How to Housebreak a Puppy

Introduction Housebreaking a puppy is all about discipline, persistence and encouraging affirmation for the dog; which aim is to impart healthy attitudes in the dog and create a caring relationship. The housetraining procedure also creates feelings of fear and anxiety, but for the owner and the dog, the procedure does not need to be traumatic. … Read more

How to Help Your Cat Pass a Hairball

Overview Cats are naturally clean animals with the ability to take care of themselves. They carry out grooming on themselves by licking their furs. In the process of licking themselves, hairs from their fur find their way into the cat’s stomach. These dead hairs mixed with the digestive juices present in the cat’s stomach form … Read more

How to Get Ready for Your New Puppy

Overview Dogs are really interesting and loyal creatures, and having to experience the cycle of growth these furry folks undergo is quite an amazing one. However, before having to go pick up your puppy, there are few preparations to make in order to make your puppy’s firsts arrival a comfortable one. Pre-planning measures Before your … Read more

25 Ways To Get Healthier By Having A Pet

Overview Animals have been close companions to humans for a long time, even right from the beginning of the world. Over the years, this friendship has even become tighter and closer as the concept of pets came into view. Pets are animals that live with humans in a home. Keeping pets has turned out as … Read more

6 Reasons You Should Own Pomeranians

Overview Pets are animals that live with people in their homes. They are not kept or raised for their skin or their by-products; rather, they are kept because they offer company and beauty to the home. Not all animals can be kept as pets as people have different preferences and allergies. Cats, dogs, hamsters are … Read more

How to Prepare For Your Syrian Hamster

Introduction First-time pet owners are usually confused about what to do and how to take proper care of their pets. When planning on what to purchase for your Syrian hamster, you must consider how big they will grow and get the necessary items according to their size. Even if they might be small at the … Read more

Everything You Need to know about the Rex Rat

Overview Rex rats are among the most famous rat breeds worldwide. They have an appealing look because of their kinky and curly brittles. Rex rats have been raised as pets by people who love them. In England, animal trainers began raising Rex rat around 1976. Three Rex rats were moved for the first time to … Read more