8 Tricks to baby proofing your dog’s food and water bowl


Does your baby amass an odd addiction to dog food?

Maybe you are unhappy and exhausted from cleaning up after your toddler splashes in the water bowl.

These eight (8) easy baby-proofing tricks are just what you desire tried, valid and authorized by moms across the world.

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Say no!

We’re going, to begin with, the most noticeable solution:

Instructing your baby not to move near the dog bowls.

Each time your baby zooms toward the dog bowl, cue him that those are not dolls, pull him up and walk him to another room.

Be aware that this procedure needs a lot of tolerance. Your baby will possibly think it’s a contest at first every time he takes off near the dog bowls, he earns a free ride.

You require to be conscious and anticipate to recount this hundred times, and even then, your baby may not hear.

But if you can instruct your little one that mommy or daddy doesn’t authorize him playing with the dog’s bowl and he keeps up clear on his pact, then the battle is defeated.

If you don’t possess the forbearance, or your cheeky small toddler just won’t listen, then don’t lose hope. We have enough more solutions for you.

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2.Distinct your baby from the dog bowl

Utilizing an infant gate to save toddler off from dog bowl

The susceptible way to safeguard your baby from dog bowl hazard is to stave off him from attaining it in the first place.

And the simplest way to do that?

Develop a designated dog nourishing locale in another room one with an entrance, like your laundry room.

Solely keep the door shut, and your small one will be incapable to attain your dog’s bowls.

Alternatively, utilize a baby door to constrain your child from entering your dog’s eating region.

The only con to this technique is that each time your dog desires to eat or drink, you have to unlock the door for him.

Nonetheless, if you possess a small dog, then contemplate something like

A baby door with a built-in doggy door.

Your dog can arrive and take off as he pleasures, through the door. Your new-born, on the other hand, will be obstructed from getting near your dog’s bowl.

Normally, the pet door is constructed for cats. Nevertheless, if you possess a very small dog, such as a Chihuahua or a tiny Pomeranian, your dog can voluntarily arrive and go as he pleasures.

3.Purchase a baby-safe dog bowl

While no dog bowl is precisely manufactured with childproofing in sense, there is no asserting that specific dog bowls protect your child safer than others.

The following bowls have captions that render it safe to keep out while your baby is wandering around.

Manufactured right here in the United States, the Ray Allen No-Spill Bowl is frivolity short of amazing. Its unusual three-piece technique only authorizes a certain quantity of water into the bowl at a time your baby couldn’t immerse in this if he tried.

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Nicest of all, if your baby tosses the bowl upside down, all the water will stay inside. Yep, once compiled, this dog bowl shuts the water inside. Even if your toddler tosses it across the room, it won’t pour a drop.

4.Alter your dog’s feeding time

When a baby appears along, we all have to make alterations to our daily habit even your dog.

Is your toddler safely comfortable in his highchair, detracted by his meal, and making a mess?

That’s the precise time to nourish your dog.

Give your dog his meal and eliminate the bowls before your baby completes eating.

Strive not to feed your dog in presence of your baby you don’t wish for him to become interested.

5.Nurture your dog throughout the day

Giving Golden Retriever a stainless-steel bowl to consume his meal out of

If you put kibble and water out for your dog, then your four-legged companion is possibly utilized to grazing consuming small percentages whenever he likes.

In this scenario, swapping out to one meal a day is going to come as quite a surprise to him.

The best explanation in this example is to keep your dog’s food and water pot on a table, out of your baby’s stretch.

Give these bowls to your dog numerous times per day, refunding them to the table once he is completed.

Being a busy parent with a baby is difficult to work. You might ignore offering food to your dog at initial. For this justification, we indicate putting numerous alarms on your phone to prompt you to feed your dog until you earn into the habit.

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6.Distract your baby

Distracted baby fiddling with his beloved toy

We’re sure you’ll concede with us when we say:

Your baby can simply concentrate on one thing at a moment.

When it arrives baby proofing, we can utilize this to our benefit.

As rapidly as your baby indicates attention in the dog’s bowls, draw their beloved toy, book or anything else that catches your baby’s awareness you understand your little one best.

By the time the action is over, your baby will have ignored all about the dog bowls.

7.Utilize a raised dog feeder

Dog eating from the tall feeder

Alright, so this technique simply helps if you have a big dog and a crawling baby.

But if you have attempted everything else on this list and still can’t protect your baby away from the dog containers, then it’s worth a chance, right?


With huge dogs, contemplate a high barrier that the pups can climb over, but the infant cannot. Set up a box or other barrier and glimpse how it helps.

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This may be a relatively easy path to a baby proof dog container if it will help with your home’s layout, and your child’s decision to get at the dog food.


Who would have believed that a dog bowl could be so hazardous to your baby?

Fortunately, utilizing the tips in this article, it isn’t too hard to protect your baby safe from this invisible threat.