8 Dog-Proof Tricks to Stop Your Dog Falling Down the Stairs


Dogs are commonly kept as pets by people in different parts of the world. Not because dogs are the only animals that can be tamed but mostly because dogs are generally easy-to-train, friendly, confident, and intelligent animals. Of course, different people have their reasons why they prefer certain animals to the others as pets. A recent study has just revealed that a higher percentage of the American families keep dogs as pets. Apart from keeping dogs as pets, studies have often revealed that people who keep dogs as pets can benefit from their dogs in many ways. However, dogs easily get injured while navigating the stairs in the house. And this has been a major concern to many dog keepers in many places.

Reasons Your Dog May Fall Down the Stairs

Knob in the brain. This is a condition whereby outgrowth or knob develops in the brain. Brain tumor may develop right in the brain or it may infect the brain by a cell running from elsewhere where tumor exists to the brain. Brain tumor affects body coordination and balance of dogs, including their limbs.

Ataxia. This is a mental condition that results from severe shock. Dogs may have head trauma, resulting from falling down the stairs or from some other cause. And this may even cause them to fall again. Ataxia results in a situation whereby the dog’s nervous system is unable to control its movements.

Excitement. A dog may naturally get excited by its upcoming meal, playtime, or walk. The excitement may cause the dog to scamper through the stairs without paying enough attention. Falls that result this way can be avoided by helping the dog control its feelings at such times.

Hearing difficulty. Scientists have established that dog’s ears do more than hearing. They help them in balancing too! Thus, when a dog develops ear problems, it may slip and tumble down the stairs often. Hearing problems may be marked by other symbols which include depression, loss of appetite, confusion and inability to walk properly.

Slippery stairs. Dogs may often slip and loose balance due to difficulty to grip the stairs surface. Slippery stairs is the cause of many dog falls. And to worsen the situation, many stairs are made of tiles. In order to avoid dog falls, it is pertinent to make dog-friendly stairs in and outside the house.

Tricks to Stop Dogs Falling Down the Stairs

Train your Dog. Naturally, dogs are famous for ability to learn and high intelligence. It is easy to teach them many things. Thus, a dog may be trained on how to climb and descend stairs without falling. To start with, use short stairs, preferably, containing just two or three steps. Place a treat up to get the dog to climb up and down. Then you may increase the number of steps to five or six and get your pet to climb up and down as before. When the dog has done this successfully several times, you can be sure that the dog will not fall down the stairs anymore

Spread a ramp/runner. A ramp works just as well as a runner in getting a dog up and down the stairs. Spreading a ramp or a runner across the stairs helps old and short-legged dogs to get up and down the stairs just like they are walking on a level surface. However, care must be taken to be sure that the surface of the ramp or runner is non-slippery.

Help your dog to see through darkness. Just like humans, it may be difficult for dogs to walk up or down stairs in darkness. This can even be worse where one or more steps are missing or damaged. So, to avoid falling, properly light up the stair area. And to increase the dog’s visibility in darkness, use a yellow, glittering tape on the edges of the stairs to guide the dog’s steps. Also, replace any missing steps as soon as possible.

Carry your pet. This is one easy way to prevent a dog from falling. Carrying the dog is even easier if it is a pup. And dogs are friendly, lovely pets. It is easier to carry a big dog up and down the stairs using a kennel. Although this may not go well with the dog, it is a safer thing to do if only to avoid spending extra money on treating the dog’s injuries having been hurt on the stairs.

Consult a veterinary doctor for assistance. Sometimes, the staircase is not the cause of the dog’s fall but the problems residing in the dog itself. Scientists have found that medical issues such as arthritis, hip pains, hind leg problems, and damaged nerves may cause dogs to fall down stairs more often. Thus, diagnosing these problems early and treating them might just be the way out of frequent falls.

Install a pet gate. Putting up a pet gate also helps to prevent dog fall. The dog owner will be able to pass through the gate and the gate will close by itself, shutting against the dog. There are many pet gates in the market, which may be installed in front of the staircase to deny the dog access. Usually, the suitable pet gate will depend on the design of the staircase.

Help lift your dog’s weight. Preventing the dog from falling can be achieved by supporting the dog at its hind part. The dog may be assisted up and down the stairs by using a dog sling. Although dog sling works for both young and adult dogs, it is more helpful for adult dogs who develop hind problems as they get older.

Help your dog get a better grip. Many dog falls occur due to slippery surfaces of stairs. This can even be worse where the stair is tiled. See alsoreference Dog falls may be prevented by helping the dog get better grip on the stair by using a stair rug, stair tread or carpet.


Keeping a dog as a pet can be very interesting. But it can also be very unpleasant when the pet begins to act strange resulting from injuries and pains from a fall. Such a condition should be avoided to avert worried and expenses that may be associated with it.