How to De-shed a Dog

Introduction Dog’s are beautiful pets to own but just like every other pet they also come with responsibility especially dogs with long furs and beautiful coats comes with greater responsibility, due to their long hairs and coat they tend to shed more hair which can be annoying for the dog groomer. What’s shedding? Shedding is … Read more

12 Tricks To Cool Down Your Dog In Hot Weather

Overview When we as humans feel too hot, we sweat almost all over the body, but dogs sweat only on areas of the body that are not covered with furs, such as noses and paws. When dogs sweat on their paws, you can see wet prints on the floor. However, this can happen even when … Read more

Best All Around Hunting Dog

Introduction Grateful to dogs good stability and their remarkable sense of smell, lots of dog breeds use to, be human good hunting friends. Whereas recently they’re more generally seen curled up on couches and hunting sticks in the park, these dogs have secured their hunting sense which is one of the reasons why they are … Read more

10 Foods your dog should avoid

Overview Dogs are very great animals, loving and tender. They have been friends with mankind from the beginning of time. The earliest evolutions and species of man all kept dogs at one point in time for either hunting, sport, or company. Today, dogs are one of the most common pets found in various households. Their … Read more

Why is my dog scratching themselves? Dog Allergy Symptoms

Introduction Perpetual scratching and lacerating will impact the quality of life of your pet, so it is vital that they obtain relief from their discomfort. There are many explanations why pets get scratchy. We frequently see dogs and cats that have lacerated themselves. Fleas can also be the trigger, even though you can’t see them … Read more

How to crate train a dog

Overview No pet-lover would want to groom an ill-mannered pet that destroys household items. Dogs that tears up household items are burdens to their owners, thus, learning how to properly crate train a dog is important for all dog owners. This article will teach you all you need to know about crate training a dog. … Read more

How to Correctly ‘Loose Leash Walk’ Your Dog

Overview Taking your dog on a walk with you is a fun thing to do almost anytime because you’re not only exercising, you’re also doing it with a companion. How you also do it matters a little because, for instance, you’re most likely not going to enjoy a road jog while having your dog accompanying … Read more

What is the benefit of Dog Massage Therapy?

Overview After a relaxing massage, we all know of the pleasure you feel afterwards, but massage therapy offers so much more, and it’s not just for people. Canine massage provides dogs with a vast category of physical and psychological benefits, and it only takes a few minutes for a simple massage to be completed and … Read more

How To Clean Your Dog’s Ears – Easy Steps To Follow

Overview As pet owners, we understand that keeping the ears of our dogs healthy is a significant part of their consideration. Yet, this can test to clean certain ears if the canines are not molded to understand ear cleaning, or if we don’t feel good doing it.  Normally, a few canines have solid, clean ears … Read more