6 Reasons You Should Own Pomeranian


Pomeranians are dogs. They derived their name from Pomerania, a region in North-west Poland and North-East Germany. They are generally believed to have originated from Northern Europe. Resulting from their small stature, scientists claimed they are descendants of a larger spitz-size group of dogs. Of course, Pomeranians are easy to recognize by their small body size and luxuriant fur. They are very friendly, confident and exuberant dogs commonly kept by many individuals and families as pets and toys. Pomeranian dogs usually have a variety of exciting colors which might even tempt people who have phobia for dogs to want to keep them close. Such colors include red, cream orange, brown, blue, and black. There are no definite species of Pomeranian dogs, except that they are distinguishable by color patterns. They are more often referred to as Pom, for short.

Characteristics of Pomeranians

Poms have a lot of fur. Perhaps the first that catches someone’s attention when they encounter a Pomeranian is his luxuriant body. The fur on a Pomeranian makes up a larger volume of its entire body. This feature, however, is an important adaptation for the animal to survive in cold areas where it originated. On the contrary, it may be costly to regularly trip the fur to avoid shedding in the house. Also, the fur needs to be taken care of regularly to avoid unpleasant smell in the house.

Pomeranians got their name from a region by the Baltic Shore. Pomeranians as Poms are now called, originated from north-west Poland and northern Germany where to which the dogs are native.

They resemble wolves. Pomeranians look much like wolves. And of course, they sometimes behave as wolves. Pomeranians are also referred to as spitz breed, meaning they have a similarities to wolves. Specifically, they are a part of the German spitz type, comprising five dogs of different sizes, where Pomeranians are the smallest of the members.

They look so different. One thing that readily draws the attention of someone who is encountering Pomeranian for the first time is their characteristic appearance. One would readily observe that they look different from other species of dogs commonly encountered. History has it that poms are descendants of a giant, weighty species of dogs in their regions of origin. But they were bred down to their present-day size. Despite this, Pomeranians still bear the gene from their ancestors, and they sometimes reproduce offspring similar to their ancestral stature.

Poms are cuter in groups. Even though individual Poms are cute dogs, they are more intriguing when seen in groups. And, in fact, groups of Pomeranians have been assigned definite names. For example, two Pomeranians seen together is known as puff; three of them that occur together is known as tuft, and so on.

Types of Pomeranians by Color and Behavior

General classification of Pomeranians appears to be non-existent. However, some dogging experts have classified them into the following types based on appearance and behavioral tendency.

Standard Breed Pomeranian. This type of Pomeranians is now most prominent and is well adapted to nearly all environments and climates. However, they are most popular in the Poland and Germany, their places of originality.

Fox-Face Pomeranian. Although there tend to be variation down the line, all Pomeranians tend to look just like the fox-face Pomeranian. This type generally have longer snout and pointed fox ears.

Teddy-Bear Pomeranian. This type of Pomeranian gained popularity between late 20th and early 21st centuries. It has stuffed appearance and a face that looks smoother than that of the traditional Pomeranian. It is an adorable type of Pomeranians.

Pomeranian Mixes. This type of Pomeranian essentially emerged from designer dog breeds. The existence of such designer dog breeds enticed most people. And prompted breeders to produce breeds that were combinations of already identified types.

Reasons Someone Might Own Pomeranians

Pomeranians have high determination. If there is only one reason someone might be intrigued by Poms, it is just going to be for the fact that they have strong determination to accomplish whatever they set their minds to achieve. For instance, if you own a Pom, determined not to share your food with your pet, Poms have tricks whereby they can entice you to share your food with them. You will just later find that you have thrown a morsel at them. Really, they do other activities too with just the same spirit.

They make good watchdogs. This benefit arose from the fact that Pomeranians are smart, intelligent animals. Although a Pom can be very friendly with his owner, it also gets as serious and furious when it in the business of protecting its owner’s property. A Pom habitually begins to bark and grunt when an invader is approaching. Also, a Pom will usually alert his owner to a stranger in sight.

Pomeranians results in improved wellbeing. Pomeranians like to walk around, to stroll or to jog. They are strong, energetic, tolerant animals. Pomeranians can therefore be good pets to the extent that their owners can benefit improved wellbeing while taking them out on regular outdoor games.

They make good friends. Pomeranians, just like other kinds of dogs, like to stay close to their owners. By this, Poms can make very good friends with those who keep them. With Poms, no room for inactivity or boring moments. They are also very obedient and attentive.

Keeping Pomeranians increases resistance against allergies. Because Pomeranians are dogs, they play host to many bacteria. It has been found that people who keep dogs as pets exchange bacteria with their owners; and this results in strengthening the immunity of dog keepers to allergies such as asthma, obesity, and eczema.

Pomeranians tend to make their owners happier. People who keep pets do so for different reason. For some people, it might just suffice to have an animal that is as friendly as a human being to welcome them back from overdue hours of work. Of course, a Pet like Pom does that just perfectly.


Pomeranians are certainly one of the intriguing varieties of dogs that most people like to keep close to them. Doubtless, keeping Pomeranians as pets can offer actual benefits to their owners and visitors too. Apart from this, even the distinctive, energetic, attractive stature of Poms can just tempt someone into wanting to keep them.