Daily consumption of this fruit is not encouraged, but it can be served more regularly than other meals. So while making and preparing strategic meal schedules for your pet, always ensure to include bananas for the many benefits they provide.