5 Tips To Create Your Most Dog-Friendly Apartment


Keeping pets is a long-time practice among people in many places. Although there is no definite record of the first person to keep an animal as a pet, people speculate that this practice has spanned over thousands of years. Apart from domesticating animals, some people specifically like to keep animals close to them. In the United States, for example, a recent study revealed that 75million families have pets. Many animals have been kept as pets throughout human history such as dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, sheep, and horses, among others. However, of all animals that humans keep as pets, cats and dogs are by far the most common. Studies have found that more families keep dogs as pets than they keep cats.

Tips to Create the Most Dog-Friendly Apartment

Apart from being smart, intelligent animals, dogs are teachable; they easily get acquainted to their owners, they are fast to recognize strangers; and they are sociable animals. Perhaps these and other reasons make many people like to keep them as pets. However, dogs can sometimes display some extreme behaviors that can also make them to be the most dislike group of animals, at least for some people. But their extremities can always be controlled when they are being kept as pets.

Adjust your daily routine. Dogs are sociable animals that never seem to get tired of being by their owners round the clock. In fact, there have been occasions whereby dog owners sent their dogs away from them forcefully. Therefore, it is very paramount to create time to spend with dog pets outside the usual office work. This also includes planning the various tasks such as feeding, sleeping, exercisingreference and cleaning/washingreference for the dog pet and incorporating these into the daily routine. Organizing their tasks this way is also helpful for their wellbeing and mood.

Deliberately set a space aside for dog pet. Despite that dogs are friendly animals that will like to stay by their owners all the time, it is important to set a corner the pet in the apartment. Such an apartment will normally serve as play area and bed space for the pet. Since dogs like staying on soft materials, the place should be tiled with old blankets and bed covers.

Toys must be provided. In many cases, dogs are kept as pets to stay behind in houses while their owners are away to work. It is important to provide toys for them to play with while they stay back at home. Otherwise, they may result to chewing and shredding other useful they can find around in the house such as electrical cables. This behavior can be a great nuisance to sight at first while returning from work.

Provide a doggy door. Providing a doggy door is great when the dog owner is the only person living in the apartment, and the apartment is spacious enough for the pet to work around while its owner is away. A doggy door that the dog pet can push open by itself allows it to exercise itself. Even where the owner is not the only person living in the house, a doggy door may be installed, at a convenient point between the pet’s corner and the patio or corridor where it can work around.

Avoid leaving poisonous substances recklessly and let the dog out for training. Perhaps this is the primary way to prepare toward keeping a dog as a pet. A dog is naturally curious. He just wants to poke its nose into everything and investigate. As a dog owner, it is important to keep all poisonous substances including onions, baking powder, chocolate, detergents, away from the reach of your pet. See alsoreference It is also helpful to keep weed off all harmful plants that grow in the apartment. It is also important to allow the dog to participate in familiarity and obedience classes in order to get used to its neighborhood and also learn good behavior.

Benefits of Keeping Dogs as Pets

It strengthens resistance against allergies. Because dogs mostly stay with their owners for most times, there is the tendency that people who keep dogs as pet will have a higher chance not to develop allergies than people who do not keep dogs. A recent study revealed that pregnant women who kept dogs as pets exchanged a certain species of bacteria with their dog pets which resulted in their offspring having two species of bacteria when tested. The bacteria species reduced the allergies of the children to diseases including eczema, asthma, and obesity.

Keeping dog as a pet improves heart wellbeing. Studies in different places have showed a direct relationship between keeping dogs as pets and reduced chances of having coronary heart disease. Similarly, it has been found that the presence of dogs in the house reduces the rate of heart beat resulting in better health.

Dog owners have the tendency to stay happier. Dogs are very friendly animals. So mere keeping them as friends increases the chances of staying happier all day long. A study has revealed that just the interaction on a regular basis with dogs stimulates the production of oxytocin, a chemical that symbolizes wellbeing. With dogs, no place for depression.

Dogs give their owners the likelihood of getting more exercise. Of all animals, dogs are perhaps the liveliest. Dogs enjoys taking a walk around the home or jogging medium to long distances. Thus, because regular exercise is an inevitable part of keeping a dog as a pet, the dog owner too stands the chance of exercising his body thereby reducing his chances of getting cardiovascular disease.

Keeping dogs reduces the chances of getting sick. Dogs are popular for having many germs, and germs are known to borne diseases. On the contrary, neither parents who keep dogs in the house nor their children rarely fall sick. This is a proof that dog owners, just by virtue of their dogs, actually develop immunity against frequent sickness.


Keeping pets especially dogs can be so exciting. It can even be much more intriguing when it is planned well ahead of time. Against the mentality that many people have, this article reveals that there are various benefits that even the dog keeper stands to gain from having a dog in the house.